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by stormbreath, Ellie3, chiifu, and J Dune

Item#: 5514
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:


SCP-5514 under construction. Beowulf-Sigurd Rail not yet attached.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5514 is currently being used as the primary means of defense against the ongoing MH-Class ("Large-Scale Aggressor Overrun") Scenario. As such, limited containment protocols are in order. As a result of the ongoing SK-Class ("Broken Masquerade") Scenario, there are no security protocols in place concerning SCP-5514.

MTF Eta-5 ("Jäeger Bombers") has been trained to pilot SCP-5514, and is in charge of controlling and directing the vehicle. Liaisons from the Global Occult Coalition and the Hy-Brasil government have been assigned to assist in piloting SCP-5514. SCP-5391 Research Head Mikasa Kaori has been attached to Eta-5 in order to assist with tactical decisions in command of SCP-5514.

In the event that a Large-Scale Aggressor attacks a city or other developed area, SCP-5514 is to be immediately deployed to said area in order to engage the entities. Lethal force is authorized against all of the entities which SCP-5514 will be fighting.


Design schematics for SCP-5514.

Description: SCP-5514 is a massive humanoid mecha-like vehicle constructed by the Foundation, with assistance from the Global Occult Coalition. SCP-5514 is currently being utilized as part of defenses against the current ongoing MH-Class ("Large-Scale Aggressor Overrun") Scenario. To this end, SCP-5514 is engaged in the combat and physical engagement of Large-Scale Aggressors (LSAs). SCP-5514 has managed to successfully kill or otherwise incapacitate twelve LSAs.

Multiple anomalous phenomena were utilized in the construction of SCP-5514. A full description of these anomalous phenomena has been attached to this document. (See Addendum 5514.1.)

Construction: Progress began on the construction of SCP-5514 in 1988, following the destruction of Site-03 by a previously unidentified LSA. Given the lack of defenses available to Hy-Brasil and the known presence of other LSAs in the world, the KEY Project was created as a preliminary working group to determine the best method for defending civilization against another LSA.

The KEY Project quickly determined several problems with all potential forms of defenses. Large-Scale Aggressors proved resistant to most forms of traditional attack, leading to the belief that they had some form of defensive ability that protected them from most forms of harms. However, other LSAs were able to penetrate these defenses.

Taming or creating a biological simulacrum of an LSA was quickly ruled out. However, analysis of SCP-24061 showed that it could possibly be used in order to replicate the offensive capabilities of LSAs. The KEY Project then began planning and constructing a similar automaton, as it was the most viable means of defense.

Construction of SCP-5514 began in 1990 and proceeded normally until 1998/06/30, when SCP-5391 occurred. At the time of the event, SCP-5514 was not fully finished and could not be used to avert the MH-Class Scenario. However, it remained the most viable means of defending the world from all LSAs, and the Foundation diverted all available funds into completing it.

Furthermore, the Foundation contacted various Groups-of-Interest in order to make SCP-5514 a collaborative project. The majority of parties were unable to assist, as they were either unprepared for the MH-Class Scenario or significantly hampered by it. However, the Global Occult Coalition was both active and able to lend aid. Cooperation with the Global Occult Coalition was confirmed following an emergency summit hosted by the Hy-Brasil government on 1998/07/10.

Coalition/Foundation/Hy-Brasil Emergency Meeting Transcript

In Attendance:

  • [Hy-Brasil] High King Delbáeth II
  • [GOC] Madam D.C. al Fine
  • [GOC] General Rockefeller
  • [SCP] O5-1
  • [SCP] Captain Perseus Rosales

King Delbáeth: I call this council meeting to action. I am invoking Article I, Section II of the pact that I bound you to six years ago. The end of the world is here, and we will not be caught defenseless to these krakens once again.

O5-1: The Hy-Brasil International Security Agreement of 1992, you mean.

Madam al Fine: Article I, Section II binds us to action in the event that giant monsters of types different from the beast that destroyed your kingdom appear. Although it appears that the one that ended Hy-Brasil is back.

