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Catalogue #: SCP-5483

Seafloor Cataloging Procedures: SCP-5483 is currently isolated to Site-78 via complete lockdown of the site.

Description: SCP-5483 refers to an area located at the edge of the Alquist Trench, monitored by S.C.P. Aquatic Monitoring Facility Alpha. At its deepest, the Alquist Trench is at the upper edge of the mesopalegic zone, and is notable for having very few hydrothermal vents and an absence of zooplankton, leading to a general lack of life in the local area1.

SCP-5483 contains the underwater Site-78, used for cataloging remarkable phenomena near and around the Alquist Trench. Recently, SCP-5483 has been the location of paranormal occurrences. Examples of these include:

  • Hallucinations of emaciated figures in hallways, often resembling family members.
  • Perceptions of impossible structures, like unending stairways, infinitely long hallways, and floors/surfaces acting similar to fluids.
  • Hallucinations of people walking on the seafloor or entering the Alquist Trench.
  • Disappearances of site personnel.

On May 1st 2019, to curb the apparent disappearances of crewmembers, Acting Site-78 Director Theodore Daniels activated a lockdown of the facility, ensuring that no egress from Site-78 was possible. As of May 22nd 2019, this lockdown is ongoing.

Discovery: The paranormal phenomena occurring at Site-78 began after Director Robin Goodall vanished from his sleeping quarters at approximately 1500 hours on the night of April 28th, 2019. Footage of the interior and exterior of the site do not show him leaving his quarters, and no escape pods were engaged. His quarters were soaked with sea water, despite there being no breaches in the site's hull.

Per instructions left by Dr. Goodall, Dr. Theodore Daniels became acting director of Site-78 on April 29th, 2019. Documentation of paranormal events began on May 2nd (see phenomena log).

Addendum: Phenomena Log

Date: 2019/5/2

Phenomena: Three members of the crew— Dr. Robinson, Dr. McGill, and Dr. Strader— vanish while going on an unscheduled extravehicular operation. Their last transmissions are "It calls me down."

Notes: Lockdown established after Dr. Thurston attempted to exit the base through a submarine hatch. Lockdown can only be lifted via communication with ships circling the waters above Site-78.

Follow Up: Dr. Thurston restrained to on-site psychological care facility. Investigation begun.

Date: 2019/5/4

Phenomena: A group of people were seen by Giles Robinson crowded around something. When the crowd dissipated, the dead body of Dr. Glenn was found.

Notes: Dr. Glenn was later found alive. This was probably a hallucination.

Follow Up: None.

Date: 2019/5/5

Phenomena: George Halloway reported the Main Observatory being flooded with a yellow, fog-like gas. He would later claim that this gas smelt like gunpowder and burnt flesh, as well as that it made breathing difficult.

Notes: This hallucination was shared by 5 of the 8 people in the Main Observatory at this time.

Follow Up: Air recyclers were examined to ensure maximum efficacy.

Date: 2019/5/6

Phenomena: Gwen Cameron reports the site undergoing sudden explosive decompression, resulting in the death of all crew except herself.

Notes: Obvious hallucination, but the detail in which she described the remains of both Halpern and Beck is unsettling.

Follow Up: Gwen Cameron set up with a remote counseling session.

Date: 2019/5/6

Phenomena: Marcus Halpern reported seeing several starfish crawling on his skin.

Notes: Phenomenon was corroborated by two others in the room at the time. A sample jar allegedly used to collect one of the starfish was found empty, but with an unknown biological residue within.

Follow Up: Halpern and others associated given psychotherapy.

Date: 2019/5/7

Phenomena: A drone used to make repairs to Site-78's antenna array began broadcasting an image of what appeared to be the throat of a whale. Repairs were unable to be completed.

Notes: Phenomenon corroborated by all personnel.

Follow Up: Effectiveness of psychotherapy reconsidered.

Date: 2019/5/9

Phenomena: A loud bang was heard from Dr. Halpern's quarters. An unfinished journal entry was found on their laptop. Dr. Halpern has yet to be located. Personnel reported a strong smell of gunpowder and burnt flesh.

Notes: No ash or residue of any kind was found in Dr. Halpern's room. Any reports to the contrary have not been corroborated.

Follow Up: Dr. Halpern was sent to psychotherapy. No?

Date: 2019/5/13

Phenomena: Director Daniels reports the sudden sound of alert sirens, corroborated by several of his assistants. These alert sirens were not heard in the rest of the facility.

Notes: Analysis of the alert system indicated that an alarm was actually triggered by the manifestation of several xenarthran entities in the Alquist Trench.

Follow Up: None.

Date: 2019/5/14

Phenomena: Several staff members experience reactions to cafeteria food, including hives and stroke-like symptoms. All staff members asserted that the food smelt like gunpowder and burnt flesh prior to consumption.

Notes: This is presently believed to be a malfunction of the food processing units. They will be examined later an instance of the placebo effect.

Date: 2019/5/16

Phenomena: A cell phone was heard ringing for several hours. Eventually, a Samsung smartphone belonging to Director Goodall was located in his former quarters, with over a dozen voice mail messages and text conversations pertaining to the phenomena on the site.

Notes: Voice mail has been transcribed in the following by Director Theodore Daniels.

Follow Up: None.

Date: 2019/5/14

Phenomena: The entire Collections Department reports being unable to breathe. This is in spite of the fact that they are, in fact, able to breathe.

Notes: This is believed to be correlated to the appearance of a sperm whale in the vicinity of the site. Relationship unknown.

Date: 2019/5/12 or 2019/5/15

Phenomena: The day after May 14th, all time stamps assert that it is May 12th. This cannot be corrected by any means.

Notes: Corrected itself at midnight on the second May 12th, currently May 15th.

Follow Up: Computer system is to be recalibrated. Computer system corrected itself.

Date: 2019/5/17

Phenomena: Crew members report Director Daniels boarding an escape pod and leaving the Site, despite the lockdown.

Notes: Destination appears to be a boat floating near the surface. Hallucination has persisted for 30 days.

Follow Up:

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