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Item#: 5482
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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Special Containment Procedures: Foundation employees are to be monitored for the common effects of SCP-5482. Those affected by SCP-5482 are not to be allowed within seven kilometres of bodies of water exceeding one cubic metre in volume: oceans, lakes, rivers, swimming pools, aquifers, etc. Clouds and other weather formations do not count as such. They should be exposed to liquid water as little as possible; if the person lives long enough to require hydration it should be achieved intravenously.

Description: SCP-5482 is a condition which spontaneously arises within Foundation personnel, especially those concerned with the study of anomalous environments and locations.1 It is unknown whether it affects persons not employed by the Foundation. Individuals affected by SCP-5482, designated SCP-5482-1, suffer from adverse reactions to water.2 Individuals who had close interpersonal relationships with previous instances of SCP-5482-1 are highly susceptible to being affected by SCP-5482 in future. SCP-5482 is incurable and its effects increase in severity and scope over time until death.

Due to the extreme inconsistency with which SCP-5482 appears and operates, it is impossible to provide any meaningful information about the disease or the pathology of its sufferers.

Addendum 5482.1: Partial list of SCP-5482 cases

Addendum 5482.2: Extended case study, Senior Researcher Jacquelyn Vanth

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