Captain Rosales: Speaking of that, are we sure that this island is safe? Or, the best place to meet now?

King Delbáeth: In the time since the Doom that came to Hy-Brasil, we have made arrangements for new guardians. They walk very slowly, but have a broad diet, one that includes any of the threats that have awoken as of late.

Madam al Fine: I didn't notice anything that could have killed a Cetus-class entity.

King Delbáeth: They move unseen.

O5-1: Ah. Of course. And there is no chance of bringing these entities elsewhere?

King Delbáeth: No. We do not control them and we have no means of communicating with them. They have simply been led here over many years, and so, we have them now. However, in any case, the pact is in order.

General Rockefeller: Apologies, but I am unfamiliar with the terms of the Security Agreement. I have not been working for the Coalition for some time. Since the incident in Hy-Brasil.

Madam al Fine: A shame. We could have used you since then. You're a hard man to find.

General Rockefeller: Not hard enough.

O5-1: The Hy-Brasil International Security Agreement of 1992 stipulates that in event of an MH-Class Scenario, the Coalition, the Foundation and Hy-Brasil are to put aside all differences in order to stop the end of the world.

Madam al Fine: Very well. So it must be. It's made easier that Article 2, Section 5 mandates that the preferred method of dealing with these entities is by killing them with extreme prejudice.

O5-1: Yes. You forced that stipulation through in negotiations six years ago.

King Delbáeth: Enough. This is not the time or place to argue about past squabbles. We must act now.

Captain Rosales: We currently have one plan. Nothing has worked against the LSAs in the past, but we have to resort to one of our more … esoteric strategies. The KEY Project.

Madam al Fine: I'm all ears.

Captain Rosales: A giant robot. One hundred meters tall. We've been working on it for years and it is currently eating the majority of our budget.

Madam al Fine: Why the hell is that going to work?

O5-1: Well, the idea at the most basic level is to punch through all the metaphysical defenses that these entities possess by attacking them with another Large Scale Aggressor.

Captain Rosales: We're also just throwing everything we can into the mix.

General Rockefeller: You're using the otherworldly in the process, I hope?

O5-1: Certainly.

King Delbáeth: We can contribute some help as best we can. If you cloak it in myth, steep it in the archetypes of those who have fought in the past, you will be able to do a great amount of harm. And we can offer you unforged cold iron in the form of a blade.

Madam al Fine: Does cold iron actually do anything?

King Delbáeth: Depends on how much you believe in it. Or how strong the story is.

Madam al Fine: Well. I have to say I like your moxie, if nothing else. We'd be happy to help you on this one. I imagine that if we put our heads together we can get this done in what, a few months? Years?

O5-1: We're temporally accelerating the construction chamber. Days, at most.

Madam al Fine: I like the way you think, Aaron.

With the support of the Global Occult Coalition and the full deployment of all anomalous methods to accelerate and ease the construction process, SCP-5514 was finished and declared ready for combat on 1998/07/12.

Addendum 5514.1 — Anomalous Features and Weaponry of SCP-5514

One of the early design decisions made in the creation of SCP-5514 was whether or not to incorporate anomalous features into the design. It was ultimately ruled by the O5 Council (9-3-1) that a scenario requiring the deployment of SCP-5514 would necessarily be one in which the integrity of the Masquerade Protocol would be challenged. Therefore, the usage of anomalies in the operation of SCP-5514 would be permissible.

A summary of some of the key anomalous features of SCP-5514 follows.

