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Object Class: Keter2

Special Containment Procedures:3 Technobabble.aic4 has been assigned to reverse any edits made to the Foundation database5 by SCP-5476 events.

Description:6 SCP-5476 is an anomalous phenomenon in which pages in the SCP Foundation database are edited to include footnotes7 to clarify the meanings of various words. These edits are not made by any registered user and are able to bypass password-protected articles.8 In some cases, SCP-5476 events have occurred in paper documents, replicating the ink used in the page. It is unknown if SCP-5476 events are caused by a sentient entity.9

Discovery:10 The first SCP-5476 event occurred on 07/03/2111 during an incident with an experimental AIC. Junior Researcher12 █████ ███████13 developed Crystal.aic14 for the purpose of teaching new staff members the meanings of complicated terms15 used in official Foundation documents. During testing, the AIC attempted to define a memetic hazard16 and immediately deactivated. Roughly an hour17 later, the AIC came back online and completed its edits to the page, as well as numerous other unneeded18 definitions. All files related to the AIC were deleted, and SCP-5476 events began to occur in other Foundation documents.

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