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Item #: SCP-5477

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Outpost-5477 has been constructed over SCP-5477, and is currently operated as a South Coast Properties front organization. The elevator which gives access to SCP-5477 is to be clearly marked and cordoned off. It is not to be used outside of being used to deliver food deposits to SCP-5477 and is to be entirely vacated when used.

SCP-5477-2 is contained within SCP-5477 and has no means of exit. It has been given a video camera and laptop and is to use these materials for a weekly counseling session with a Foundation psychiatrist. It is allowed to make requests for luxuries and amenities, which are to be reviewed by the aforementioned psychiatrist.

D-4444 has been placed into SCP-5477 for the purposes of containment of SCP-5477-1. He has been instructed in the proper operation of SCP-5477-1. Should D-4444 die or become unable to continue his duties, he is to be replaced by a new trained D-Class.

Food and other supplies are to be regularly1 deposited into SCP-5477 by means of the freight elevator.

Description: SCP-5477 is a massive labyrinthian complex located 800 meters underneath █████████, FL, USA. The exact dimensions of SCP-5477 are as of yet undetermined, but it is known to extend for at least ten kilometers in any direction from its access point. It is yet undetermined if any of this range is extradimensional, or if it is all physically present in baseline reality.

SCP-5477 can be accessed through a single freight elevator in Outpost-5477. Cars in this elevator are rigged to only descend downward. New elevator cars spontaneously manifest when required at the top of the elevator shaft. Elevator cars that descend past SCP-5477 appear to descend continuously into an otherwise empty shaft, with no known terminus.

SCP-5477-1 is a complex mechanical device located near the freight elevator entrance in SCP-5477. SCP-5477-1 is believed to dimensionally anchor SCP-5477 within baseline reality. As the disappearance of SCP-5477 could result in massive geological instability, the proper maintenance of SCP-5477-1 has been determined as necessary.

SCP-5477-2 is a sapient amphibian entity residing in SCP-5477. It measures three meters long head to tail and possesses a humanoid limb structure. SCP-5477-2 claims to have been originally responsible for the maintenance of SCP-5477, but changes in the nature of SCP-5477-1 prevented it from maintaining stable containment.

Addendum: The following log was recorded from a video feed installed within SCP-5477, monitoring the entrance chamber and SCP-5477-1. It contains D-4444's initial deployment into SCP-5477.

[00:00] Elevator doors open. D-4444 exits, carrying a collection of monitoring equipment that has been given to him by the SCP-5477 containment team.

[00:10] D-4444 takes a moment to orient himself within SCP-5477 according to the limited map that he has been provided with.

[00:34] D-4444 proceeds to the SCP-5477-1 chamber.

[05:47] D-4444 arrives in the SCP-5477-1 chamber. He places the monitoring equipment down next to SCP-5477-1, and then briefly glances at the device.

[06:12] D-4444 inspects the corpse of D-4443, which is against the wall of the SCP-5477-1 chamber. He removes the handgun from the body's hand and determines it to be out of ammunition.

[06:37] D-4444 picks up the corpse by the shoulders and drags it out of the SCP-5477-1 chamber.

[12:47] Six minutes later, D-4444 returns to the elevator chamber. He drags the body into the elevator and then exits. He presses the down button. The elevator doors close, and the elevator descends downward.

[13:53] D-4444 returns to the SCP-5477-1 chamber and begins maintenance on it.

[20:13] SCP-5477-2 enters the SCP-5477-1 chamber. D-4444 reacts with extreme shock, briefly pointing the empty handgun at it.

[20:17] SCP-5477-2 talks to D-4444, who calms down and drops the handgun. They do not approach each other, and remain several feet apart, but continue to talk.

[35:04] Maintenance of SCP-5477-1 finishes. D-4444 waves goodbye to SCP-5477-2 and then returns to the elevator room, where he begins to set up camp. SCP-5477-2 exits to a different part of SCP-5477.

Addendum: The following file is an excerpt from the first psychological appointment of D-4444 following his deployment into SCP-5477, conducted via telephone.

Dr. Glass: How are you fairing with regards to your deployment into SCP-5477? How have things been progressing for you?

D-4444: Well, it's not the prettiest job. Had to dispose of the last guy's fucking corpse the first day I got down here, and apparently I'm never going to see the sun again. And to top it off, there's all the stress of having to operate the machine. And my roommate is … well.

Dr. Glass: Please elaborate on that?

