There's a portal to a mansion in the back of a van.

A Portal to a Mansion in the Back of a Van

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Item #: SCP-5472 Level 4/5472
Object Class: Euclid Classified

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
Area-73 Dir. Lester Kuo Rs. Wilson Duong N/A


SCP-5472-1 at the time of discovery.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5472-1 is to be contained within the Vehicle Containment Garage of Area-73. Standard maintenance schedules are to be followed.

SCP-5472-2 and PoI-5472 are to be contained in separate humanoid containment chambers. Any requested amenities from both individuals are subject to approval by the Lead Researcher.

SCP-5472-3 is to be contained in a standard storage locker. Analysis and translation efforts are to be performed daily.

Description: SCP-5472 is a spatial anomaly located within the rear cargo hold of SCP-5472-1; a 2013 Ford Transit Connect cargo van. The rear doors of the vehicle are the only known method of accessing SCP-5472. The side cargo doors have been welded shut, with the original factory ordered partition installed. The vehicle otherwise operates identically to a non-anomalous automobile.


A bedroom in SCP-5472.

SCP-5472 resembles the interior of a large residential mansion, with three floors totaling an estimated 375 square metres. All doors and windows that would lead to an exterior have been welded shut; the only method of leaving SCP-5472 is through the front doors of the residence; these doors correspond to that of SCP-5472-1. All windows are translucent, but let in seemingly natural sunlight corresponding to the day and night cycle of SCP-5472-1's current geographical location.

SCP-5472 receives electricity, water, and natural gas through unknown means. Through experimentation, it has been discovered that these services are only active when SCP-5472-1's engine is active.

SCP-5472-2 is a 35 year old human male named "Engel Dominicus", who was the sole inhabitant of SCP-5472 prior to containment. The individual created the spatial anomaly within SCP-5472-1 through an unknown method believed to have been invented by PoI-5472, a 38 year old male named "Manny van Portshire". Both individuals possess hostile behavior towards the Foundation;1 protocols are active to attempt to pacify and induce cooperative behavior in both individuals.

SCP-5472-3 is a composition notebook, its contents written by PoI-5472. It contains alleged instruction on how SCP-5472 was created written with diagrams in a unknown language.

Discovery: On September 9, 2019, a security guard at the Northwest Mall in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, alerted authorities regarding "a homeless man living in a van in the parking lot". Members of the Vancouver Police Department arrived to investigate the situation, when an officer inadvertently entered SCP-5472. His consequential report triggered standard Foundation law enforcement surveillance software, and Area-73 personnel were dispatched to secure the anomaly. SCP-5472-2 was transported with SCP-5472-1 to Area-73.

Addendum 01: An interview with SCP-5472-2 was conducted shortly after initial containment.

Transcript 5472-1

Interviewed: SCP-5472-2

Interviewer: Researcher Daniel Waller

Date: September 11, 2019

<Begin Log>

Researcher Waller: Please state your name for the record.

SCP-5472-2: It's Engel. Engel Dominicus.

Waller: Mr. Dominicus, your choice of residence is of great interest to us.

SCP-5472-2: You mean the portal to a mansion in the back of my van?

Waller: Yes. What is your reason for choosing to live in such a situation?

SCP-5472-2: Well, I didn't really choose to live in a mansion in the back of my van, it just kind of happened.

Waller: I understand. I meant to ask you about the circumstances leading up to your current living situation.

SCP-5472-2: <sighs> Ok, so I lost my job as a welder a few years ago, right? I still had some money saved up, so I bought a van so I could start my own mobile welding business. But my old boss had a really bad reputation, so I barely got any clients.

SCP-5472-2 pauses.

SCP-5472-2: Last year, I got evicted by my landlord; she kicked me out cause she raised the rent and I couldn't pay. I slept in my van for a while, before I met this guy who promised to build me a place to stay. He told me all this weird stuff… I'm not sure how to put it into words….

Waller: He taught you how to create this portal, Mr. Dominicus?

SCP-5472-2: Sort of? He gave me this book he wrote about how to make a portal to a mansion in the back of my van. I followed the instructions in the book, it took me a few weeks of trial and error, but eventually it worked. Place has three floors, heating and air conditioning. AC in Canada. I don't really understand how it works, but a place to live is a place to live.

Waller: And where is this book?

SCP-5472-2: I… um… don't remember.

Waller: Do you at least remember who wrote this book?

SCP-5472-2: Um…

SCP-5472-2 begins to sweat.

Waller: Are you withholding information from us, Mr. Dominicus?

