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Item #: SCP-5518

Object Class: Euclid

Threat level: Yellow

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5518 is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment chamber. Subject's bed sheets are to be replaced bi-weekly and sheets are not to include polyester material due to the fact it suffers from a polyester allergy. Subject is to have a standard medical and psychological examination once every 3 months or when deemed necessary, and is required to take antidepressant medications once a day. Reasonable requests may be granted given approval from a member of staff with clearance Level 4 or higher.

SCP-5518's mouth is to be covered at all times by a standard black neck gaiter or dust-mask-style covering, reinforced with wire and secured with a lock that can be removed only by Level Two personnel or higher. A clean covering is to be provided every morning or when necessary. Subject is not to remove the covering at any point outside of it's containment area unless otherwise directed. Subject is allowed to roam the facility on request with a Level One security clearance between 0500 and 2200 hours. Guards are not to take shifts of longer than 3 hours outside SCP-5518's immediate vicinity.

Subject is permitted to take food from the main canteen, but must return to its allotted living area as this requires the removal of its facial cover. Drinks may be consumed in the presence of personnel through the use of a straw.


SCP-5518 is a human male of 29 years old, 160cm and 46.2kg, with brown hair and eyes. Subject is of Asian descent, and previously known by the name Jay Huang. Subject speaks English, Chinese, and has demonstrated basic speaking and listening comprehension in Korean (SCP-5518 claims this is due to it being its mother's first language). Subject is slightly above average intelligence, showing advanced problem-solving and mediation skills.

SCP-5518 is generally polite and passive. It often takes on mundane tasks in areas within its clearance such as delivering papers for personnel and assisting cleaning staff. Subject will rarely refuse a task, particularly when under the impression that doing so could lead to a confrontation. It will also attempt to intervene in any arguments or conflicts nearby, most often resulting in a successful deescalation. However following Incident 5518-1 SCP-5518 has been has been expressly forbidden from intervening in conflict on site, and in the event it attempts to, personnel are to stop it.

SCP-5518's anomalous effects manifest when the subject smiles, and are involuntary. Any person who observes SCP-5518’s smile will immediately experience a spike in blood sugar levels. Tests have shown that the subject’s stored glycogen is converted into glucose, resulting in hyperglycemic hyperosmolar syndrome.1 The excessive vomiting and seizures in serious cases often result in the death of the observer through head injury, burst blood vessels, or asphyxiation through choking. Survivors report a sickly sweet taste in the mouth throughout the episode, which serves to prolong vomiting.

The effect is mitigated in subjects afflicted with disorders such as clinical depression. Recorded media of the subject smiling can be observed with less impact, and viewing drawings has no effect. SCP-5518 is not immune to its own primary effect, but is notably less effected. Testing has concluded that the degree to which SCP-5518 smiles varies the intensity of effects, with wider stretching of the lips resulting in higher spikes in glucose levels.

Since SCP-5518's recovery by the foundation there have been no observed instances of it's primary effect outside of testing.

A majority of personnel report a calming feeling from being around SCP-5518. Due to this and it's general helpfulness, SCP-5518 has permission to roam all areas within it's clearance as long as it does not stay in one general area for longer than 3 hours. Personnel are discouraged from interacting with SCP-5518 for longer than 3 hours, as exposure to SCP-5518's calming effects for longer than 3 hours has been found to induce drowsiness in those within an approx 30m radius. Prolonged exposure has been found to lead to a gradual lapse into unconsciousness, and in cases of extremely prolonged exposure can lead to a comatose state. This has been found to be due to a gradual decrease in blood sugar levels leading to eventual hypoglycemia. This decrease only begins after the 3 hour period.

Any personnel experiencing symptoms of hypoglycemia in SCP-5518's presence should report to the nearest first aid post and alert security to a need to re-contain SCP-5518.

Addendum 1: Circumstances of Discovery:

SCP-5518 was recovered in an office building in Shanghai following a job interview that led to the incapacitation of all present.

SCP-5518 had previously been extremely reclusive and worked from home, rarely leaving the apartment it lived in unless necessary. ‘Due to air pollution in the area, it wore a mask when outside to avoid breathing in pollutants, leading to no notable opportunities in discovering the anomalous effects of its smile. Subject had, approximately 2 weeks prior to discovery, made a decision to attempt to socialise more and had subsequently decided to attempt to get a job in a more social setting, leading to it's presence at the group interview with 14 other applicants. It smiled at the group upon arrival in greeting, triggering it's anomalous effect and indirectly killing all but 2 on the scene, who were later hospitalised.

All employees in the office who witnessed the event were administered with Class-A amnestics. The 2 surviving applicants were interviewed for information on what they experienced, and were administered Class-A amnestics post interview. All records of SCP-5518 attending the interview were destroyed, as well as all other publicly available information on the subject.

SCP-5518 was later found to not be aware of its major anomalous effects. Subject expressed remorse at the fact it had not realised the nature of it's own abilities, and was compliant in being contained.

Addendum 2: Subject History

Records on SCP-5518 found that the subject had been relinquished to the Shanghai City Children’s Welfare Institute at age 10, following several years of emotional abuse by both parents (now deceased). Records kept at the Institute stated that the subject was often anxious and unhappy, and was reluctant to interact with other children. Despite it's antisocial behaviour SCP-5518 was noted multiple times to be a 'sweet, quiet child' who was 'always eager to please' by staff. Subject was never considered for adoption at any point and left once 18 years old.

Records found that the orphanage had been investigated for several short lasting 'outbreaks' of illness among it's charges and staff, with symptoms linked to SCP-5518's primary effect. There were also records of five children who fell into a comatose state who occupied rooms adjacent to the one SCP-5518 occupied. The records of investigations into this 'illness' and the causes of the comas were all inconclusive as the source could not be identified.

Furthermore, the apartments directly below and next to the apartment that SCP-5518 previously occupied were found to house numerous civillians with extremely low blood sugar stemming from unknown causes, and three previous residents had been found dead in their homes suffering from multiple organ failure following a lapse into a coma due to extreme hypoglycemia.

All aforementioned records were deleted and physical copies destroyed after being copied to the Foundation database.

Addendum 3:

No further testing is required on the anomalous effects of SCP-5518's smile as all data required has been gathered. As of 7/6/2018 any further tests must be reviewed and approved by at least 2 level 3 personnel or 1 level 4 personnel, and reviewed by the Ethics Committee due to the stress previous testing caused the subject.

Addendum 4:

SCP-5518's possible use as a last resort for incapacitating hostile humanoid SCPs is pending. SCP-5518 itself is willing appears eager to help the Foundation.


Concerning Enrichment

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