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The following file contains information related to the Markhaven monitoring project and as such is limited to Foundation personnel with Marduke level clearance.
Isolate. Stabilize. Communicate.
Item#: 5478
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
Site-42 Theron Sherman Arnold Bergen Nexus Control Team Gamma-2 ("Americana Division")


The clock tower atop St. Ronald's Church, the main landmark within the community.

Markhaven, Indiana


Dunwich Class Nexus

Settled ~1954
Incorporated 1976
Foundation Discovery 1977
Threat Level Medium
Government Autocratic Dictatorship
Military Markhaven Defence Force "Boys in Blue"
Mayor Michael Ramis
Area Approximately 1,300 Km2
Residents Approximately 2,500
Affiliated Groups of Interest
GoI-627 ("The Factory")
Demonym Markhavener
Languages English
(Other languages prohibited by law)
Currencies Ronnie

Special Containment Procedures: A subterranean outpost has been established 20 km away from SCP-5478's southmost corner. It is manned by two field agents, three D-Class personnel, and three Senior Researchers (Nexus Control Team Gamma-2). Water samples from the soil around SCP-5478's outskirts are to be collected bi-monthly. Intercepted broadcasts are to be scanned for psychotropic hazards, filtered, and then relayed back to Site-42 for study.

Two Foundation Senior Researchers (Drs. Juliette Lewis and Clark Hamilton) have been installed within SCP-5478, disguised as new residents. They have been trained in standard espionage procedures; observations are to be sent in an enveloped letter between the bars of the fence around SCP-5478 whenever possible. They currently reside in Provisional Site-145, officially known as 257 Eagleton Street.

Description: SCP-5478 is the gated commune of Markhaven, an isolated community in central Indiana. SCP-5478 is approximately 1,300 km2 in size, with an estimated population of 2, 500 people. The interior of SCP-5478 predominantly consists of identical housing units around a fountain in the town's center, with several shops and offices surrounding the outskirts. From the fountain is a short path to St. Ronald's Church, the largest structure within SCP-5478.

Architectural styles within SCP-5478 are drawn from colonial and 1950's styled suburbia, making extensive use of white picket fences, pastel colors, stucco, and wraparound porches. SCP-5478 is kept abnormally clean and sterile by a group of janitorial workers, transferred from the community's prison complex.

An invisible force extends upwards around the fence, repelling all living organic entities from touching or damaging the fence; however, objects and people within SCP-5478 are capable of limited contact and outward movement. Looking into SCP-5478 from an outside aerial view makes all inhabitants within completely imperceptible; this is believed to be an extension of the fence's anomalous properties.

SCP-5478-1, officially known as "The Markhaven Defence Force" (colloquially referred to as the "Boys in Blue"), are the law enforcement agency of SCP-5478, and are a common sight within. Random inspections and building searches are regarded as an everyday part of life in order to "rid" the community of suspected communists and undesirable community members. SCP-5478-1 are commonly seen patrolling streets in extensively modified Triumph TR7s, and are commonly equipped with military-grade weaponry. Inspection of these automobiles have revealed each has a stamp on its underside reading "The Factory." Members are armed with similarly branded weaponry purposefully constructed to resemble props from science fiction films.


A group of SCP-5478-1 practicing an anomalous air attack drill.

Analysis of the water in the soil surrounding the area of SCP-5478 has revealed trace amounts of a chemical compound composed of several known and unknown materials. Known elements include water, arsenic, methylphenidate and lysergic acid diethylamide. Extended testing has shown this compound (henceforth SCP-5478-2) is capable of inducing a suggestive state within individuals who ingest it. The exact mechanisms of how SCP-5478-2 operates within the human body are presently unknown.

Uniquely powerful television broadcasts (henceforth SCP-5478-3) can be detected from SCP-5478 on a monthly basis. SCP-5478-3 broadcasts take the form of the radio talk show "Saul Inspiring!", hosted by Markhaven personality Saul Miller. SCP-5478-3 covers the history of Markhaven, capitalism, democracy, communism and the United States, with a heavy bias towards conservative/Republican policies, and in some cases, blatant misinformation. SCP-5478-3 contains several psychotropic memes which induce a state of suggestibility in viewers, though these can be removed with simple memetic filtering.

Addendum No. 1: Discovery Log

During a raid on a warehouse believed to be owned by GoI-627 ("The Factory"), ten disguised cargo trucks were recovered from the building's backrooms. A delivery order for supplies was discovered within one of the trucks indicating the destination was Markhaven, Indiana, a location that did not exist in any records or archives known to the Foundation.

An attempt was made by the Foundation to request geographical records from the United States government, but the request was personally denied by President Ronald Reagan without further clarification. The O5 Council authorized a secret probe to investigate the Reagan administration and geographical records to discover any information on the location of Markhaven.

Though recovered intel was limited, several major discoveries were made:

  • An advisor to President Reagan and member of PENTAGRAM, Jeffrey Bateman, had funnelled thousands of dollars into an unspecified location within Indiana.
  • Heavily censored financial records suggested former President James Carter had authorized a Central Intelligence Agency-ran program within an unspecified location in Indiana (believed to be codenamed "AEUTOPIA").
  • Heavily censored Church Committee records stated explicitly that Markhaven was constructed for "AEUTOPIA".
  • The location of Markhaven was discovered via searching of PENTAGRAM financial records.

Shortly after the location of Markhaven was confirmed, Nexus Control Team Gamma-2 ("Americana Division") was formulated from Site-42 and sent to investigate. From their findings, Markhaven was registered as SCP-5478, and its file was compiled shortly after. Further probes into discovering the nature of "AEUTOPIA" are pending approval.

Addendum No. 2: Anthropological Analysis

Residents follow a strict, socially conservative style of personal expression and day-to-day life. Citizens are expected to serve their community in a variety of ways, such as volunteer work, starting their own businesses, hosting and partaking in community-wide social events, and attending church. Most individuals within SCP-5478 profess conservative or conservative-adjacent political views; this is considered the norm, and dissidents are treated with suspicion.

Children within SCP-5478 are referred to as "Cherubs", and undergo heavy religious indoctrination at public schools. The possibility of deploying a spy within education facilities as a student is currently undergoing evaluation by the Ethics Committee.

Despite lacking recognition from all major intergovernmental organizations, SCP-5478 residents and the local government treat the community like an independent nation. SCP-5478 has a national pledge, which residents are required to perform at all major social and political events.

Most residential buildings constructed in SCP-5478 come with pre-installed television sets and radios. Both appliances operate on a twenty four hour continual basis, and are unable to be shut off; only the volume may be adjusted. The radio and television show Saul Inspiring! plays continuously; recorded snippets are included below. Attempts to damage these sets automatically alert law enforcement through camera systems installed in each set.

Markhaven's economy is primarily driven by manufacturing, commerce and sale of anomalous contraband materials, products and drugs. The community follows a Laissez-faire style of capitalist economics. Markhaven is individually home to numerous businesses, some masquerading as legitimate storefronts, while other places of commerce function as legal, non-anomalous companies. Markhaven does not recognize the American currency, and instead uses its own, informally referred to as the "Ronnie". A table has been complied below of notable businesses operating in Markhaven. The following table contains several dangerous viral psychotropic memes. It has been closed for memetic scrubbing.

In order to learn more about the community from a civilian's point of view and experience, Drs. Lewis and Hamilton recorded SCP-5478 residents to learn more about the community's culture.

Addendum No. 3: Related Materials

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