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Item #: SCP-5497

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5497 is to be kept within a standard storage locker at Site-19's High-Risk Anomalous Items containment wing. At this time, further testing of SCP-5497's anomalous properties is strictly prohibited.

Description: SCP-5497 is a Smith & Wesson double-action revolver, manufactured in 1993. SCP-5497's anomalous properties will manifest once the item is loaded, and used to administer a fatal gunshot to any living entity (hereafter referred to the subject). Upon expiration, SCP-5497 will produce a retrocausal anomaly, creating a new timeline in which the subject died of seemingly natural causes whilst in utero, typically during the third trimester of development.

History: On 26 August, 2017 at 05:42 EST, a CK-class Reality Restructuring Scenario occurred, in which the previous iteration of reality was superseded by the current version. This incident was documented by Foundation personnel stationed within IAPETUS1, who immediately notified the Overseers Council of the occurrence.

Determining the cause of this shift was classed as an Alpha-level priority, with information retrieved from IAPETUS databanks distributed to all personnel above Level 4 clearance. The Department of Analytics has since concluded that the social and political development of the present iteration of reality bears an estimated 32% similarity to the previous one, with the earliest significant divergence being US President John Edwards failing to obtain his party's nomination in the 2004 presidential primaries.

After months of intensive research, it was determined that the point of divergence between the two realities occurred on 5 February, 1998, when Clementine Jenkins, a 29 year old resident of Arlington, Texas, experienced a miscarriage during her third trimester of pregnancy.

Data retrieved from IAPETUS has revealed that in the previous reality, no such incident occurred, with Mrs. Jenkins' son, Thomas, instead living to the age of 19. According to an archived news article published in the Arlington Chronicle, Thomas Jenkins was hospitalized on 23 August, 2017, following severe brain trauma after a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, using a double-action revolver purchased by his father.

It is currently believed that in the previous iteration of reality, Jenkins died from his injuries three days later, thus generating the current timeline. There is no indication that any members of the Jenkins family were aware of the gun's anomalous properties.

Mobile Task Force Pi-9 ('City Slickers') was dispatched to investigate the Jenkins residence, successfully retrieving SCP-5497, with Class-A amnestics administered being administered to all witnesses.

Shortly after SCP-5497's recovery, the Overseer Council, after receiving authorization from the Administrator, approved the limited usage of SCP-5497 for experimentation. A mature female Pan troglodytes (common chimpanzee) was artificially inseminated, and it was planned that the resulting offspring be terminated using SCP-5497 one hour after birth.

As expected, the chimpanzee experienced a miscarriage during the third trimester of pregnancy, with IAPETUS confirming that an additional, minor Reality Restructuring Event had occurred over the previous days. Due to the widespread impact of SCP-5497 usage, no further testing has taken place.

Addendum: On 8 January, 2022, Site-19 experienced a total blackout, the cause of which remains under investigation. As a result, all onsite security cameras and Scranton Reality Anchors (SRAs) were rendered temporarily non-functional, leading to multiple Keter-class SCP entities breaching containment, all of which (with the exception of SCP-████) have since been re-apprehended, and returned to Foundation custody.

Several hours after this incident, Senior Researcher McAdoo noted that SCP-5497 was not present in its storage locker. Site-19 was temporarily placed in lockdown, with all present personnel taken in for interrogation. A site-wide search was organized, and failed to retrieve SCP-5497, after which the Overseers Council issued an official statement that an emergency meeting had been organized, and efforts to contact the Administrator were underway.

Addendum-2: On 12 January at 00:01 EST, a CK-class Reality Restructuring Scenario occurred on a greater scale than any previously observed. All efforts to alert external Foundation assets of this incident were unsuccessful, and on 14 January, personnel stationed at IAPETUS established contact with the United Nations Global Occult Coalition (UNGOC).

The point of divergence between the current reality and the previous one has not yet been determined, although historical deviations have been as noted as early as the 1800s, over a century before the birth of any known human alive at the time of the shift.

All available evidence (including historical records and testimony from UNGOC personnel and government officials) suggests that in the current timeline, the SCP Foundation was never established, and awareness of extranormal phenomena has been widespread since the early nineteenth century, with destructive and life-threatening anomalies either being contained or destroyed by various organizations operating within public view.

It should be noted that while fields such as medicine, biotechnology and space travel are significantly more developed in the current timeline, amnestics have not been developed, presumably due to a lack of necessity.

As the point of divergence between the two timelines predates the construction of SCP-5497 (as well as the majority of anomalous entities previously contained by the Foundation), SCP-5497, along with 80% of items in the SCP catalogue, are currently pending reclassification as Neutralized.

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