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Amendments are pending the resolution of Ethics Committee Investigation - Case Number: 11A82N.

Item#: 5516
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:


SCP-5516-37 in containment.

Special Containment Procedures: All 101 entities composing SCP-5516 are to be contained within Aquatic Enclosure L-23 at Site-184's Aquatic Anomalies Wing. Aquatic Enclosure L-23 constitutes one 10 x 10 x 1m, aquarium holding ± 90,000L of seawater. SCP-5516 poses a Null-1 containment risk; as such, the use of localized seawater for the containment habitat — provided Site-184's seawater decontamination facilities continue to pass bi-monthly inspections1 — and standard Aquatic Enclosure automated cleaning practices are approved.

SCP-5516 entities are fed via automated food dispersal at 08:00 and 19:00.2 All SCP-5516 entities are assigned designation numbers: SCP-5516-1 - SCP-5516-101. Designation numbers are to be marked on the carapace of SCP-5516 entities using FLaN-Aquatic Paints.3 Emergent SCP-5516 entities are assigned the designation number of the recently deceased SCP-5516 entity.4 Deceased SCP-5516 entities possess no anomalous threat and are approved for incineration alongside Site-184's non-anomalous biological waste.

Description: SCP-5516 is the collective designation for 101 SCP-5516 entities. SCP-5516 entities are visually identical to non-anomalous Homarus Americanus5 but demonstrate a variety of anomalous behaviours:

  • Significantly higher cognitive aptitude and puzzle-solving ability compared to non-anomalous Homarus Americanus.
  • Communal hunting, and food rationing and distribution practices.6
  • Simultaneous 'idle' state: When not hunting or feeding, SCP-5516 entities distribute themselves evenly across their enclosure and demonstrate simultaneous self-grooming behaviour.7
  • Ability to navigate to other SCP-5516 entities: When removed from their enclosure, SCP-5516 entities will return to other SCP-5516 groupings, displaying a 95% success rate while unobstructed.8
  • Collective, non-entity-dependent problem solving: Individual SCP-5516 entities are capable of solving memory puzzles presented to other SCP-5516 entities. SCP-5516 entities have utilized this ability to bypass simplified rotary numeric locks and meet kinetic-based food distribution systems in testing environments.
  • Limited Self-Proliferation: Following the death of an individual SCP-5516 entity, 6-18 hours later, a separate SCP-5516 entity undergoes a molting process that produces two distinct SCP-5516 entities of roughly equal size.

Due to the aforementioned behaviour, it is theorized that individual SCP-5516 entities are controlled by a singular group-consciousness.9

Recovery: On 04/21/1987, all SCP-5516 entities10 were recovered by Mobile Task Force Lambda-14 ("One Star Reviewers") while conducting a raid of "Allan's Seafood," formerly located in Liscomb, Nova Scotia, due to a suspected affiliation with GOI-116: Ambrose Restaurants.

Addendum: Experiment Ceta-88C On 05/11/1996, Dr. [DATA EXPUNGED] oversaw the testing of Oros-Class Amnestic on SCP-5516-17, under R&D initiative: Waning Moon - Ceta.

At the time of testing, the development of Oros-Class Amnestic was ongoing; the Ethics Committee issued approval for testing on █████████████ invertebrates. Following the events of 05/08/1996, Dr. Oswald Grisdale, alongside Dr. Sylvia Morrison, and Dr. [DATA EXPUNGED], administered Oros-Class Amnestic to SCP-5516-17.

Following testing, SCP-5516-17 entered a catatonic state for 2 hours before resuming typical behaviour. 10 hours after testing, SCP-5516-82 molted, producing two SCP-5516 entities: SCP-5516-82 and SCP-5516-101.11

The following documents have been attached to SCP-5516's file as part of ongoing Ethics Committee Investigation - Case Number: 11A82N

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