Feature Anomalous Qualities
Weight Sink Large portions of SCP-5514 have had their material composition partially displaced into an adjacent pocket dimension. This displacement has been specifically calculated to not significantly lower the mass or density of SCP-5514 while drastically lowering the material weight of it. This allows SCP-5514 to function as though it were a fraction of the weight without a sacrifice of hull integrity.
Power Source SCP-0372 has been implanted into the chest cavity of SCP-5514. Subdimensional portal vents installed in the chest cavity release approximately 99% of the energy output of SCP-037 into an empty demiplane. The remaining 1% of output is used to reliably power SCP-5514.
Flight Systems A flaw produced during the development process of SCP-5514 has resulted in a control system (initially installed to regulate internal air circulation) instead creating and controlling an independent gravity field. The origin of this flaw is unknown and investigation could potentially cause it to stop functioning. The manipulation of this field allows for unaided flight.
Defenses Through the usage of conceptual engineering, SCP-5514 has been conceptually welded to the following: the planet Earth, human resilience and adamant. As each of these concepts is dramatically larger and older than SCP-5514, the transfer of ideas between them is effectively one-way. These features combine to make SCP-5514 near-indestructible and the pilots indefatigable.
'Pataphysical Mantle Through an intense subliminal and memetic propaganda campaign, 25% of the global population has developed the belief that SCP-5514 is divinely sent to slay LSAs. This has allowed it to 'pataphysically mantle the mytheme of the character archetype "The Dragonslayer".

In addition to the anomalous subsystems and methods of construction that were used in the creation of SCP-5514, it has been outfitted with various anomalous weapons.

Weapon Description
Beowulf-Sigurd Rail A shoulder mounted railgun. Rather than use electromagnetic forces, the Beowulf-Sigured Rail uses anomalously altered gravity to both fire and aim at targets. Targets are made dramatically3 more heavy, causing projectiles to specifically impact them at superterminal velocities.
Cold Iron Sword Primary weapon for combating entities. Entire forty-meter long blade forged from cold iron provided by the Hy-Brasil Royal Court, with a handle built around the blade without forging. Wounds inflicted by cold iron do not regenerate.
Rounded Recoilling Plasma Held atop SCP-5514 as a hat, the weapon can be removed for ranged combat. The edges of the weapon are coated with plasma, which can be activated or deactivated upon user control. Electromagnets are built-in the weapon, so the wielder can reattain the weapon, should that be unable to be done manually.
Thousand Word Arrows Seven poets constantly writing and reciting poems about the defeat and death of large monsters, broadcasted at high volume from SCP-5514. Empowers the 'Pataphysical Mantle and demoralizes enemies.
Holdout Plasma Wristblade Superheated plasma magnetically held in the form of a blade attached to the right wrist of SCP-5514. Capable of cutting through almost all matter, but of limited combat application. Intended for usage in emergency circumstances.
Emergency Sun Vent As a last resort strategy, individual power vents to SCP-037 can be deactivated, releasing a fraction of the energy output contained within the power system's associated subdimension as a beam of energy. Due to the extreme potential for collateral damage when firing, this is only to be used as a last resort.

Addendum 5514.2 — Combat Encounters

Following the development of SCP-5514, it has been successfully deployed to engage various Large Scale Aggressors in physical combat. It has been universally successful in each of these deployments. Records of these tests have been recorded below.

Test Wake-02

Foreword: On 1998/8/2, LSA-Wake-02 emerged from the sea near Tokyo, attacking combined Global Occult Coalition and Foundation forces. Alongside the appearance of LSA-Wake-02, several other LSAs of a minor degree attacked the forces. Due to the severity of the situation, SCP-5514 was dispatched to combat these entities, despite the lack of prior testing.

A total of 3,241 combined personnel were lost during this encounter.


SCP-5514 arrives in sub-orbit directly above Tokyo, and drops down to planetside. Through the creation of counterbalanced gravitational forces, it quickly falls into the water of the bay outside Tokyo.

Captain Rosales: We have successfully deployed to Tokyo, for our first combat test of SCP-5514. All capabilities ready to engage with the target.

LSA-Wake-02 is detected in the water just to the south of SCP-5514's landing location. Based upon its movements, it appears to be preparing for another attack upon the Tokyo Harbor.

Dr. Kaori: Sensors have locked onto the target north of us. Proceeding to combat.

SCP-5514 navigates through the waters of the bay, paralleling the city coast. The city is currently in the process of evacuation, but many residents stop attempting to flee in order to gaze at SCP-5514 as it attempts to walk through the streets.

