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Item#: 5504
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Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
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Photograph of the residence in which SCP-5504 is located, the southwest window of which is visible in the upper right of the image.

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation agent Kevin Barnes is currently occupying the home in which SCP-5504 is located in order to maintain the appearance of normalcy within the local neighborhood. SCP-5504 is to undergo constant visual observation through a home security system installed within the property, including a camera located in the upstairs hallway adjacent to SCP-5504.

As of June 2nd, 2020, all previous civilian occupants of SCP-5504 have been identified, interviewed and cleared as potential disruption risks. See Addendums 02 and 03 for further information.

Description: SCP-5504 is the street-facing upstairs bedroom of a two-story home located in Battle Creek, Michigan. Since the home's construction in 1947, five civilian residents are known to have occupied SCP-5504.

SCP-5504 is currently decorated in a manner consistent with that of a young boy's bedroom. SCP-5504 features dark hardwood flooring, a drywall ceiling, and walls painted in a slightly-faded daffodil yellow. Several items of furniture have remained within SCP-5504 since its previous occupant left the home, primarily consisting of a matching set of dresser, two bookshelves, an end-table, a bedframe featuring a twin mattress (hereby designated SCP-5504-A), and child's work desk all painted in white with primary color (red blue and green) accents. A single window is present on the west wall allowing a clear view of the street, several other homes, and significantly, the daily setting of the sun. SCP-5504-A's bedframe is positioned so that the headboard is flush with the base of said window.

SCP-5504 behaves in an anomalous manner when the three conditions below are met:

1. Exactly one human being (hereby referred to as "subject") enters SCP-5504 alone.

2. The subject is not under direct observation by a conscious observer or recording equipment located outside SCP-5504. This can be most effectively guaranteed by closing the door to SCP-5504.

3. The subject observes the time of day to be within the subjective scope of "sundown" for that individual, usually through observation of the setting sun visible outside the west-facing window.

Once under the effects of the anomalous properties of SCP-5504, a subject and any items they carry into SCP-5504 (including recording equipment) will experience the halt of several natural processes associated with the flow of time. A subject will not age, requires no sustenance, and will not experience the need to excrete waste during their stay within SCP-5504. The time of day and weather observable from within SCP-5504 will not change, and time spent within SCP-5504 will not be reflected from the perspective of an outside observer.

Subjects universally express comfort within SCP-5504, and frequently decide to rest while under its effects, usually on SCP-5504-A. Subjects have reported subjective experiences of deep relaxation and rest, including periods of sleep, ranging from several minutes to many years. Many subjects report taking the time necessary within SCP-5504 to make difficult decisions or find solutions to complex problems that they are currently facing in their lives or work. The desire to rest within SCP-5504 appears to be a natural consequence of the comfort and safety felt within the room. No cognitohazardous effects or otherwise compelling forces have been determined to be associated with SCP-5504.

When desired, a subject may halt the anomalous properties of SCP-5504 by leaving the room.1

Addendum 01: Sample of testing logs.

