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Item #: SCP-5472

Object Class: Safe Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5472 has displayed no anomalous properties following Event-5472-A. As such, no further containment procedures are necessary.

Description: SCP-5472 refers to a small abandoned house situated in the outskirts of Hammond, Indiana. The dwelling shows signs of deterioration, with severe structural damage present throughout the building. A rusted plaque near the house's entrance is thought to have at one point displayed an inscription, although the original text is illegible. The building contains 3 separate rooms, consisting of a storage unit and a room that housed SCP-5472-1 at the time of discovery. The room contains no windows, and a rusted locking mechanism accesses it from the outside.

SCP-5472-1 is an amorphous mass of human tissue. It is incapable of communication, although scans have shown that it possesses brain activity consistent with that of a human. The area surrounding SCP-5472-1 displays a Hume reading below that of baseline reality.

Any person who enters SCP-5472 is able to see their own reflection on all surfaces, regardless of reflectivity. These reflections possess a mild memetic effect that induces a state of increased suggestibility in all tested subjects. Additionally, subjects report that minor alterations can be perceived in all reflections. When questioned, no subjects have been able to pinpoint the exact source of the alteration, although all subjects agree that their perception of themselves was more closely aligned with that of the altered reflection than with normal reflections.

Discovery: SCP-5472 was first discovered when reports of noise originating from the structure were investigated by local law enforcement, leading to the discovery of SCP-5472-1. Foundation operatives quickly secured the area and amnesticized all civilians. Following a search of the building, several documents thought to be related to SCP-5472-1 were found in the house's storage room, although the environmental conditions have rendered most of the documentation illegible. Relevant documentation is filed under Addendum-5472-A.

Addendum-5472-A: Recovered documents.

The following documentation was recovered from SCP-5472's storage room at the time of discovery.

Item has arrived. [Illegible]

Methods implemented.

Case study for [Illegible]?


These unorthodox methods

could pose a problem.

Initial results unsatisfactory

Didn't believe the [Illegible]

Tried again today. Started showing promise later

[Illegible] room started reflecting all light

potential progress possible.

[Illegible] success.
Object secure

Documents sent over

Great progress

Applied relationship between object and subject, following [illegible] as a model.

[Illegible] Psychological profile correct

[Illegible] established.

[Illegible] activity falls under expected models

Solution unconventional, relies

on object's psychological profile
Amplified [Illegible]

dysmorphia, recommending [Illegible] in the future.

No further containment procedures are necessary.

Addendum-5472-B: Event-5472-A.

On 12/28/2021, SCP-5472-1 ceased all vital signs. Simultaneously, SCP-5472 ceased all anomalous activity.

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