Thousand Word Arrows: Champion! Champion! Exalt in the glory of the Dragonslayer!

Upon hearing the Thousand Word Arrows, LSA-Wake-02 appears to halt its attack towards Tokyo Harbor. It instead backs away, making distance between the harbor and itself. A shriek originating from LSA-Wake-02 is audible, and several other minor LSAs can be seen on SCP-5514's radar.

Captain Rosales: Looks like we pissed it off. Are there any targets that require immediate attention?

Dr. Kaori: Just Wake-02.

Captain Rosales: Understood. Increasing Weight Sink Integrity.

SCP-5514 nears the LSA-Wake-02 and the other LSAs. It jumps into the air, removing the Rounded Recoiling Plasma and throwing it at a nearby LSA. The plasma is activated, cleanly decapitating the head of the entity. The electromagnets are subsequently activated, arching the weapon dramatically; it hits several other LSAs before flying towards SCP-5514. The plasma is deactivated and the weapon is placed back in its original position.

Thousand Word Arrows: The vicious beasts slain! Gone to those which were once bane!

SCP-5514 unsheathes the Cold Iron Sword, directing it towards an LSA currently on the harbor as it falls to the ground. It stabs the heart of the entity, which shrieks and falls to the ground. SCP-5514 quickly draws the sword from the entity's body, slashing the throat of another minor LSA as it turns towards the harbor.

Dr. Kaori: Four o'clock, to your right!

SCP-5514 backs away from its position, then activates its flight systems, remaining in the air. The second head of LSA-Wake-02 can be seen protruding from the mouth of the first. An abnormal amount of saliva begins to drip from the mouth of the second head as it lets out a shriek. The many remaining minor LSAs cease attacking the Tokyo Harbor and instead direct their attention towards SCP-5514.

Captain Rosales: Feisty one, eh?

The second head of LSA-Wake-02 shoots towards SCP-5514, extending just over 40 meters, barely missing the foot of SCP-5514. A minor LSA scampers up the appendage, pouncing towards SCP-5514, which blocks the attack with its sword and slashes the entity midair.

SCP-5514 launches into the air and flies towards LSA-Wake-02, using the Beowulf-Sigurd Rail to shoot at the eyes of the main head. LSA-Wake-02 shrieks, and retreats its appendage. SCP-5514 uses this moment to twist in the air and strike at the first head, decreasing the Weight Sink Integrity in order to propel the momentum of the attack.

SCP-5514 sweeps around and descends towards LSA-Wake-02 before piercing its head, flying over it and drawing the blade down the LSA's serpentine body all the way to its caudal fin. Each half of its body squirms for a moment, but finally, it lies still.

Thousand Word Arrows: And thus the deed was done! Exalt! Exalt! In the glory of the Dragonslayer!

The other minor LSAs stop attacking the Tokyo Harbor upon seeing the death of LSA-Wake-02. They begin to retreat into the ocean, with the few remaining stragglers eliminated by SCP-5514 using the Beowulf-Sigurd Rail.

Captain Rosales: Dr. Kaori, Wake-02 has been eliminated.

Dr. Kaori: And SCP-5514 functioned exactly as designed. I think it's safe to say that the first test is a success.


Test Meta-03

Foreword: Shortly following Test Wake-02, several antimemetic LSAs were reported in Montezuma, Georgia, United States. The population was quickly evacuated, and a perimeter was established around the town. After a near breach, SCP-5514 was dispatched to a field near the security perimeter, in which the entities were located.


With the counterconceptual filters enabled, the LSAs manifest before SCP-5514. There are five present around SCP-5514. Each stands two-hundred meters tall, composed of spindly black legs that break off of each other and splinter. Each only stands on two of these legs, raising the rest around it, poised to attack. Smaller spiders crawl upon the LSAs and fall off to the ground.

Dr. Kaori: I've seen these before, near Site-41. We're lucky our filters could pick them up. I trust all combat capabilities are ready?

Captain Rosales: Of course.

