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The entrance to SCP-5475.

Item #: SCP-5475

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The area surrounding SCP-5475 is to be monitored by a minimum of two armed guards at all times. Any civilian attempting to access SCP-5475 is to be detained, interrogated and amnesticized following standard protocol for anomalous locations.

Tests conducted on SCP-5475 must be expressly authorized by the O5 Council. All subjects who enter SCP-5475 must wear an activated recording device at all times. Upon exiting SCP-5475, these recordings are to be analyzed, and subjects are to be amnesticized or terminated as deemed necessary.

By Agreement 5475/1-G, PoI-5475 will be allowed to live indefinitely in the house in the vicinity of SCP-5475, henceforth designated as Provisional Site 5475-01, in exchange for her cooperation.

Description: SCP-5475 is a cave located at the foot of a mountain in an undisclosed location in southern Ireland. SCP-5475 is about 1.5 kilometers deep, and has a height of approximately 3 meters. The width of SCP-5475 varies greatly along the route, so an average measurement could not be established.

The main anomaly of SCP-5475 consists of the generation of multiple vocalizations coming from an unidentified location inside the cave. These vocalizations will be focused on the first human to enter SCP-5475, and will consist of a male voice describing in detail all the "secrets" that are being kept from the subject. At the time of writing, secrets exposed by SCP-5475 have ranged from miscellaneous events from the subject's childhood and/or adolescence, to highly classified information regarding the internal structure of the Foundation.

The secondary anomaly of SCP-5475 consists of a grave located at the end of the cave, hereafter designated SCP-5475-A, which shows no signs of natural deterioration, and all damage inflicted on it will be regenerated once all subjects have exited SCP-5475. The tombstone of this grave is transcribed below.


I still love you,
and I will never forget you.

Discovery: SCP-5475 was discovered on 15/01/2021, after Ms. Aisling Sullivan, now designated PoI-5475, attempted to commit suicide by jumping into one of the rivers near the locality. Fortunately, a police officer spotted her and was able to rescue her. In her statement, PoI-5475 described the relevant anomaly, which alerted an undercover agent from the Foundation and subsequently led to the classification of SCP-5475.

Shortly after these events, Dr. Kathleen Silverlock was assigned to interview PoI-5475 regarding the anomaly. A transcription of this interview can be found below.

Interviewed: PoI-5475

Interviewer: Dr. Kathleen Silverlock

Foreword: This interview took place 1 week after the discovery of SCP-5475, and was conducted at the residence of PoI-5475. This log was translated from Irish.


(Dr. Silverlock is sitting in PoI-5475's couch. The latter enters the room with two cups of coffee, and offers one to Dr. Silverlock before taking a seat.)

Dr. Silverlock: Thank you for allowing us to interview you, Mrs. Sullivan, it's of great help to us.

PoI-5475: Oh, don't worry, I think it will do me some good… to talk about it too. And please call me Aisling.

Dr. Silverlock: Of course, Aisling. (Dr. Silverlock smiles.) Well, we'd better start with the questions. Let's see… (Dr. Silverlock looks through her papers.) When was the first time you knew about the voices in the cave?

PoI-5475: Well… It's quite a long story. I think I should start at the beginning, even if it sounds a bit redundant. I hope I won't bore you (PoI-5475 chuckles.)

Dr. Silverlock: Oh, don't worry, I think I have enough time. (Dr. Silverlock takes a sip from her coffee.) Well, you can start whenever you want.

PoI-5475: Yeah, well, I… (PoI-5475 sighs.) It could be said that it all started when I was sixteen, you know, that time when we all did whatever we wanted and the world seemed infinite…. (PoI-5475 remains silent for a few moments.) I… met a guy. Yeah, I know it was like ten years ago, but I still… I get a little nervous when I remember it. (PoI-5475 chuckles.)

(Dr. Silverlock smiles.)

Dr. Silverlock: Don't worry, I understand you.

PoI-5475: Well… I met this guy, his name was Darren, although I think you should have guessed that by now. (PoI-5475 smiles and takes a sip of coffee.)

Dra. Silverlock: I figured.

PoI-5475: Heh, yeah, he was one of the best looking guys in my class. All the girls wanted him for themselves and all that high school drama crap. (PoI-5475 takes another sip of coffee.) But… he and I… we had many things in common. Our musical tastes, the movies we watched, our ideologies… We had some friends in common, so we started spending time together and… I guess things just fell into place. (PoI-5475 chuckles.)

Dr. Silverlock: I understand. You fell in love with him, didn't you?

PoI-5475: Yeah… and he also fell in love with me. I still remember that day, when he told me. We had gone to an ice skating rink near the school. Jesus, when I remember it… (PoI-5475 pauses briefly.) By the time we left it was already dark, and we started to walk around for a while… (PoI-5475 shakes her head.) I'm sorry, I don't mean to go on so long, but I tend to get too deep into detail, and when I remember Darren….

Dr. Silverlock: It's okay, don't worry, I understand what you must be going through. Please continue.

PoI-5475: Right. (PoI-5475 sighs.) We started dating. He was passionate about photography, so for most of our dates we used to go to places that looked like something out of a painting. Some forests, flower plains… those kinds of places. Well, so… (PoI-5475 abrubtly stops. Dr. Silverlock looks concerned.)