SCP-5472-2: <nervous> I… I said too much.

Waller: What is the name of this person who taught you the process? You are definitely withholding their name. What is it?

SCP-5472-2: Look sir, if it's about me parking overnight at that mall, I'm sorry about that, it won't happen again.

Waller: Mr. Dominicus… what is the name of this individual?

A five second pause.

Waller: Mr. Dominicus, if you fail to produce a proper answer, we will continue to detain you until you do. Please tell me the name of the individual who taught you how to-

SCP-5472-2: It's "Manny van Portshire".

Another pause.

Waller: Thank you for your cooperation.

<End Log>

Following the interview, the individual mentioned by SCP-5472-2 was designated as PoI-5472, and investigation into their whereabouts was conducted.

As a precaution, Area-73 agents performed a search of SCP-5472 for the aforementioned book, preemptively designated SCP-5472-3. The search was unsuccessful.

Addendum 02: Foundation research into civilian records revealed PoI-5472 to be residing in a homeless shelter in Lancewood, British Columbia, Canada. Area-73 personnel successfully detained the individual on September 13, 2019, and PoI-5472 was subsequently interviewed.

Transcript 5472-2

Interviewed: PoI-5472, SCP-5472-2

Interviewer: Researcher Daniel Waller

Date: September 14, 2019

<Begin Log>

Researcher Waller: Please state your name for the record.

PoI-5472: Manny, eh.

A three second pause.

Waller: Manny…?

PoI-5472: Yes?

Waller: Do you know anyone by the name of "Engel Dominicus"?

PoI-5472: <gasps> Yes! Yes I do! Are you looking for him? I am too!

Waller: We've already detained "Engel" prior to detaining you. Would you like to speak to him?

PoI-5472: Of course! Where is he?

Waller: <to observing researchers> Could you bring SCP-5472-2 into the room?

PoI-5472: Who is S… SC… P…?

Agent Chester McMahon brings SCP-5472-2 into the interrogation chamber and exits.

SCP-5472-2: What the hell? Manny?

PoI-5472: Engel? Where have you been?

SCP-5472-2: Well, I managed to work out the portal to the mansion in the back of my van. Now I have a portal to a-

PoI-5472: Wait, did you actually get it working? Without me?

SCP-5472-2: I guess I did. Would've been a lot easier if you were still around, but-

PoI-5472: I didn't have a choice, I told you! I also told you to stay put in Lancewood when you were working on it!

Waller: Sirs, I request that both of you remain calm.

PoI-5472: <upset> This fucker here took this book I wrote about how to- how to make a- where's my book, Engel?

SCP-5472-2: I think it was… I think…

PoI-5472: Spit it out!

SCP-5472-2: I think I lost it.

A short pause.

PoI-5472: Bull. Shit. You know how precious that book is to me and you. You would never misplace it like that.

SCP-5472-2: Manny, I'm sorry, but-

PoI-5472: It's in that mansion, isn't it? That mansion in the back of your van? You definitely hid it somewhere in there. Where else could it be?

Waller: We had the mansion searched, we didn't-

PoI-5472: You know what? How about we search for the book together? In the mansion?

SCP-5472-2: Well… um… I don't think that will be-

Waller: Actually, I'll speak with my supervisors about letting you both search the space together.

PoI-5472: Cool.

SCP-5472-2: Oh… ok.

<End Log>

Following the interview, Lead Researcher Wilson Duong and Researcher Waller submitted a request to Area-73 Director Lester Kuo to allow both individuals to enter SCP-5472 temporarily in a second attempt to search it for SCP-5472-3.

Addendum 03: On September 15, 2019, approval was given from Director Kuo for SCP-5472-2 and PoI-5472 to enter SCP-5472 under the supervision of Foundation agents.

Exploration 5472-1

Date: September 15, 2019

Subject: SCP-5472

Team Lead: Agent Preston McNealy

Team Members: Agent Sennlatra Farmos, Agent Dexter Lewis, SCP-5472-2, PoI-5472


SCP-5472-2 opens the rear doors of SCP-5472-1.2

SCP-5472-2: Ladies first? <chuckles>

The other four individuals enter SCP-5472; SCP-5472-2 is last, and closes the door behind them.

SCP-5472-2: So this is my van mansion, or as I like to call it, my "vansion". I'm not sure what to show you guys, but-

Agent McNealy: Alright men, where should we search first? Lewis?

Agent Lewis: I vote to start here in the foyer.

Agent Farmos: Me too.

