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Enochian Class / Level Four / Trans-Temporal

Special Containment Procedures

As the events of SCP-5492 appear to constitute a fundamental aspect of time, and all attempts to avert or impede SCP-5492 have universally enabled it to continue, no attempts to contain SCP-5492 or impede its constituent events are to be made. Iterations of SCP-5492, especially dates of SCP-5492-D activation, are to be documented where safe to do so.


SCP-5492 denotes an archetype of events that has been observed to occur in every inhabited timeline encountered by the Department of Temporal Anomalies. Attempts to avert the occurrence of SCP-5492 invariably fail, typically either enabling or accelerating the events of SCP-5492 instead.

Although SCP-5492 has been documented to occur in any timeline containing at least one sapient entity, the details of the transpiring events increases in similarity the closer the observed timeline resembles TL-001-A; this suggests that SCP-5492 defaults to utilising elements present in TL-001-A, and where unable to do so, uses the closest recognisable analogue. If a recognisable analogue does not exist within the timeline hosting an SCP-5492 iteration, the detail is omitted and ensuing events adjust as necessary to minimise the interruption to the overall SCP-5492 sequence.

The events of SCP-5492, as they occur in a timeline indistinguishable to TL-001-A, is as follows:

Dates Events Notes
1995 An English-speaking Caucasian male Homo Sapiens (designated SCP-5492-A) is recruited by the Foundation as a researcher. SCP-5492 prioritises the species first, the sex second, ethnicity third, and language fourth.1 SCP-5492 prioritises SCP-5492-A’s role over the recruiting group; in timelines where the Foundation is present but does not engage in research, SCP-5492-A is instead recruited by a group that engages in research, with preference for whichever one most closely resembles the Foundation of TL-001-A. For reasons explained later in this document, an applicable group always exists for SCP-5492-A to join.
1995 to 1998 SCP-5492-A proposes that an anomaly they have assisted in studying (designated SCP-5492-C) should be relocated to the surface of the moon, to assist in containment and for safety reasons; their proposal is approved. In timelines where the inhabited planet lacks a natural satellite, SCP-5492-A proposes for SCP-5492-C to be removed from the planet’s atmosphere; if the planet lacks an atmosphere, SCP-5492-A proposes SCP-5492-C be moved to a distance sufficient for the planet’s gravitational pull to be negligible for it. In timelines that lack planetary bodies, or physical dimensions outright, SCP-5492-C is moved or altered in a way that distinguishes it as separate from whatever SCP-5492-A identifies as its home. Whenever able, SCP-5492-C will be moved to a facility located in Mare Imbrium.
1998 to 2035 SCP-5492-A makes a major discovery in their field of research; an ensuing extensive investigation results in the finding being suppressed, and further inquiry into the discovery is prohibited. SCP-5492-A also documents a phenomenon during this time which is eventually designated as SCP-739. The nature and content of the discovery, as well as the specifics of the anomaly designated as SCP-739, vary as expected between timelines; in several timelines, the anomaly occupying SCP-739 is eventually deemed non-anomalous and declassified. Regardless, during the allotted timeframe SCP-5492-A will document a phenomena that at least initially appears to be anomalous,2 and the document will eventually be allocated as the 739th of its kind. The significance of this value is unclear.
1998 to 2035 SCP-5492-A is temporally displaced to the year 1990. SCP-5492-B (as they are henceforth designated, to distinguish from their past self) reports the event to the Foundation of the era; following confirmation of their claims, they are readmitted into the Foundation, and administrative personnel take measures to ensure that SCP-5492-A is recruited in 1995 to avoid a temporal paradox. The temporal displacement of SCP-5492-A appears to be a key element of SCP-5492, as it universally occurs, even in timelines where anomalous phenomena and/or temporal displacement should be impossible; it is possible the terminating event of SCP-5492 (detailed below) enables this event to occur. In several timelines, SCP-5492-B’s arrival in 1990 predates the formation of the research group it reports to; in such cases SCP-5492-B establishes the group over the ensuing five years while continuing their research, thereby enabling SCP-5492-A to be recruited by the group. It is frequent in such timelines for SCP-5492-A to be intentionally displaced, to avert a potential paradox.
1990 to 1998 SCP-5492-B’s research rapidly becomes focused on discerning a method by which an aspect of reality can be manipulated. Foundation personnel become concerned that SCP-5492-B has been mentally or psychologically influenced by their temporal displacement. SCP-5492-B’s previous intents in research and fields of expertise are irrelevant, except in typically (but not always) influencing their methods of investigation and the exact aspect of reality they seek to manipulate; it is not uncommon for SCP-5492-B instances to abandon their initial fields of expertise expressly to allow for them to research an aspect of reality to manipulate.
1995 to 1998 SCP-5492-B directly endorses SCP-5492-A’s proposal to relocate SCP-5492-C to the surface of the moon, and is a primary reason that the proposal is approved. Foundation personnel are concerned that further involvement of SCP-5492-B in SCP-5492-A’s history may cause a temporal paradox; SCP-5492-B is reassigned to the location SCP-5492-C is stored at. SCP-5492-B is specifically given the position of Assistant Director of Research for the location, or the nearest analogue.
1998 to 2005 SCP-5492-B lodges several complaints against the Site Director of their assigned location. An event occurs in relation to SCP-5492-C that enables for the construction of a prototype power source at the location. In timelines where SCP-5492-B is, or believes themself to be, the highest on-site authority figure, SCP-5492-B instead lodges complaints against any overseeing personnel that outrank them, or lodges complaints against themself.
2005 SCP-5492-B makes a pivotal discovery in their research and begins co-ordinating with high-ranking personnel from a wide spectrum of different fields, for the purpose of constructing an anomalous machine (SCP-5492-D). It is currently unclear whether or not SCP-5492-D universally has an anomalous function; at minimum, SCP-5492-D appears to be drastically more advanced than it should be both for the time period and the timeline hosting the SCP-5492 iteration.
2005 to the day of next recorded event (below) An extension is constructed at the facility for SCP-5492-D, which must be created at the facility due to the presence of the prototype power source enabled by SCP-5492-C. In a significant number of observed timelines, the prototype power source is vastly inferior compared to other power sources available to the Foundation; nonetheless, SCP-5492-D is universally built at the same facility SCP-5492-C is stored at. Whenever able, the addition will be categorised as the fifth of its kind;3 the significance of this is unknown.
March 12, 2009 SCP-5492-D is completed and activated by SCP-5492-B; SCP-5492-D malfunctions, directly causing the loss of SCP-5492-B immediately after they speak a single phrase. Unlike other SCP-5492 events which can occur on any day during an appropriate year, this event will always take place specifically on the twelfth day of the third month of the 2009th year, as long as it is able to; if the event is unable to occur on this date, it will instead occur simultaneous to SCP-5492-A’s temporal displacement to 1990,4 suggesting this event somehow enables the occurrence of the other. SCP-5492-B will always survey its final phrase in a manner that allows for an observer to receive the information, even when SCP-5492-B must expend energy to do so and would reasonably believe they are not being observed.5

