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Image of SCP-5513 (left) and "the SCP Foundation"1 (right) during Group Date-1, taken by "the Chaos Insurgency"2

Item #: SCP-5513

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation AI Bot Love.aic is to monitor and, summarily, shutdown webpages that depict the following:

1. Artistic renderings of the SCP Foundation logo and/or personnel engaged in compromising positions with SCP-5513.

2. Fictional writings or articles based on a hypothetical relationship between the SCP Foundation and SCP-5513.

SCP-5513 is to be held in an intermediate-level reality bender human containment suite outfitted with Level-4 thaumaturgical reality dampeners. Any request by SCP-5513 for an interview, “date,” or interrogation must be held in an appropriately designed reality-controlled cell.

No Foundation personnel may reveal their face to SCP-5513. As such, security personnel must wear full black headgear.

Assigned researchers who conduct the interrogation must wear a full-faced plate mask inscribed with the logos of various anomalous associated agencies such as the SCP Foundation, Global Occult Coalition, or Chaos Insurgency. The assigned researcher must follow a pre-generated script written by Foundation-employed romance authors.

Description: SCP-5513 is a 19 year old female reality bending humanoid of Japanese ethnicity who refers to itself by the name "Kanako Nanami."

SCP-5513 believes that it exists within a “romance simulation video game"3 and prejudiciously behaves with other individuals as if they were characters in this game. Furthermore, its reality bending ability distorts the local environment to fit in with this preconception.

SCP-5513 abnormally conceptualizes the concepts of individuality and institutionality; it conjectures that the ethos of entire organizations are wholly personified by those wearing masks of said organization and disregards those that do not fit within this framework as “side characters."4

Periodically, SCP-5513 requests for a “hangout,” “get-together,” or “date” with one of the humanized organizations and this request may be granted in a secured cell.

Once in the cell, the walls, floor, and ceiling warp into several possible layouts. At this time, the assigned researcher must act in an exaggerated, oversimplified manner that is congruent with the expectations of SCP-55135.

The following are some examples of SCP-5513’s intermediate-level reality bending;

Standard Humanoid Reality Alteration Report

Subject: SCP-5513

Change on Reality: ✓ Environment : ✕ Personnel

Location and Time: Interrogation Room-14, Site-041, 01/21/2020

Impetus: SCP-5513's second request for a “date” with the SCP Foundation (represented by Researcher Alastair).

Reality Change: Upon entering the interrogation cell, the interior of the room was transformed into that of a standard American high-school classroom. Testing by Researcher Alastair has shown that the dimensions of the room were altered and the walls appeared to have dematerialized, but there still existed functional barriers within the confines of the classroom.

Standard Humanoid Reality Alteration Report

Subject: SCP-5513

Change on Reality: ✓ Environment : ✕ Personnel

Location: Interrogation Room-14, Site-041, 03/04/2020

Impetus: During the end of the weekly “interview,” SCP-5513 clasped the hands of the Manna Charitable Foundation (represented by Researcher Sakura) and asked if it was possible for them to meet again soon. At that time, SCP-5513's cheeks flushed red and it tilted its head down.

Reality Change: At the moment of clasping, the walls' coloration changed to pink. A light pink mist spread on the ground from an unknown source. After affirmation by Researcher Sakura, the walls reverted back to their normal gray hue.

Standard Humanoid Reality Alteration Report

Subject: SCP-5513

Change on Reality: ✕ Environment : ✓ Personnel

Location: Annex Hallway 12-B, Site-041, 02/01/2020

Impetus: During transfer of SCP-5513 from its containment cell to the newly constructed dating chamber, SCP-5513 noticed Security Officer Izumi Takahiro without any proper headgear. SCP-5513 furrowed its brow and spoke in a low toned voice, “Ugh, I hate glitches.”

Reality Change: Security Officer Izumi Takahiro disappeared at the moment of eye-contact with SCP-5513. He was later found in Hong Kong, however, without memory of the incident.

The following interview was the first group interview that SCP-5513 requested with the SCP Foundation (represented by Researcher Nhật Minh), the Chaos Insurgency (represented by Researcher Kei Alastair) and the Serpent's Hand (represented by Researcher Hiro Hirokumi).

SCP-5513’s complete lack of recognition of “side characters” presents a potential avenue for permanent neutralization through various non-lethal methods. However, the apparent lucidity and awareness that SCP-5513 gains when observing “glitches” suggests that totally predictable behavior in such a negation procedure may not result.

At this time, additional interviews will be permitted until further behavioral analysis determines whether SCP-5513’s supposed superficiality is genuine.

On multiple occasions, SCP-5513 has referred to “end-routes.” The following document was found during SCP-5513’s cell during its eighth “interview.”

Good ending: reverse harem end!!! need all love bars to be at 100% (SCP, Chaos, Serpent, GOC, Sarkic) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ pain+healing=love?

Neutral ending: end up with only 1 guy (Serpent is too young, Chaos is too spicy, Sarkic is rich but a weirdo, GOC??) SCP-san is hot but doesn't open up.

Bad ending: no progress (╥_╥), just reset and try again.

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