PoI-5472: Wait, wait, I wanna see this place for myself, it's very impressive.

Agent McNealy: We don't have time for that, sir. <to the other agents> Start searching the foyer.

The five begin to search for SCP-5472-3 in the foyer.


SCP-5472-2, now visibly nervous, PoI-5472, and the agents are searching the third floor rooms of SCP-5472. It has been three hours and twenty minutes since the beginning of the search.

Agent McNealy: <annoyed> Mr. Dominicus, I will ask this one last time. Where is the last place you saw this book?

SCP-5472-2 nervously coughs.

SCP-5472-2: Umm… I need to use the john. So I can… think?

Agent McNealy: The bathrooms here won't work because we had the-

SCP-5472-2: Yes, they will. Don't ask me how.

PoI-5472: Engel, if you hid my book somewhere, or if the cops took it, just tell me. Please, I don't want to keep going on this wild goose chase.

Agent Farmos: I don't really mind. I get paid by the hour.

SCP-5472-2 runs into a bathroom and locks the door behind them. Two minutes pass. A clanking sound is heard from the bathroom.

Agent McNealy: That's odd. What's he doing in there?

PoI-5472: Holy shit, I think he's… he's ripping my book apart… to flush it down the toilet!

The agents run to the bathroom door and begin to knock.

Agent Lewis: Sir! Sir! Open this door right now! Open this door!

Agent Farmos equips his Foundation-issued baton and begins to knock down the bathroom door.

SCP-5472-2: Wait, wait! I'm not done yet!

Agent Farmos successfully breaks open the bathroom door, revealing SCP-5472-2 tearing apart SCP-5472-3 and pushing its pages into a toilet.

PoI-5472: My book! What are you doing to my book?

SCP-5472-2 activates the handle to the toilet. Nothing occurs. Agent Farmos points his baton at them.

Agent Farmos: Sir, put the book down right now! Put it down!


SCP-5472-3 at the time of recovery.

SCP-5472-2 drops the remainder of SCP-5472-3 on the bathroom floor. Agent Farmos picks it up. Its front reads "How to Make a Portal to a Mansion in the Back of a Van by [PoI-5472]".

Agent Farmos: Looks like this is the book we're looking for.

PoI-5472: My… my book! It's ruined! What the fuck, Engel?

SCP-5472-2: I… I couldn't…

PoI-5472: You were never planning on giving me my book back, huh? You'd rather destroy it?

Agent Farmos retrieves the removed pages of SCP-5472-3 out of the toilet bowl. All pages are dry.

Agent Farmos: Looks like the toilet doesn't work.

Agent McNealy: I made sure to have the van's engine off for this excursion. I had a hunch something like this would happen.

Agent Lewis: Good thinking, McNealy. No idling engine, no water to flush down any books.

SCP-5472-2: Wait, how did you guys know that-

Agent McNealy: You think we didn't study this place before we let you guys in again?

PoI-5472: Um… if it’s ok with you guys, I'll just take what's left of my book, and I'll be on my way.

Agent Lewis grabs PoI-5472's arm to prevent them from taking SCP-5472-3 from Agent Farmos.

Agent Lewis: Not so fast, sir. We need to study this book so we can learn how this spatial anomaly was created.

PoI-5472: So that means we don't get to leave?

Agent Farmos: I assure you that your detainment is temporary. Let's talk about this more outside the building.

SCP-5472-2: Wait, wait, so you guys finally have this book, and yet you'll still keep us locked up?

Agent McNealy: Sir, you made us waste three hours of our lives to search for this book, then you attempted to destroy it. We are not in the mood for-

SCP-5472-2: Hey, this is my van and my mansion! You have been unlawfully detaining me from living here!

Agent Lewis: The manner in which this residence was constructed to fit within this vehicle does not obey the laws of physics. Therefore, we are here to investigate the-

PoI-5472: We just want places to live! We just want a roof over our heads that we can call our own! Is that too much to ask?

Agent Lewis: As we've stated before, this is a temporary measure which will end once we figure out this anomaly. We request your continued cooperation.

During their argument, Agent Farmos examines the remainder of SCP-5472-3.

Agent Farmos: What is this stuff? I can't make out any of it.

Agent Lewis takes a peek at SCP-5472-3.

Agent Lewis: Okay, we definitely need you two to stay and help us decode this. It looks like a mix of Swahili and Korean.

PoI-5472: No-no-no-no no, that is my property! Give it back!

PoI-5472 attempts to grab SCP-5472-3 from Agent Farmos, who restrains them from doing so. Agent Lewis begins to restrain SCP-5472-2.

