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Item #: SCP-5518

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5518 is to be stored at Site-19 in six secure storage lockers. By order of the Ethics Committee, no direct access to SCP-5518 is currently permitted.

Description: SCP-5518 is a set of six square plates of an unknown stone material, measuring 0.5 meters in length, 0.5 meters in width, and 1.5 cm in depth. These plates are designed to be assembled into a box and are each inscribed with the same text in a different language1, as noted in Addendum-5518. This text provides the instructions for activating the primary anomalous function of SCP-5518.

The primary function of SCP-5518 is to implement an instantaneous YK-Class Reality Restructuring Event, wherein the baseline reality would be consumed in order to generate an identical mirror reality. SCP-5518 and its contents are not affected by this event, and reappear in the mirror reality at a time and location that is determined by the activation procedure. Objects and information may thus be transferred between the baseline and mirror reality by storing them in the assembled box form of SCP-5518 prior to activation.

Discovery: SCP-5518 was discovered when it spontaneously materialized in an empty vault in Site-19 as a fully assembled box. The appearance of SCP-5518 was immediately flagged by the on-site surveillance system, and Foundation agents were dispatched to assess any possible threats. When SCP-5518 was subsequently disassembled into its plate components, a large number of printed files were found inside, including the following:

• Security credentials to establish that SCP-5518 was sent by a duly authorized member of the Foundation.
• The locations and special containment procedures for SCP-231, SCP-2845, and SCP-36002.
• The construction plans for building SCP-711 and preventing the breakdown of SCP-2000.
• The operational data for Project Palisade.

Addendum-5518-A: A transcription of the text inscribed on each plate of SCP-5518:

This is not salvation. This box represents our greatest failure, and we have used it only as our last resort, to deliver a warning for the threats we were too late to overcome. These threats will come to you in time. We could not survive them, and we sacrifice all that we have left to deliver our warning. Do not let our deaths be in vain.

This box is designed to deliver its contents through a reset of reality. These functions may be activated by [INSTRUCTIONS EXPUNGED BY ORDER OF THE ETHICS COMMITTEE].

You are now the baseline reality. You are the second chance we never had, and should you fail to hold the darkness at bay, the box awaits. Pass on your warnings, accept your condemnation as we have, and the new world will continue to try again.

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