Test 002
Subject One D-class personnel. 47-year-old female.
Protocol Subject instructed to enter SCP-5504 at 11:30 PM EDT. Subject provided with a wristwatch and told to remain within SCP-5504 for exactly thirty minutes.
Results Subject closes the door to SCP-5504 and remains within SCP-5504 for approximately twenty-nine minutes and fourty-seven seconds before opening the door once more and leaving SCP-5504. Subject reports no anomalous effects, and subject's wristwatch confirms no noticeable alterations in the passage of time.
Test 007
Subject One D-class personnel. Subject 32-year-old male. Mental health record indicates several anxiety disorders.
Protocol Subject provided with a digital wristwatch and asked to remain within SCP-5504 for exactly one hour.
Results Subject enters SCP-5504 before closing door. Subject opens door approximately 0.03 seconds after closing door, before expressing confusion at the purpose of the task ordered. Subject's wristwatch reports approximately one hour and three minute have passed since subject entered SCP-5504. During debriefing, subject describes having rested on SCP-5504-A for approximately one hour. Followup psychiatric evaluation shows a significantly diminished level of anxiety symptoms exhibited by subject over the next two weeks.
Test 015
Subject One D-class personnel. Subject 19-year-old male. Mental health record indicates history of major depression, as well as social disabilities resulting in frequent negative and sometimes violent interactions with other D-class personnel and Foundation security staff.
Protocol Subject provided with a digital camcorder and told to enter SCP-5504, before placing the camcorder on a bookshelf and remaining as long as desired.
Results Footage recorded shows subject entering SCP-5504 and placing recording device on bookshelf as instructed. Subject closes door and then spends several minutes pacing around SCP-5504 and observing the environment, before laying down on SCP-5504-A. Subject appears to calm, and remains almost entirely motionless for the full 12-hour duration of footage able to be recorded onto the camcorder's memory card. Subject opens door and leaves SCP-5504 approximately 0.09 seconds after closing door from external frame of reference. Subject reports becoming aware of the anomalous properties of SCP-5504, but choosing to remain within it for "a few days". Followup psychiatric evaluations showed marked improvement in mood, as well as an increased willingness to cooperate and an eagerness to improve social skills. Subject administered amnestic treatment and released into general public approximately five months after test.
Test 028
Subject Research Assistant Theresa Davis.
Protocol SCP-5504 is fitted internally with several cameras attached to a desktop computer within SCP-5504 that are set to constantly record. Subject is instructed to complete several programming tasks on the desktop computer important to the research of an unrelated anomaly. Subject is instructed to remain within SCP-5504 until they either complete these programming tasks or begin to feel significant discomfort within SCP-5504
Results Subject enters SCP-5504 and closes door. Footage recovered from desktop computer show subject spending an initial three hours operating desktop computer and attempting to accomplish programming tasks, before moving SCP-5504-A and beginning to rest. Subject remains on SCP-5504-A for approximately fourteen days according to video log before returning to desktop computer and working on programming tasks for approximately 47 hours consecutively, completing assigned programming tasks, and exiting SCP-5504. Time between subject closing door and opening it once more from external observation is reported as 0.02 seconds. Followup medical and psychiatric evaluations show zero negative effects of subject's time within SCP-5504, and the product of subject's programming tasks is evaluated as "extremely efficient" by research supervisor.

Addendum 02: Interview log.

Interview Log Transcript

Subject interviewed: Abbigail Estrada. Age 29.

Interviewer: Agent Kevin Barnes.

Interview Date: September 17th, 2019.

Additional Notes: Ms. Estrada is the last known civilian occupant of SCP-5504, and was interviewed at her current place of residence in San Antonio, California. Agent Barnes conducted an interview with Ms. Estrada under the cover of an FBI detective investigating a string of unsolved missing persons near the location of SCP-5504 that occurred during Ms. Estrada's childhood. The interview was recorded via covert video surveillance.


After introducing himself as a member of the Federal Bureau of Intelligence using an identification provided by UIU contacts, Agent Barnes is invited into Ms. Estrada's apartment and offered coffee, which he declines.

Agent Barnes: Thank you for speaking with me Ms. Estrada. Before we get started, I'd just like to confirm a few things with you.

Ms. Estrada: Of course, agent.

Agent Barnes: According to the information we have available, between the years of 1995 and 2010 your place of residence was [INFORMATION RESTRICTED TO LEVEL-3 CLEARANCE]?

Ms. Estrada: I think that's correct. My parents decided to move in when I was about three and a half, I believe.

Agent Barnes: And during your time in the home you occupied the southwest upstairs bedroom?

Ms. Estrada: Um, I suppose. I could see the sunset every evening. I guess it was in the southwest corner, yeah.

Agent Barnes: Excellent, thank you. Can you describe to me any unusual events you may have observed or experienced during your time there?

Ms. Estrada: My entire time there? You mean basically the first two thirds of my life?

Agent Barnes: Yes ma'am. We're interested in-

Ms. Estrada: Aren't you supposed to be investigating a murder or something?

