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Item#: 5473
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Item #: SCP-5473

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5473 has been officially designated as uncontainable however, procedures have been put into place to limit the public's exposure to SCP-5473. An exclusion zone has been established around SCP-5473-A under the guise of a failed CIA operation and subsequent international tension.

Locations with high concentrations of SCP-5473-2 are to undergo misinformation plan Rip Van Winkle. Any instances of SCP-5473-1 or SCP-5473-2 are to be sequestered in the low-security wing of Site-██.

Description: SCP-5473 is a phenomenon affecting those who have entered an approximately one hundred square kilometer area within the Nanda Devi National Park, India. This zone has been designated SCP-5473-A.

Subjects affected by SCP-5473 have been designated as SCP-5473-1 and SCP-5473-2 depending on the stages of the effect.

SCP-5473-1 experience an inability to feel fear, pain, or similar negative stimuli. This inability has often led to the death of SCP-5473-1 before entering Foundation custody or transitioning to SCP-5473-2. Instances have reported recurring dreams but are unable or unwilling to divulge the details of these dreams. SCP-5473-1 cases have been recorded to last as few as 4 days with some cases continuing for years. There are 14 SCP-5473-1 instances in custody at Site-██ that have been in the first stage for more than 5 years at the time of writing. It is unclear if there is an upper bound to this stage.

SCP-5473-2 experiences a persistent catatonic state with minimal brain activity. Brain activity has been observed to spike during periods of sleep; it is assumed that SCP-5473-2 also experiences recurring dreams, but this has not been confirmed. Subjects in this stage lack any drive toward self-preservation and must be carefully monitored to ensure that all necessities of life are met.

The transition from SCP-5473-1 to SCP-5473-2 is accompanied by an audio negation event. This event has been designated as SCP-5473-B. The mechanism of this audio negation is not known. This event is centered around the transitioning subject. The area of this audio negation has not been accurately recorded but exceeds a radius of 20 meters. Any persons within this radius at the time of the event have fallen under the effect of SCP-5473 and are to be designated further instances of SCP-5473-1.

The nature of SCP-5473 makes interviews of SCP-5473-1 difficult. Representative interviews have been attached below. The full repository of interviews can be accessed in the directory /SCP-5473/Interviews.


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