Dr. Silverlock: Is there… anything you're having trouble saying?

PoI-5475: Y-yes… It's just… (PoI-5475 looks nervous. She takes another sip of coffee; her hands are visibly shaking.) Once we decided to go to a forest nearby. The trip was a bit expensive, but Darren was very excited. He spent the whole trip talking about the pictures he was going to take… and the ones we would take together- (PoI-5475 stops; looks as if she is about to cry.)

(Dr. Silverlock leans towards PoI-5475 and starts talking in a reassuring voice.)

Dr. Silverlock: Don't worry, you can tell me what happened.

PoI-5475: We… wandered away from the route we had planned and… found the cave. At first I was a little scared that a bear or something lived there, but Darren insisted on going in. He looked so excited… so we went in and… (PdI-5475 looks disstressed.) And…

Dr. Silverlock: If I may ask, approximately how long did it take from the time you entered until you heard the voice?

PoI-5475: Yeah, sure, I… I think it was ten minutes or so. Darren got to take several pictures before… first we heard it coming from inside the cave. It was like a constant whisper around us. First it said to us "Your dog didn't run away, your dad ran him over." I was scared, but Darren looked more confused than scared. And then… then we heard the voice again, although this time it was closer to Darren. It told us "Your best friend is making fun of you behind your back," and then… then….

Dr. Silverlock: Yeah?

(PoI-5475 lowers her head.)

PoI-5475: Then the voice told him that I was secretly in another relationship.

Dr. Silverlock:

PoI-5475: I… we had a fight and broke up. A few months later I found out he had committed suicide and in his letter he blamed me among other people. I knew he was sensitive, but I never thought…

Dr. Silverlock: How was it that they decided to bury him in the cave?

PoI-5475: He was not buried there. His relatives took him to a cemetery near their home. I found the grave when I wanted to see where those voices had come from. I know they would never want me living near his real grave, so I gathered some money and came to live here.

Dr. Silverlock: I see…

PoI-5475: I- (PoI-5475 is crying at this point.) It wasn't my intention, I was about to break up with my other boyfriend, but things got complicated and…. the only thing I want is to have him close to me, I want… I want him to know that I'm sorry, that I still love him, and that I need him to forgive me. (PoI-5475 covers her eyes with her hands and starts trembling.)

(Dr. Silverlock sits in silence for a few moments before trying to continue with the interview.)

Dr. Silverlock: So… About how long did it take after you found the grave before you realized about its anomalous properties?

(PoI-5475 looks at Dr. Silverlock. Her eyes are still covered in tears.)

PoI-5475: Its "anomalous properties"? What do you mean?

Dr. Silverlock: The grave's anomalous properties, of course. You are aware that the tombstone cannot be destroyed, right?

PoI-5475: What…? I didn't… I didn't know that. You mean…?

Dr. Silverlock: Our teams have examined the grave, and any damage done to it is repaired once they leave the cave.

PoI-5475: … No, I didn't know that.

Dr. Silverlock: Oh, it's okay.

(Dr. Silverlock looks through her papers one more time and starts mumbling to herself. PoI-5475 looks at Dr. Silverlock and then at her cup of coffee; she sighs before talking again.)

PoI-5475: I think I know why that happens.

Dr. Silverlock: Sorry?

PoI-5475: I think I know why the grave can't be damaged. It's a… little theory I started making a few months ago. I started to wonder why the voice does what it does and I… I drew my conclusions.

Dr. Silverlock: Well, go ahead.

PoI-5475: The voice… I don't think it enjoys revealing secrets. What's more, I don't think he enjoys doing what he does.

Dr. Silverlock: What do you mean exactly?

PoI-5475: Think about it, a secret is capable of… destroying everything. A secret can break families, end friendships, provoke murders, cause wars…

Dr. Silverlock: Please be a little more specific.

PoI-5475: What I'm getting at is that… I think the voice doesn't like us keeping secrets. And I think it reproaches us by telling us everything that they keep hidden from us.

Dr. Silverlock:

PoI-5475: And… the cave, or whatever it's inside… it looks after Darren's grave because it wants us to remember him, to remember that….

Dr. Silverlock: It wants us to remember the consequences of keeping secrets.

PoI-5475: Yes.

(Both Dr. Silverlock and PoI-5475 remain in silence for aproximatly 30 seconds.)

Dr. Silverlock: That… is an interesting theory. A very interesting theory. So, ahmm, is there anything else you would like to tell us, Aisling?

PoI-5475: No, I don't think so. But… I've seen that you guys are very interested in the cave and from afar it looks like you're a secret organization and all that stuff. (PoI-5475 chuckles.) … You're from the government, aren't you?

(Dr. Silverlock hesitates before answering.)

Dr. Silverlock: Yes, we are from the government.

PoI-5475: Yeah, it's just that… Would you allow me to continue living here? I - I don't want to have to go somewhere else. I want to stay by his side, you know what I mean? I want to… remember him forever.

Dr. Silverlock: … I'll see what I can do, Aisling.

PoI-5475: … Thank you.


Closing Statement: Following this interview, the Ethics Committee stated that keeping PoI-5475 near SCP-5475 could be helpful in maintaining a reliable cover story between the locals, thus establishing Agreement 5475/1-G, and allowing her to remain living at Provisional Site 5475-01 in exchange for her cooperation.

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