SCP-5472-2: Ow, ow! This is illegal! Who do you think you are?

PoI-5472: Give me my fuckin' book back!

Agent McNealy prepares his tranquilizing equipment as the other two agents restrain both individuals.

PoI-5472: I want my book back!

Agent McNealy administers tranquilizers to both individuals. Following their submission, Agent Farmos gathers the remaining pieces of SCP-5472-3, and the three agents exit SCP-5472 with Agent Lewis carrying SCP-5472-2 and Agent McNealy carrying PoI-5472.


Due to SCP-5472-2's attempted destruction of evidence related to an anomalous phenomenon, their amenity privileges were revoked following Exploration 5472-1.

Addendum 04: Another interrogation with SCP-5472-2 was conducted following Exploration 5472-1.

Transcript 5472-3

Interviewed: SCP-5472-2

Interviewer: Lead Researcher Wilson Duong

Date: September 20, 2019

<Begin Log>

Researcher Duong: Hello, Mr. Dominicus. I've brought you in here to discuss your attempted destruction of Mr. van Portshire's book.

SCP-5472-2 does not respond.

Duong: We do not wish to continue disciplinary measures against you. We simply want to perform research of your living space. As we've said many times before, it does not conform to the laws of physics, and we want to figure out why.

SCP-5472-2 continues to remain inert.

Duong: I'll begin by asking your reasons as to withholding the book from us and Mr. van Portshire. You clearly went to great lengths to hide it. What is the reason?

A short silence.

SCP-5472-2: Mister… Du…

Duong: It's pronounced "Duong".

SCP-5472-2: Do you know what it's like to be homeless, living in a van, Mr. Duong?

Duong: No… I can't say that I know.

SCP-5472-2: There's no place to shower, you have to piss or poop in public bathrooms, or even in the streets, the van gets really hot or really cold very quickly, and you have to keep driving everywhere so people don't think you're some sort of kidnapper.

A short pause.

SCP-5472-2: Cops don't leave you alone. Some are polite, but most of them threaten you with arrest or violence. You don't have a proper address, so it's hard to get any sort of mail. Of course, there's also the problem of getting any sort of money for gas or food. Do you know what that's like?

Duong: Um… I've been fortunate enough not to-

SCP-5472-2: Me too! Until one day, the boss says that he lost a contract, and the entire company falls apart. I tried winging it on my own, but having to start all over again is really discouraging, don't you think?

Duong: I would agree with that. But how does this relate to-

SCP-5472-2: I'm getting to that. So I meet Manny in a homeless shelter, right? We talked a lot, and eventually he told me that he knew how to make spaces that are bigger on the inside than out, that got my attention. He wrote this book about it, that's what I tried to flush down the toilet last time, right?

Duong: I'm listening.

SCP-5472-2: So first, he did this small demonstration for me to prove he was legit, and promised to make me a mansion for my van. But then the cops arrest him for some bullshit jaywalking charge, so he left his book with me while he went to court. It took me weeks to figure out the rest.

Duong: And you successfully managed to create the space without him?

SCP-5472-2: Of course I did. Didn't you see how surprised he was?

Duong: I suppose so. Continue.

SCP-5472-2: Since Manny was out of the picture, and I had no idea when he'd be freed, I decided that since I managed to make my van mansion, or "vansion", I'd be able to earn some money by making vansions for others.

Duong: How many more "van mansions" were you able to make?

SCP-5472-2: <chuckles> I couldn't find anyone willing to hire me. In hindsight, I must've sounded crazy, like another mentally ill homeless man imagining a better past. I even drove to Vancouver, where the housing market is really expensive, to find people desperate enough to hire someone who lives in a van. I even offered to give tours of my vansion, but no one took me up on the offer. Now that I think about it, I must've seemed really, really suspicious.

Duong: So no other van mansions besides your own?

SCP-5472-2: Basically, although if things went my way, there would've been a lot more soon enough.

Duong: Please elaborate.

SCP-5472-2: One day, I was giving my pitch to the owner of an antique shop, and I held up my book and let her look through it. Instead of the usual confusion, something in her eyes lit up. She pulled out her phone and walked into the backroom, probably to call someone.

Duong: What shop was this? And what was her name?

SCP-5472-2: I don't remember, but what I do remember was her coming back with her phone on speaker, and there was someone on the other end. He called himself "Carter" and wanted to get a phone number from me so we can set up a meeting about my book.

