Item #: SCP-5498

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5498 is to remain suspended in opaque stasis gel, which is then stored within a dark containment locker, void of light.

Description: SCP-5498 is a set of two ambulatory eyeballs with unknown thaumaturgic symbols tattooed on the sclera. SCP-5498 was capable of observing and transmitting both visual and audible data to PoI-0971 ("Masego Anavrin").


SCP-5498 was discovered during a raid on an organization known as the Fifth Commune in Lyndhurst, New Jersey. At the time, SCP-5498 resided within Himani Patel's eye sockets1. Patel was a latent reality bender with strong connections to the Fifth Commune. It is speculated that she had intimate relationships with the Fifth Commune's leading figures, including PoI-0971. According to Foundation agents within the Fifth Commune, Patel was involved in an occult ritual at the time of the raid2.

The raid inadvertently resulted in the destruction of the Fifth Commune, and several of its members and leadership figures were killed. Patel and the other survivors were interrogated and administered Type D amnestics. Patel, however, proved resistant to the amnestic treatment and was taken to Site-83 for further examination and medical treatment. SCP-5498 was discovered by Dr. Andrews following an ocular examination.

Patel, who was unaware of these symbols, speculated that PoI-0971 might have been involved. By her account, PoI-0971 exhibited predatory behavior toward her during their time within the Fifth Commune3. Patel agreed to have SCP-5498 removed under the condition that the Foundation synthesize new eyes for her. Her request was denied, and SCP-5498 was removed after heavy sedation.

A comprehensive list of letters sent by PoI-0971 to Himani Patel prior to their containment can be found below.

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