SCP-5514 unsheathes its Cold Iron Sword, dashing towards the nearest entity. The nearest entity is currently engaging in attacking individual humans on the ground, and turns to face SCP-5514 mid-charge. It raises several arms into the air, motioning to attack SCP-5514, but SCP-5514 slices the arms in half with the sword.

SCP-5514 closes the distance between it and the LSA. It stabs the entity in the midsection, and cleaves it half. The top half of the entity falls to the ground, but remains animate, attempting to stab SCP-5514 with its legs. SCP-5514 repeatedly stabs it with the sword, until it ceases to move. When the entity has been confirmed deceased, SCP-5514 takes a step back, with the sword still impaling the entity in the ground.

Captain Rosales: That was easier than expected. There was just the one?

A smaller LSA leaps onto SCP-5514, latching onto its shoulder. SCP-5514 engages its independent gravity field and flies into sub-orbit, tearing the entity off of its shoulder and into the air. SCP-5514 engages its railgun and shoots the LSA, at which it plummets downwards. The entity crashes into the ground and dies upon impact.

SCP-5514 descends back down and retrieves its sword from the body of the previously terminated entity. It then stands up to confront the other entities, only for the counterconceptual filters to begin failing. All of the opposing LSAs vanish from view, as does any evidence of their surroundings. Only the bodies of the two deceased entities remain.

Captain Rosales: Dr. Kaori, I have suddenly forgotten why we are here.

Dr. Kaori: Something is wrong. Stay on your guard.

SCP-5514 holds its sword out in front of it, slowly turning and looking for any signs of an enemy. However, there is nothing to be found. Suddenly, massive damage is inflicted to the rear of SCP-5514, with no apparent source. SCP-5514 quickly whirls around, blindly slashing with the cold iron sword. Massive spider limbs fall to the ground.

Suddenly, the entire scene is plunged into shadow, as the sun is blotted out by a new, massive entity flying above the battlefield. The entity appears as a massive serpent, although with a massive plumage of feathers. This entity is a new LSA, not previously observed by the Foundation.

Dr. Kaori: What the hell is that?

Thousand Word Arrows: That is a snake of the garden, good doctor.

SCP-5514 struggles to reboot filter systems, but they remain nonfunctional. The new entity descends to the level of SCP-5514 and coils around empty space, floating in midair. It then opens its mouth and clamps down hard, causing a spider-like LSA to become visible in its jaws. The bitten LSA briefly squirms before going limp.

Unknown Entity: Watch your back.

Before SCP-5514 can react, an unseen LSA latches onto the back of the mech. In the struggle of trying to rip it away, SCP-5514 falls to the ground. Hull damage is reported along the back armor plating.

Unknown Entity: There are some things that even I cannot do, but I can help you see them. If you agree to be my ally, that is.

Dr. Kaori requests backup and engages exterior communication systems in order to speak to the entity.

Dr. Kaori: How is that possible?

Unknown Entity: The Serpent never forgets. I remember the dawn of the universe. These insects cannot break my mind. Do you agree? Or should I leave you here to fend for yourselves?

Captain Rosales: Kaori, stop. We don't have clearance for these kinds of—

Dr. Kaori: We agree.

The Serpent: Good.

The Serpent's emerald eyes begin to glow white, and an apple appears in the mech cockpit before Dr. Kaori. She hesitates, but takes a bite. Immediately, all of the LSAs surrounding the Serpent and SCP-5514 manifest visibly. There are four left, including the entity standing upon the back of SCP-5514.

The Serpent flips its tail and slams it into the entity on the back of SCP-5514, sending it sprawling away before flattening it on the ground with another blow. It does not move again. SCP-5514 rises. The Serpent lunges forward and begins to feast on another entity. SCP-5514 aims the Beowulf-Sigurd Rail at a third entity, with anomalously precise targeting, aided by the Serpent. A single shot is fired, punching directly through the LSA and killing it.

The Serpent coils around the final remaining entity, holding it in place.

The Serpent: Strike this beast down and seal our pact.