Duong: Carter…

SCP-5472-2: I told him I didn't have a phone, he laughed a bit and asked me more questions through that lady's phone. I offered to give him a tour, and he said he'd send someone out to take a look and make me an offer.

Duong: For the book?

SCP-5472-2: Yes! I was so excited to finally be listened to, to be taken seriously!

Duong: Quick question, if you wanted to sell the book to someone else, why did you decide to hide it from us, and eventually attempt to destroy it?

A short silence.

SCP-5472-2: He… he told me not to let anyone else know about the book; not to let anyone else find it. He told me… that there are other people out there who hunt down people who know how to create spaces like I do, and kill them. He told me not to let the book fall into the wrong hands, because that could spell my death, and the destruction of what I built.

Another short silence.

Duong: Mr. Dominicus, I understand your plight. There are other organizations out there who indeed intend on destroying anomalies and the people associated with them. But rest assured, we are not one of those organizations.

SCP-5472-2: Wait, then who are you guys?

Duong: We call ourselves the Foundation, and while we do search for anomalies and people who participate in them, we pride ourselves in keeping them alive and functioning. While we do have to hide them from the world to preserve a sense of normalcy, we refuse to engage in unnecessary destruction. Oftentimes, we have to protect people and things from outsiders who wish to misuse anomalies for their own twisted goals.

SCP-5472-2: So… you're not going to kill me?

Duong: Nope. Rather, we'd like for you and van Portshire to help us decipher the book in question, to further our understanding of anomalous phenomena for the benefit of humanity.

SCP-5472-2 sighs in relief.

SCP-5472-2: I'm in. Oh, and sorry about the book.

Duong: Don't worry, I have a feeling that van Portshire will be able to fill in the missing pieces.

<End Log>

SCP-5472-2 was returned to their chamber following the interrogation. A behavioral review was scheduled for September 24, 2019.

On the same day, PoI-5472 was interrogated shortly after SCP-5472-2's interrogation.

Transcript 5472-4

Interviewed: PoI-5472

Interviewer: Researcher Wilson Duong

Date: September 20, 2019

<Begin Log>

Researcher Duong: Hello, Mr. van Portshire. We'd like to check in on you following the events from a few days ago.

PoI-5472: Sure.

Duong: As you and Mr. Dominicus know, the method in which he created the spatial anomaly in his vehicle is of great interest to us. And as we know, you are the one who pioneered it. Please explain to me how you invented this procedure?

PoI-5472: If I tell you how, can I get what's left of my book back?

Duong: If we return the book to you, we request that you translate its contents in return.

PoI-5472: You want your own mansion, huh? I get it.

Duong: Not exactly. Also, we're getting off track here, I'd like us to focus on the history behind your development of this anomaly.

PoI-5472: <sighs> Sure. So one night, about five years ago, I started being able to communicate with these… how should I say this… yellow people.

Duong: Yellow people?

PoI-5472: No-no-no, I didn't mean anything like that, these were literal yellow people. They were about twice my height, no faces, and talked to me in a way that wasn't verbal, but… it's hard to explain if you've never met them before.

Duong: These people taught you how to make spatial anomalies?

PoI-5472: Basically, yeah. I'm not bullshittin' or anything, I'm being serious. I know that's hard to believe, but these people were the ones to teach me how to create large spaces where there should be small ones. I have trouble remembering all of it now, but I still remembered enough for that book I wrote that Engel tried flushing down the toilet.

Duong: I believe you.

PoI-5472: You do? Are you sure?

Duong: Yes. Please continue disclosing your history.

PoI-5472: Ok, so eventually, these people stopped showing up, but at that point, I was able to memorize how to make these spaces pretty well. I remember making spaces in air ducts so I could watch my wife cheating on me.

Duong: I'm sorry to hear that.

PoI-5472: Whatever, this was four years ago. She kicked me out to hide her infidelity from me when I already knew.

Duong: Out of curiosity, where was this house you used to live in with her?

PoI-5472: Don't remember, don't care. All I'm glad for is that I took my book with me, where I wrote down everything those alien things told me about. Until Engel tried flushing it down the toilet.

Duong: After that, you were homeless, correct?

PoI-5472: Yeah, and I didn't have the tools I needed to make a nice mansion like Engel did. You need welding supplies, the heat they give out is part of the process. I paid good money for lessons and equipment, until my ex kicked me out and kept all my gear. Honestly, that's kind of why I got along with Engel a lot, I guess. He and I planned on living in his van mansion together, until that bastard Mountie came along.

Duong: When you went to court, Mr. Dominicus left you behind?

