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[SKiPNET Login: Researcher Howard Oswald]

ACCESS GRANTED - Accessing Item #: SCP-5505

Item #: SCP-5505

Object Class: Pending

Special Containment Procedures: Investigation into SCP-5505 and the disappearance of Researcher Cynthia Oswald is ongoing.

Further information regarding SCP-5505's containment procedures can be found in Research document - SCP-5505.

Description: SCP-5505 is an inter-dimensional species of aquatic predator occupying an alternate dimension overlapping our own. SCP-5505 resemble lophiiformes (anglerfish), albeit significantly larger than average (up to 15 feet in length), and possess a level of intelligence similar to that of humans. SCP-5505 are carnivorous; instances primarily feed on live human beings.

The dimension in which SCP-5505 reside (SCP-5505-1) is oceanic. SCP-5505 are lone hunters by nature; instances will adopt an area within SCP-5505-1 that neighbors a location in our dimension. Such areas always contain a consistent human population and are utilised by instances as their primary hunting and nesting ground. SCP-5505 hunt with a telepathic sensory/influence organ, which superficially resembles a dorsal appendage1. This appendage allows instances to telepathically detect the conscious thought patterns and emotions of prey from long distances. SCP-5505 have evolved to primarily discern feelings of curiosity and interest.

While hunting, SCP-5505 instances will influence a subject's perception of their surrounding environment. This effects the visual, auditory, touch and taste stimuli of the subject. These combined influences on preys perception manifest as an illusionary hallucination varying in complexity, which may appear to them as other lifeforms, objects or a metaphysical concept with no discernible physical qualities (smells and distant sounds). These hallucinations are designed to stimulate curiosity and interest in prey, ensuring they remain within a fixed location. These specialised hallucinations are formed by instances gauging information from the preys subconscious to use as a basis. Additionally, personal knowledge known by the instance may be used to increase effectiveness.

Discovery Log: SCP-5505 was discovered and documented by Researcher Cynthia Oswald, director of Site-007. Following her discovery of SCP-5505, Researcher Oswald went missing on the 27/03/2020, reportedly last seen in her office.

Several personal journals written by Researcher Oswald were found upon examination. These journals document the anomaly and various theories regarding SCP-5505's cross-dimensional abilities (See full research document below). Additionally, a large puddle of salt water was found at the scene, the source of which remains unknown.

Abridged Summary: Researcher Oswald theorized that following a progressive decline of SCP-5505-1s human population, SCP-5505 had evolved to detect prey at significantly longer distances. This would eventually lead to an unintentional development of SCP-5505's anomalous abilities, enabling instances to detect prey within dimensions outside of SCP-5505-1.

Following the addition of this biological feature, SCP-5505 would further evolve to develop a means of accessing dimensions containing other potential prey. This eventually manifested as a clawed appendage, capable of hypothetically ’cutting’ through alternate dimensions on a subatomic level.

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