The loss of SCP-5492-B appears to be the terminus of SCP-5492’s chain of events, as the immediate aftermath of SCP-5492-D’s activation follows expected degrees of deviancy between timelines; SCP-5492-D will typically overload or burn-out either itself or its power source if not deactivated, with the design and nature of the facility’s power supply, SCP-5492-D’s function and design, and the competency of individuals present determining whether or not SCP-5492-D is successfully deactivated, as would be expected.

Across all timelines, SCP-5492-D is never utilised again or repaired if damaged, and SCP-5492-B is declared as deceased; in timelines where SCP-5492-B survives following the conclusion of SCP-5492, no information regarding their ensuing condition and/or whereabouts is ever discerned by any entities familiar with the events of their timeline's SCP-5492 instance.


Findings of TL-5242-J

On November 23, 2020 (TL-5242-J), Researcher John Doe discovered that the events of their SCP-5492 rendition were inconsistent with the universal narrative of their host timeline, TL-5242-J;6 ensuing analyses conducted by the Department of Temporal Anomalies and the Department of Pataphysics (various) identified that this observation applies to all SCP-5492 renditions, with the discrepancy between the SCP-5492 iteration and its host timeline’s universal narrative increasing in proportion to the host timeline’s deviancy from TL-001-A. Further investigation revealed that all SCP-5492 iterations possess almost-identical narrativistic readings by default, with discrepancies directly corresponding to a host timeline’s lack of an element present in TL-001-A.

Only three timelines possess a universal narrative that is within a 15% margin of error to SCP-5492's default narrativistic readings: TL-4379-A, TL-4293-E, and TL-2493-B. No consistent trends have been identified across these timelines, with the exception that all three are similar enough to TL-001-A to allow for their SCP-5492 iterations to occur with minimal amounts of alteration.

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