Agent Barnes: A missing persons case ma'am.

Ms. Estrada: Mhmm. You know I don't mind talking about what's weird about that bedroom. That is what you want to know about, right?

Agent Barnes: I'm interested in anything unusual you may have experienced during your time at that residence. Given that you were a child during the time period of the disappearances, any memories you have could be relevant to my investigation. Frequently, children observe unusual or traumatic events and internalize that experience in ways that manifest in all manner of ways, including phenomena such as… lost time for example.

Ms. Estrada: If I were to call your home office tomorrow they'd tell me you don't exist, wouldn't they? Are you some sort of Man-in-Black or what?

Agent Barnes remains silent.

Ms. Estrada: You going to wipe my memory when we're done with this?

Agent Barnes: That's not something I do.

Ms. Estrada audibly laughs.

Ms. Estrada: That's not an answer to the question, is it?

Ms. Estrada: How about this? I'll tell you about some unusual events, and you don't need to say anything. I like talking, and I have a feeling I'll learn more watching your face then I will by asking questions.

Agent Barnes: You may be correct Ms. Estrada.

Ms. Estrada: Yeah well…

Ms. Estrada: I was young enough when we moved in that I thought it was normal until I was about ten and had a sleepover at a friend's house. I freaked out so bad… nobody understood what I was trying to say. I was a shy kid, got homesick easily, so nobody thought much of it. I didn't understand why the sun wasn't listening to me. That's how I thought it worked at the time.

Agent Barnes: Listened to you?

Ms. Estrada: Yeah. You know, how it only goes down when you're ready?

Agent Barnes: I can't say that I'm familiar with what you're describing Ms. Estrada. I'm simply here to take notes.

Ms. Estrada: You hadn't figured that part out yet, huh? Didn't you guys try actually sleeping in the room overnight? You know I actually had to sleep there every night right? I'm sure my parents couldn't figure out why I wanted to be awake all night the first few years we were there, come to think of it. Whatever. Anyway, it was a few years before I was willing to sleep anywhere else after that, and I learned pretty quickly not to talk about it. I didn't want it to get taken away from me, y'know?

I needed it, as a kid. If you ask anybody who knew me they'd tell you I was the calmest, most relaxed kid in the universe, but it wasn't exactly easy for me. School was especially hard. I didn't exactly get to live the life a little girl should…

But the room helped so much. I was safe there, no matter what. It wasn't really even exactly as I would have had it, couldn't do that while I was still living with my parents. But when the sun started to set and I needed to be alone, think about myself, and my life, make plans, just, rest… It was… It was golden.

Ms. Estrada laughs quietly before continuing.

Ms. Estrada: Sorry, that's a bit corny huh?

Agent Barnes: No ma'am. I'm just interested in hearing about your experience.

Ms. Estrada: You've been there yourself, haven't you? I'm glad. I think about it a lot. It's weird that I don't really want to go back. Sometimes I think about it, but I don't think I need to. After you spend a long enough time there, I think maybe there's a piece of it in you. A little piece that stays forever. And I get this sense… I'll be back there eventually. No matter what.


Additional Notes: During debriefing, Agent Barnes requested Ms. Estrada not undergo amnestic treatment. Researcher Adams escalated the request to Ethics Committee for review, which has subsequently approved inaction regarding Ms. Estrada on condition of a one-year period of observation.

Addendum 03: Interview log.

Interview Log Transcript

Subject interviewed: Catherine Weber. Age 93.

Interviewer: Agent Kevin Barnes.

Interview Date: March 15th, 2020.

Additional Notes: Ms. Weber is the first identified occupant of SCP-5504 and was interviewed at her current place of residence in the Bay Oaks Historic Retirement Residence in Miami, Florida. As with prior civilian interviews regarding SCP-5504, covert video surveillance was utilized to record the interview.