SCP-5514 manifests the Holdout Plasma Wristblade and slices the throat of the final entity. It gurgles weakly, struggling for a moment before it stops moving. With the death confirmed, the Serpent releases its hold on it.

The Serpent: Perseus, Mikasa, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


Test Brasil-12

Foreword: LSA-Brasil-01 was hypothesized to be the cause of SCP-5391 and assigned as the highest priority threat. After it was spotted off the coast of Greenland, SCP-5514 was deployed to the coast in order to fight it. The Serpent accompanied SCP-5514 to the site of the battle, acting as bait for LSA-Brasil-01, as the largest and second most powerful LSA in the world at the time.


SCP-5514 lands on the shores of Greenland and walks out into the ocean, standing in the water up to its waist. The Serpent emerges from the water and shakes off the dew, letting its rainbow plumage dry out. Together, they scan the horizon for any sign of LSA-Brasil-01.

The Serpent: This is where it was supposed to happen, is it not? This is where the Quin Krake was supposed to die ten years ago. Before the Doom of Hy-Brasil.

Captain Rosales: How do you know that?

The Serpent: That's my role, is it not? To know of forbidden things.

Captain Rosales: Ah, right. It's true. The Coalition tried to lure the beast here, to this exact beach in the past. I don't know why they chose it again. I guess it still works just as well as it would have then.

The Serpent: It will.

The Serpent rises into the air, floating next to SCP-5514. Its tail drifts down into the water. Together, they begin to scan the horizon, looking for LSA-Brasil-01. As they wait, a storm cloud rolls in, and begins to rain upon them.

A few moments later, a division of the Jäeger Bombers contacts Captain Rosales and alerts him that LSA-Brasil-01 has been spotted traveling to the location of SCP-5514 and the Serpent, expected to arrive within minutes.

Captain Rosales: Brace for impact. It's coming for us.

SCP-5514 and the Serpent enter battle stances. The storm obscures visibility, preventing any visual contact of the ocean. LSA-Brasil-01 is detected on the radar of SCP-5514, quickly approaching. The Serpent looks through the storm, staring directly at the location of LSA-Brasil-01.

The Serpent: It is here.

LSA-Brasil-01 lunges out of the ocean and impacts with the Serpent. It is a massive crocodilian and cephalopodic entity, with a crocodilian head. It has five rear tentacles and five arms. Extensive cybernetic modifications have been made to it, replacing sections of its torso and skull. The pair wrap around each other, the Serpent coiling around LSA-Brasil-01 and LSA-Brasil-01 wrapping its rear tentacles around the Serpent. They sail through the air, crashing into the sand of the beach. Wrestling, the pair turns and crashes into each other, sending sand spraying out in multiple directions.

Thousand Word Arrows: The awaited battlefield! The proper place for the beast to die. The final, just death!

SCP-5514 charges through the water, returning to the beach to assist the Serpent in fighting LSA-Brasil-01. As it returns, it attempts to lock onto the LSA with the Beowulf-Sigurd Rail, but given the close proximity of LSA-Brasil-01 and the Serpent, it is unable to acquire a target lock that is not likely to hit the Serpent in the process.

SCP-5514 arrives onto the beach and grabs LSA-Brasil-01, tearing it away from the Serpent. SCP-5514 pulls LSA-Brasil-01 into the air and hurls it down the beach, where it crashes into the water. It quickly rises and turns to face the pair. SCP-5514 draws its sword, holding it raised against LSA-Brasil-01. It glances at the Serpent, which has been bitten multiple times and is bleeding heavily.

The Serpent: They are deep wounds, yes. But I will live. Do not worry about me.

Captain Rosales: Very well. Be careful.

The pair turn their attention back to LSA-Brasil-01, which is swimming back to them slowly. Now that the shot is clear, the Sigurd-Beowulf Rail locks onto LSA-Brasil-01 and fires. As the entity begins to stand, it is struck with two shots, which topple it. As a third shot is loaded, LSA-Brasil-01 opens its mouth.

