2/5511 LEVEL 2/5511



Item #: SCP-5511

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Containment for SCP-5511 is focused on investigating the cause of and attempting to prevent another occurrence of SCP-5511. All witnesses of the victims' deaths have been amnesticized, with the corpses being cremated to prevent investigation of the cause of death. Cover stories for their deaths have been disseminated. A disinformation campaign, painting the projection to the moon as a marketing stunt, is currently underway.

Description: SCP-5511 is an event that took place over the night of 2020/02/12 in which a total of 84 civilians died by having their heads spontaneously explode with a force of around one milliton of TNT. This caused another 20 people to die from the force or resulting debris, with over 30 being left injured. During this time, a projection of red letters (SCP-5511-1) appeared on the surface of the moon, changing whenever a new victim appeared. No cause or pattern could be found in any of the victims that could lead to finding a possible perpetrator.

Below is a list of a few notable victims, with the resulting change in SCP-5511-1. A full list is available to anyone assigned to this project with a clearance of Level 2 or higher.

Time Info about the victim Change in SCP-5511-1
18:30 EST No victim, beginning of the event. SCP-5511-1 first appeared, showing the number "000000".
~19:20 EST 1st victim. Eve Hendricks, a wife and mother of 2 from Bangor, Wales, age 32. The number displayed by SCP-5511-1 increased by 800, now showing "000800".
~20:10 EST 13th Victim. Jennifer Köhle, a teacher at an elementary school from Munich, Germany, age 29. The number displayed by SCP-5511-1 increased by 3100, now showing "012500".
~23:20 EST 32nd Victim. Gamal Alaoui, a CEO at a tech company from Cairo, Egypt, age 52. The number displayed by SCP-5511-1 increased by 100, now showing "0034600".
~02:50 EST 49th Victim. Josue Caron, a popular live streamer from Lyon, France, age 17. The number displayed by SCP-5511-1 increased by 2600, now showing "0052400".
~04:00 EST 64th victim. Eiji Oue, a NEET1 from Ōsaka, Japan, age 23. The number displayed by SCP-5511-1 did not increase, still showing "0061400"
~06:20 EST Last (84th) victim. Lance Masons, an office worker from Austin Texas, age 32. The number displayed by SCP-5511-1 increased by 1200, now showing "076700".
06:30 EST No victim, apparent ending of the event. The number did not change in value but was displayed at a smaller size. A different writing appeared above it in larger letters, reading "GAME OVER".
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