Agent Barnes is invited into Ms. Weber's residence after introducing himself as an author, George Tenant, conducting research for a book on the post-war experiences of the Greatest Generation. Ms. Weber enthusiastically seats Agent Barnes on her couch before producing a photo album containing many pictures of her and her husband, as well as several homes, including the location of SCP-5504. The two discuss various issues and look through Ms. Weber's photo album for approximately fifteen minutes before the following relevant conversation occurs.

Agent Barnes: You said you and your husband built the home, Ms. Weber?

Ms. Weber: That's right. It was so special to us. When David got back from Europe, you see, he was so different. At the time we lived with my mother, you understand, and there was a few months when I thought he was going to have to leave. But then he started talking about building a house for us, and everything changed. His father put up the money, we spent a few years working on it, together you know? It wasn't something people really did at that time, I suppose it still isn't now. But his grandfather and grandmother had, after the Yanks won, you know? And I guess some part of him wanted to make that a tradition.

Agent Barnes points to a photo showing the sunset through the window of SCP-5504. A queen-sized bed and flower-print wallpaper are visible features of SCP-5504 during this time.

Agent Barnes: That's a beautiful photo, isn't it? What's that room?

Ms. Weber places her hand over her heart and sighs.

Ms. Weber: That was our room.

Agent Barnes: Your room? Isn't the Master bedroom downstairs?

Ms. Weber: How would you know that, young man?

Agent Barnes: This photo shows it, right?

Agent Barnes points to a photo on the previous page, which does appear to be styled in a manner more consistent with a master bedroom, but which unfortunately shows no clear indication of being located downstairs.

Ms. Weber: You've been there, haven't you? I'm not sure why you're really here, Mr. Tenant, but if you wanted to know about the room you could have just asked.

Agent Barnes: I'd like to know more about the room, assuming you would be comfortable with that, Ms. Weber?

Ms. Weber: Now that's more like it! David built the room himself, wouldn't let me in it until he finished. He kept telling me it was special, just for us. When it was finished and he finally took me in there, I didn't really understand. It was a bedroom. We already had the master bedroom and one for the baby. But then we lied down together, and he finally talked to me… about the war, and what he saw, what he felt, you know? He told me… "Catherine, this is where I'll bring you, whenever we need to let go of the darkness. I asked God to let me take a little piece of heaven and bring it down here for you and me to share." We spent… so much time there together.

Agent Barnes: Both of you?

Ms. Weber: Of course. It was for the two of us like I said.

Ms. Weber remains silent for some time before continuing.

Ms. Weber: When the accident happened, we had to move, of course. David needed more than I could provide at home, and by that time things had changed and we couldn't afford to pay anybody to take care of him. We spent about three more years together in a special home out in Idaho. They weren't the best years, but we were together, of course. And that's what matters.

Agent Barnes: May I ask when your husband passed away, Ms. Weber?

Ms. Weber: 1963. Early August… Lord, has it really been 50 years?

Ms. Weber once again remains silent for several seconds.

Ms. Weber: I visited the house again a few years ago. 91? 92 maybe? I'm not sure. I was moving back in the family house. My mother's family, you understand. I stopped by late one afternoon when I got back in town and there was a young couple, real little baby with them. They let me take a look back around. When I went in that bedroom… I don't know how to tell it. It was the same feeling I had being in that room with David, like he'd been there the whole time waiting for me. I don't know how long I stayed. Felt like forever. Maybe I'll take another trip soon.


Additional Notes: Follow-up testing has shown results consistent with that of earlier research, indicating that SCP-5504 cannot exhibit its anomalous properties while two or more individuals are within it.

Addendum 04: Request for reclassification, from the desk of Researcher Adams.

All testing of SCP-5504 following Ms. Catherine Weber's death on July 4th, 2020, has resulted in non-anomalous behavior, despite repeated attempts to replicate earlier test results with identical conditions. It would appear that SCP-5504 has become inactive. While I and my research team believe it would be wise to maintain Foundation possession and continued observation of SCP-5504, it would appear prudent to reclassify SCP-5504 as Neutralized.

- Dr. Melonie Adams.

Reclassification of SCP-5504 to Containment Class: Neutralized is currently pending.

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