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Item#: 5486
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SCP-5486 affecting President Ronald Reagan, as viewed through memetic-thoughtform discerning filter applied to original photographic evidence.

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-5486's incorporeal nature, containment efforts are currently dedicated to tracking and documenting cases of SCP-5486 possession. Foundation scientists are developing a method of containment that would prolong a target's notoriety, keeping SCP-5486 "trapped" in a way that would allow for easier observation and testing.

By reading this file, you are agreeing to be an active participant in the testing of this proposed method.

Description: SCP-5486 is the designation for a non-corporeal, extra-dimensional entity that feeds off notoriety. The anomaly will “possess” one individual at a time – often subjects that are on the brink of, or already the focus of, public scrutiny and/or growing infamy within their given society.

The pattern to the possession is variable but usually follows a similar trajectory to the following:

  • Subject begins to seek public engagement in a more significant way than previously recorded behavior.
  • Subject’s position within a society’s culture is advanced, through political position or popular attention in media
  • Subject becomes a significant modal identifier in the noosphere1
  • Subject’s public persona becomes historically significant for the given era, often being the focus of discourse long after their activities are reduced due to illness, retirement, or death.
  • Occasionally, the subject is involved in a scandal or becomes the focus of viral memes within a culture

Addendum 5486.1: Discovery
In July 2003, while investigating an unrelated anomaly in the noosphere, MTF-Kappa-43 notified Site-43 that an unknown entity was overwriting the presence of a well-known artist. The entity, designated SCP-5486, was seen attaching noospheric tendrils from its being to the conceptual area around the artist. Further investigation utilizing noospheric-memetic analysis allowed for the entity’s presence to be recorded in image form, most often resembling a faint emanation of color surrounding a possessed subject’s cranium.

Addendum 5486.2: Notable Instances of Possession2

The following list of possessed individuals was collated through examination of historical records and careful analysis of noospheric emanations covering thousands of years. SCP-5486’s movements can be reasonably tracked in this manner.

Hatshepsut: Queen of Egypt from 1479 to 1458 BCE, only the second known confirmed female ruler of that nation. Subject established trade routes long since abandoned by previous rulers and took part in significant building projects throughout her reign.

Aristophanes: Great comedic playwright from Athens, active from 423 BCE to 405 BCE probably best well known for his play The Clouds. Sometimes credited as the first comedic writer in Western civilization, his are the earliest comedic works to have survived to the modern era.

Marcus Aurelius: Ruled the Roman Empire from 161 to 180 CE but probably best known for his collections of philosophical commentaries, entitled Meditations.

Frederick Douglass: Outspoken and widely respected leader of the abolition movement in the mid-19th century in the United States.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning: English poet in the Romantic movement, alive from 1806 to 1861 CE.

Friedrich Nietzsche: German philosopher and author. Famous for his argumentative style and the phrase "God is Dead." The title of "Nihilist" has been incorrectly placed on him, despite much of his philosophy focusing on critiquing humanity in order for it to improve.

Sigmund Freud: The founder of psychoanalysis and creator of the psychic structure model.3 Freud formulated many controversial theories, mostly regarding sexual development and culture.

Archduke Frans Ferdinand: Presumptive heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, his assassination on 28 June 1914, directly led to the conflict now known as the First World War. Dr. Blank hypothesizes that the subject’s possession by SCP-5486 led to his becoming a target of the Young Bosnian political faction.4

Margaret Thatcher: Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 4 May 1979 to 28 November 1990. A controversial figure supporting policies far to the right of the political spectrum, she nonetheless won three elections but resigned after her position was challenged and other members of her cabinet did not support her views.

Update – 27 December, 2006: It is currently theorized that SCP-5486 is adapting its feeding cycle to more conceptual targets. The entity no longer must possess a specific person, but can instead form noospheric connections to conceptual constructs within a given culture.

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