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Item #: SCP-5503

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All known instances of SCP-5503 are currently stored in the secure containment warehouse at Site-108. Tablets may be requested for testing purposes via the on-site pharmacy.

Description: SCP-5503 is a 2-item supplement package which was available to purchase in health food stores in Devonshire, United Kingdom between 10/11/2018 and 08/01/2019. The outer label reads "Feeling Gut! Supplement your natural optimism".

SCP-5503-1 is a tinted glass jar containing (at time of purchase) 30 strawberry flavoured probiotic tablets.

Transliteration of SCP-5503-1 label:

Feeling Gut Probiotic Boost!

30 chewable tablets
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Directions: For adults, chew one tablet daily alongside food for a maximum of three days. Do not exceed stated dose. Not suitable for children.
Do not consume tablets with hot drinks as this may reduce the efficacity.

Refrigerate after opening.

For short term use only

all-natural strawberry flavouring!

SCP-5503-2 is a tinted jar containing 150 antibiotic capsules.

Transliteration of SCP-5503-2 label:

Back to Baseline Balancing Capsules

Suitable for vegetarians

Directions: For adults, after Feeling Gut Probiotic Boost! course, take three tablets with meals daily for five days. Do not exceed stated dose.

Keep taking this medicine until the course is finished.

When SCP-5503-1 is consumed according to the package instructions, users experience an elevated sense of optimism and confidence. If, from the fourth day, the user proceeds to complete the full course of SCP-5503-2, the anomalous effects of SCP-5503-1 will be neutralised and their mood will return to baseline.

Should a person continue to use SCP-5503-1 beyond the recommended 3 day period, or fail to take SCP-5503-2, the effects will continue to escalate. The user will become simultaneously more confident in their own capacities, and less able to perceive potential risks. They will also express a growing desire to have an enjoyable time at the expense of completing necessary tasks or working towards long term goals.

Discovery: SCP-5503 was first discovered following a series of high profile deaths in the Devonshire area when a significant increase in unusual deaths was reported over a two month period. Incidents included jumps from rooftops, vehicular accidents, and a mass drowning. The sole survivor of the drowning incident, Ms. Mia Price, was interviewed by Field Agent Amy Worthing1.

Packages of SCP-5503 were found in 88% of the victim's homes, including that of Ms. Price and the drowned individuals. In 90% of cases, SCP-5503-2 was unopened. A general product recall notice was issued throughout the region and remaining stocks of SCP-5503 were taken into Foundation custody.

To test the effects of SCP-5503-1 in a controlled environment, a daily dose was administered to D-42451,2 to be continued for a period of 30 days. The behaviour and mood of the test subject was to be monitored via interview and observation. Prior to commencement, D-42451 had no history of depression and displayed a mood consistent with their current situation.

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