D-4444: He's a fucking monster! Like, I had gotten the description of him, as like an amphibian thing, but the real thing is … freaky. Real freaky. He's always on his legs and …

Dr. Glass: You hadn't had much exposure to nonhuman sapient anomalies before this assignment?

D-4444: No, never. And the ones I had always heard about were talking animals, mostly. Not some sorta weird hybrid monster thing. It's disturbing. And he speaks perfect English! That's downright fucky.

Dr. Glass: But you've had no personal conflicts with SCP-5477-2, have you? From the video feeds, it seems like you're working well together on the maintenance of SCP-5477-1.

D-4444: Oh sure. He's a nice guy and all, perfectly good roommate and everything. It's just that … look at him. It's uncanny. Thoroughly. If he didn't look like that, I guess.

Dr. Glass: Well, you know, looks can be deceiving. You shouldn't reject -2 just because he is a nonhuman entity, especially when it seems that you get along personally.

D-4444: I mean, I guess. It's just going to take a while to get used to looking at those eyes.

Dr. Glass: And it doesn't seem like you have many other social options if I have to point that out. You'll be seeing each other on a regular basis for the foreseeable future.

D-4444: Yeah. Guess so.

Addendum: The following is an excerpt from a maintenance log of SCP-5477 performed by SCP-5477-2 and D-4444, approximately two months into the latter's deployment.

[00:00] D-4444 enters into the SCP-5477-1 chamber, pushing a cart of scavenged repair equipment into the chamber with him.

[00:03] SCP-5477-2 follows D-4444 into the SCP-5477-1 chamber, pushing a similar cart of spare parts behind it.

[00:07] D-4444 parks his cart and turns to SCP-5477-2. They begin to talk for a few minutes, gesturing at SCP-5477-1 during the process.

[03:21] D-4444 and SCP-5477-2 move to work on different parts of SCP-5477-1, making necessary adjustments and repairs to the device. They talk to each other at multiple points during this process.

[10:09] SCP-5477-2 finishes working on its section of SCP-5477-1 and walks over to D-4444. It looks at his section and to talk with him, presumably about the repairs being made. It leans in closer to D-4444, making physical contact, in order to give advice about specific parts of the machine.

[10:41] D-4444 laughs.

[12:47] D-4444 finishes work on his panel and puts his tools back onto the cart. SCP-5477-2 does the same.

[13:17] SCP-5477-2 and D-4444 exit the SCP-5477-1 chamber side-by-side, leaving the areas of SCP-5477 that are under camera surveillance.

Addendum: The following is an excerpt from a regular psychological appointment of SCP-5477-2, conducted several months following D-4444's deployment into SCP-5477.

Dr. Glass: I'd like to ask you about your relationship with D-4444, if that's alright?

SCP-5477-2: Oh. I suppose we could. He's in the next room over.

Dr. Glass: The two of you have become quite close over the past few months, correct? You didn't connect with any of the other D-Class we deployed into SCP-5477.

SCP-5477-2: No, I didn't. Most of them shot themselves within a few days of being down here. Finn is the only one that's lasted any time.

Dr. Glass: Yes, that's true. Most were not equipped to last in SCP-5477. But would you say you're friends with D-4444? The two of you usually enter and leave the SCP-5477-1 chamber together.

SCP-5477-2: … Yeah. Friends. We're friends.

Dr. Glass: Good to hear. We were slightly worried when D-4444 moved his camp out of the entrance foyer and further into SCP-5477, it meant we couldn't observe him any longer.

SCP-5477-2: Oh, does it? I wasn't aware.

Dr. Glass: Yes, of course. We only have essential cameras, those monitoring the elevators and the vital machinery.

SCP-5477-2: Ah. Right. How could I have ever forgotten?

Dr. Glass: They're subtle cameras. Well, it is good to know that you are getting along well with D-4444. Given that containment of SCP-5477-1 is relatively stable, we were considering asking you two to go on a formal exploration of SCP-5477 soon.

SCP-5477-2: Oh, really? The both of us?

Dr. Glass: Yes. We're curious as to what more of the structure contains, and it's always best to send explorations out in groups. Helps carry food and supplies.

SCP-5477-2: I don't think we'll have any problems doing that, doctor. Speaking for both of us here.

Dr. Glass: Excellent! I'll talk to my superiors about the mission. Before I go, do you have any more amenity requests to log?

SCP-5477-2: Hmm. Perhaps some more movies, maybe with Heath Ledger or Jake Gyllenhaal in them? I very much liked that one movie you sent down before.

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