PoI-5472: With my book! He took my book and abandoned me! I would never have found him again if you guys didn't show up.

Duong: Good thing we did.

PoI-5472: Anyway, I told you my dark past, could you give me what's left of my book?

Duong: Once again, if we return your book to you, you are to translate its contents in return.

PoI-5472: Ok ok, got it. I'll do it. Book, please.

Researcher Daniel Waller enters the room with SCP-5472-3, and places it in front of PoI-5472. They begin to examine the pages.

PoI-5472: My book… it's ruined…

Duong: We tried recovering all the pages, but we don't know which order they were written in.

PoI-5472: No, I understand. Bring Engel in here, I want to have a little chat with him.

Duong: I'm afraid we can't do that right now, Mr. van Portshire. He's on a probationary period due to the destruction of your book.

PoI-5472: I insist on talking to him! I insist!

Duong: Sir, I do not want to risk another conflict between you two. Maybe in a week or-

PoI-5472: Look, I'll calm down, alright? I just want to see him again on better terms.

Duong: I understand. I can arrange a meeting with the two of you over the phone. As of right now, I do not want to risk more conflict. You understand, right?

PoI-5472: <sighs> I do.

PoI-5472 continues to examine SCP-5472-3.

Duong: We'll begin joint studies of your book soon, van Portshire. We thank you for your cooperation.

<End Log>

Addendum 05: Following a behavioral review on September 25, 2019, SCP-5472-2 was permitted a 30-minute telephone conversation session with PoI-5472 for one week of good behavior.

Transcript 5472-5

<Begin Log>

PoI-5472: Engel, eh.

SCP-5472-2: Hi, Manny. It's been a week since… the incident. How've you been?

PoI-5472: They gave me my book back… or what's left of it.

SCP-5472-2: They don't want you to leave either, huh?

PoI-5472: Basically, but it's better than living in the homeless shelter in Lancewood. Say, why did you abandon me again?

SCP-5472-2: Look, Manny, I genuinely thought you were never coming back. You know how the system treats vagrants like us.

PoI-5472: I thought you would stay in Lancewood when you worked on the project. I asked you to stay put. Why didn't you?

SCP-5472-2: I told you, I thought you were never coming back, so I decided to go to Vancouver to sell my abilities to others. Eventually, someone offered to buy our book from us.

PoI-5472: Buy the-? Engel, you were gonna sell my book?

SCP-5472-2: Cause I needed the money for food and gas, and no one else hired me to make mansions in their vans, so-

PoI-5472: <upset> Engel, you wanted to sell my book! To who?

SCP-5472-2: This guy named Carter, I met him over the phone. I was gonna meet with a guy of his soon, but then these "Foundation" people found me and you. You understand my desperation, right? He sounded like he was gonna give me six figures.

PoI-5472: <sighs> Then why did you destroy my book when we went into your van mansion? Vansion?

SCP-5472-2: 'Cause… cause Carter really warned me about people who wanted to grab my book, and he said they'd kill me if they found the book… I really thought these people would… do such a thing…

SCP-5472-2 begins to cry.

SCP-5472-2: Manny… I'm sorry. I really needed some money of my own, and you weren't there anymore, and…

SCP-5472-2 continues to cry.

SCP-5472-2: I really wanted to show you my mansion, I really did. I was proud of myself for getting it done, but then you went to jail, and they wouldn't let me call you, so I thought I wouldn't see you again.

SCP-5472-2 ceases crying.

SCP-5472-2: I didn't think these people would actually spare me like this… I guess I was just really paranoid…

A short pause.

PoI-5472: <sighs> Engel… you freaked me out when you disappeared like that, eh. I thought we'd stay in Lancewood forever.

SCP-5472-2: I know, but once again, you were gone, so I thought I was on my own…

PoI-5472: Well, I don't think these people will let us leave anytime soon, so you shouldn't worry about me leaving again.

SCP-5472-2: Wait, so… we're cool?

A short silence.

PoI-5472: I guess so.

Another short silence.

SCP-5472-2: I'm sorry about your book, Manny.

PoI-5472: I understand, Engel. They found all the pages, and they weren't wet or anything. I can still sort of remember the order they went in. I'll put it back together in no time.

SCP-5472-2: Maybe if we tell them how we make these rooms, these mansions, they'll let us stay in ours.

A pause.

PoI-5472: I hope so too.

<End Log>

Joint experimentation and translation of SCP-5472-3 with SCP-5472-2 and PoI-5472 will begin on November 1, 2019.


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