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Item #: SCP-5500 Level 0/5500
Object Class: Apollyon

A view from the Windsor football pitch, taken during a Foundation expedition to England in 2033, approximately two months after the death of SCP-5500-Ω-56.

Special Containment Procedures: Eschatological Lifted Veil protocols are in place due to SCP-5500. The general public has knowledge of anomalous phenomena and the existence of the Foundation, due to the apocalyptic state of the multiverse.

All Foundation research is focused on attempting to find the malefactor responsible for the death of all SCP-5500-Ω instances. All current motives and persons associated with the deaths of 5500-Omega instances are under investigation. Memetically coded text which is color-coded red and underlined, used to convey information learned about the malefactor and the method of the murders in such a way that only entities who exist above the known universe can see information. Scarlet Letter Investigative Protocols are utilized throughout this file and related documentation to convey information.

Description: SCP-5500 refers to an ongoing ZK-Class Reality Failure Scenario affecting at least 9,245 universes, as a result of the deaths of several instances of SCP-5500-Ω.

SCP-5500-Ω are humanoid, possibly human, entities that exist in a reality above the greater multiverse observed by the Foundation. These entities have the capability to alter our reality and adjacent realities through the medium of creative writing, though the amount of influence they have is unclear.

The death of an SCP-5500-Ω instance causes severe metaphysical backlash to the universe or entities it had a part in influencing. The broadness of the sphere of influence varies, as does the corresponding level of destruction— the Cause of Death of SCP-5500-Ω-1 was attributed to a heart attack.apparently natural death of SCP-5500-Ω-1 resulted in the deaths of at least four individuals and three SCP objects, while Cause of Death: Lacerations to stomach after being force-fed several polyhedral objects.the murder of SCP-5500-Ω-56 resulted in the complete destruction of the Horizon Initiative in all observed universes, as well as the depopulation of the United Kingdom in the Baseline universe.

SCP-5500-A is the third iteration of a device which was meant to observe SCP-5500-Ω instances in their reality.

Further Information is Classified and Stored only on Hard-Copy at the following Address...

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