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Item#: 5480
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Special Containment Procedures: Due to suspicions about the identity of PoI-595 - the sole inhabitant of SCP-5480 - the containment of SCP-5480 is to remain unknown to anyone outside of The Foundation, including PoI-595 themselves. The apartment building which contains SCP-5480 is to be monitored and the rooms adjacent to it are to be purchased by Foundation agents to minimise the risk of civilians being exposed to the anomaly.

Description: SCP-5480 is an apartment in Portsmouth, England, which contains a number of anomalous artifacts. Such items include a series of potted plants made of human bone, a watering can filled with living ox marrow and a fridge which fills up with stomach acid when it is closed.

A great number of documents - bills, paychecks, unsent job applications and receipts - have been packed into the bin. The oldest of these records dates back to 1879. They follow a strict chronology, as well. From 1879 to 1942, they are addressed to a “Saarin Llovi”, then “Saally Orock” until 1979, “Sandy Nadocks” up to 2017 and from that point forward, “Saara Klaviger”.

There is a photorealistic painting on the bedside table depicting a young woman and an older man, likely in his thirties, standing in front of a field of red grass. A faded inscription on the bottom of the frame reads “εγώ και ιόν”, translatable from Greek as “Me and Ion” (sic). Dating of the pigments has revealed it to be around 3,100 years old.

SCP-5480 is inhabited by PoI-595, the aforementioned Saara Klaviger. PoI-595 is, according to her passport, a 28 year old female currently employed as a retail assistant of the Aldi brand grocery chain.

Addendum 5480.1 - Discovery

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