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by BlazingPie & Ralliston

Item#: 5484
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SCP-5484 as seen from within the elevator shaft.

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
Site-120 Site-120 Director Council Mieczysław Bury N/A


Entry doors to SCP-5484, located on Site-120's fourth level.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5484 is to be sealed off from the remainder of Site-120's building. Until it can be repurposed to serve as an elevator again, Site-120 staff are encouraged to use the remaining means of transport as alternative ways to traverse the building.

Description: SCP-5484 is a spacetime disruption taking the form of a seemingly endless pit, located within Elevator 2B's shaft in Site-120, Częstochowa, Poland.1 Alongside its walls, numerous thaumaturgic markings, mainly depicting phrases such as "suffering," "pain," and "gateway," are located, with markings of both high Akiva Radiation and low Hume levels being detected next to it. Though so far, no Foundation equipment was able to reach SCP-5484's bottom, recording equipment sent into it detects muffled noises consistent with human moans, screams, and silent humming coming from within it.

The deepest the Foundation had been able to venture into SCP-5484 was a depth of approximately 25 kilometers down2 — though almost no differences were noted with the increasing depth as compared to the higher parts of the anomaly, a small increase in temperature has been noticed around the deeper parts of it. Similarly, the volume of the sounds coming from within it has been noted to increase slightly with increasing depth — though not enough to be well comprehended by Foundation staff.

From materials gathered during its discovery, it's theorized SCP-5484 leads to — or at least a version therefor — the catholic version of Hell, as described within the Bible. Though this hypothesis is still being investigated, due to the abnormal amounts of pain energy as well as thaumaturgical and theological processes detected within the anomaly, it is still a possible explanation.

Addendum.5484.1: Discovery

Addendum.5484.2: Further SCP-5484 Research

Addendum.5484.3: File update — 14/09/2003

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