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Item #: SCP-5491

Object Class: Safe

An SCP-5491 manifestation. Significant distortion occurs when attempting to record or photograph an apparition event.

Special Containment Procedures: Personnel are to allow SCP-5491 to manifest for three hours each night. The Foundation has supplied a modest library of taped and vinyl music, appropriate to the tastes of SCP-5491-1.

The building containing SCP-5491 has been purchased by the Foundation and granted Listed status, exempting it from being considered for demolition by the local authority. Soundproofing materials have been installed to curb external interest in SCP-5491 occurrences.

Description: SCP-5491 is a spectral phenomenon relating to the disused ‘Aspekt’ nightclub and discotheque near Burry Port, Wales.

The venue’s original lighting and sound systems remain in place, and SCP-5491 occurs when a specific sequence of strobe presets is activated. SCP-5491 consists, at present, of thirteen humanoid apparitions (designated collectively as SCP-5491-1). A new entity has appeared, on average, every three years since the anomaly came to the Foundation's attention.

Instances of SCP-5491-1 manifest as teenagers or adolescents, dressed in clothing typical of the late 1970s and early 1980s. SCP-5491-1 demonstrate a significant level of spatial awareness, often making way for corporeal individuals to pass, but have otherwise made no attempts to interact with researchers. It is, however, possible for people and objects to phase through SCP-5491-1 when the entities are caught off-guard.

SCP-5491 is constrained to the venue’s dance floor, where entities will dance for an as-yet indeterminate period of time if club or disco music from the era is played over the sound system. When the music is turned off, or a song from a different era or genre is played, SCP-5491-1 become agitated and will occasionally heckle in the direction of the disc jockey booth. Terminating the strobe sequence will cause the apparition to cease.

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