LSA-Brasil-01's open mouth begins to glow, alongside the cybernetic plating that is visible on its exterior. A small orb of blue light manifests within the open mouth, which then becomes a long, thin beam, striking the Beowulf-Sigurd Rail, instantly melting it. LSA-Brasil-01 closes its mouth, and then resumes standing.

All three parties charge towards each other. When they meet, LSA-Brasil-01 grasps the Serpent with two of its five arms, while using another two to grapple with SCP-5514. The Cold Iron Sword is knocked out of its hands, and goes flying across the beach. The fifth arm slams onto the head of SCP-5514 repeatedly, causing the glass in the cockpit to fracture.

Captain Rosales: Stay calm! That glass is designed to fracture but hold.

Dr. Kaori: Do you think this too much for us, Percy?

Captain Rosales: I'm not thinking about our odds. Just the best thing we can do.

SCP-5514 activates the Holdout Plasma Wristblade, and, after a short struggle, cuts the closest arm of LSA-Brasil-01. It then proceeds to quickly cut off the other four arms in short order before kicking LSA-Brasil-01 to the ground. LSA-Brasil-01 rolls across the beach, arriving a short distance away from the Serpent and SCP-5514. It is already beginning to regenerate the severed arm.

Captain Rosales: Bad news, Serpent. We're out of plasma to pull that trick off again. We're funneling as much as we can from our solar heart, but I doubt we can do it again this fight.

The Serpent: It is tougher than I expected. It does not die easy.

As if in response, LSA-Brasil-01 roars at the two. It lunges for the Cold Iron Blade, grabbing it with its tentacles. As soon as the first arm is regenerated, the Blade is handed to it. It brandishes the weapon, holding it out in front of itself, mimicking the stance that SCP-5514 was previously using.

LSA-Brasil-01 lunges across the battlefield, moving even faster than before. It closes the distance to SCP-5514 and swings the sword at the legs of the mech. The sword shears through the legs, toppling SCP-5514 and causing it to crash to the ground. The sword rips in the process, mangled in the wreckage of the legs. LSA-Brasil-01 drops the sword and turns to the Serpent.

LSA-Brasil-01 uses its tentacles to propel itself into the air, landing upon the Serpent and tackling it to the ground. It rises atop the Serpent, pinning the foe to the ground with all ten of its arms and tentacles. However, rather than attack the Serpent, it raises its head to the sky and breathes a torrent of flame into the air.

Dr. Kaori: Systems are shutting down— dammit! What can we do?

Captain Rosales: The failsafe. We have to use it while we still can. The Serpent won't last much longer.

Dr. Kaori: You're right. I didn't think it'd come to this, but…

SCP-5514 props itself up, angling its chest towards the head of LSA-Brasil-01.

Thousand Word Arrows: The greatest weapon you can offer is that of your own heart.

Dr. Kaori and Captain Rosales: Fire.

The Emergency Sun Vent installed upon the chest opens, venting fire and plasma produced by SCP-037 at LSA-Brasil-01. The light produced by the firing of the Sun Vent is bright enough to obscure the entire battlefield, with only the roars of LSA-Brasil-01 audible.

The Sun Vent closes seconds later, and SCP-5514 crashes into the ground, with its power source disabled. The top half of LSA-Brasil-01 has been disintegrated, and the remaining half falls limp into the water. The Serpent rises from the ground, burnt but surviving. It floats above the corpse of LSA-Brasil-01, observing it for any movement.

The Serpent: It is done.


Following the destruction of LSA-Brasil-01 by SCP-5514, the effects of SCP-5391 began to abate. Several other LSAs reentered periods of dormancy, although activity was still significantly higher than prior to the beginning of SCP-5391. The ongoing MH-Class Scenario was declared partially abated.

With the purpose of SCP-5514 fulfilled, and the remaining hostile LSAs being terminated with the assistance of the Global Occult Coalition and The Serpent, SCP-5514 is only to be deployed in emergency situations at the request of the Overseer Council.

It is noted that following the termination of LSA-Brasil-01, all active LSA entities have demonstrated more docile, avoidant behavior. Further neutralization campaigns have not been deemed necessary.

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