Item #: SCP-5468

Object Class: Uncontained

Special Containment Procedures:
On 12/04/2023, Lunar Area 32 personnel are to go to the estimated point of SCP-5468's arrival.

Once retrieved, SCP-5468 is to be contained in a low-risk object storage unit, with Containment Procedures being updated as per protocol.1

Charlie Weiner's corpse should also be retrieved alongside SCP-5468. As it is not believed to be anomalous, it may be returned to PoI-5468.

SCP-5468 is a pair of black boxing gloves with the ability to store and release kinetic energy. When worn, the energy generated during forward thrusts will be stored within the object, effectively nullifying any impact. Upon the user vocalizing a desire for release2, the energy that had been stored since the last activation will be released, either amplifying the next impact if SCP-5468 is in movement, or released as a shockwave if it is inert.

SCP-5468 was previously owned by PoI-5468 (“Michael Weiner”), a retired professional boxer. PoI-5468 had not used the object in his professional career, instead using it to commit acts of local vigilantism, fighting criminals and engaging against the now-defunct GoI-████ "Baltimore Blood Boys".3

SCP-5468 is currently attached to the corpse of 12-years old Charlie Weiner, which is located outside of the Earth's atmosphere. Calculations based on the corpse's angle and velocity  predict that it will land near Mare Crisium on 12/04/2023.

Addendum 1


Interviewed: PoI-5468

Interviewer: Agent Lucia Gordon

Foreword: This interview was part of PoI-5468's initial intake process.

<Begin Log>

Gordon: So, you hadn't used the item in a long time?

PoI-5468: No, it's been what? Three years? Something like that. Haven't punched someone with them since the BBBs went down.

Gordon: It looks like you had been doing a good job, why did you stop?

PoI-5468: Well, when those UIU guys got the last of them, I learned that there were people like you out there, who took care of all that weird shit. I figured that if I kept playing hero with the gloves, I'd end up attracting the wrong kind of attention. I was getting old, tired, and I wanted to be there for…

PoI-5468's head slumps, and he remains silent.

Gordon: For Charlie.

PoI-5468 nods.

Gordon: But you did keep the gloves.

PoI-5468: Yeah, didn't really know what else to do with them. I stopped going out looking for trouble, but I liked wearing them for my daily workout. Got me in the zone, you know? Plus I couldn't accidentally break anything with them. No impact and all that.

Gordon: Yes, you'll have to tell us more about those properties later. Was Charlie aware of what you were doing with them?

PoI-5468: Not everything, but he knew enough. Saw me come home with stitches too many times, and I couldn't bear to lie to him. When I told him I was fighting bad guys… he looked so proud of me, I felt like it was all worth it.

Gordon: And did he know they were anomalous?

PoI-5468: He knew they were special to me. I didn't tell him how they worked, just made up something about how they let me use the strength that was in me all along… I thought I was teaching him a good lesson. I couldn't know.

Gordon: I see. And did he ever talk to you about being bullied at school?

PoI-5468: Yeah, I knew about it. Damn teachers wouldn't do a thing about it though. That's why I started teaching him to stand up for himself, and throw a mean hook when words didn't get through to the other kids. What a stupid idea. If I had known what he was gonna do, I would have… I would…

At this point, PoI-5468 became too emotional to provide further answers, and Agent Gordon terminated the interview.

<End Log>

On 27/05/2021, Charlie Weiner took SCP-5468 from the safe where his father was hiding it, and brought the object with him to ████████ middle-school with the intent of using it in a fight against other children.

Jeremy Nicholson, one of Charlie's classmates, used his phone to stream and record the following altercation.

The camera is obscured by a hand and shakes a lot before stablizing. The hand moves away, revealing  a crowd of children standing in a circle on the ████████ middle-school recess area. At the center of this cricle is Charlie Weiner, facing three other children: Nathan Ness, Keith Winters and Daniel Hills.

Nicholson: Yo guys, check this out, Charlie here is actually trying to stand up to Nathan's crew! Type in chat if you think he's gonna get WRECKED!

Ness: So, little Charlie WHINER thinks he's a big boy now huh?

Weiner: I already told you to stop calling me that!

Winters: What are you gonna do about it? Go whine to your dad? Tell him to beat us up because he's such a hero?

Weiner: He won't need to.

Weiner takes off his backpack, drops it on the ground and opens it. He takes SCP-5468 out and dons it, assuming a fighting stance.

Hills: Oh no, watch out everyone! He's gonna box at us!

Many children in the crowd start laughing. Ness clasps his fists and starts advancing upon Weiner. Weiner throws a fast jab, hitting Ness in the shoulder. Due to the object's anomalous effects, his fist covered by SCP-5468 stops still upon making contact with Ness, no impact is produced. Ness shoves Weiner away.

Ness: I'm impressed Whiner. I almost felt that one.

Weiner looks down at his hands, visibly confused.

Weiner: I don't understand, they're supposed to…

Nicholson: Looks like Charlie's in trouble!

Ness continues approaching. Weiner tries to fight back by avoiding him and landing more blows, all nullified by SCP-5468. Ness eventually grabs him and throws him down to the ground, where he is restrained by Hills and Winters. The camera shakes as Nicholson moves through the crowd to get closer.

Ness: So that's it? Couldn't even get daddy to move his sorry old ass to help so you tried to do it yourself? Well bad news Whiner, you're just as pathetic as him.

Weiner struggles against the two others who are holding him down, but fails to break free. His arms fall to the ground, and he tries to raise his head.

Weiner: Let—

Weiner is interrupted by Ness kicking him in the face. Ness sneers.

Ness: Oh I'm sorry, what's that you said?

Weiner screams.

Weiner: I SAID LET GO!

Immediately, SCP-5468 releases the energy it had accumulated since its last activation.4 Nicholson is heard saying "Wha-" before the shockwave destroys his phone, ending the recording.

The video was taken down, and all witnesses, either on-scene or from Nicholson's stream, were located and amnesticized. The 27 casualties and the damages caused to ████████ middle-school were explained under the cover story of a gas pipe explosion, due to the poor local infrastructure.

This incident was originally classified as an Extranormal Event, until PoI-5468 was arrested while digging through the rubble of the incident site. He was interrogated and revealed the anomalous nature of SCP-5468, as well as the fact that the object granted its user protection from its own effects. Having noticed that the object had gone missing from its safe, PoI-5468 linked it to the incident and had become convinced that his son was still alive under the rubble.

A week later, the corpse of Charlie Weiner was spotted on its current trajectory by a Foundation surveillance satellite performing a routine sweep. The cause of death was deemed to have been asphyxiation.

Interviewed: PoI-5468

Interviewer: Agent Lucia Gordon

Foreword: Interview took place in PoI-5468's home, to ascertain the origin of SCP-5468.

PoI-5468: So you're saying your guys can get him back to me?

Gordon: Of course. We can't just leave a kid's corpse on the Moon; and provided it doesn't show any anomalous properties of its own, we have no reason to keep it. You've been more than cooperative so far, and I'd say you deserve the proper closure.

PoI-5468: Wait the Moon? You've got folks there?

Agent Gordon coughs nervously and fidgets with her folder.

PoI-5468: Heh, alright, forget I asked. But thanks for telling me, it… means a lot, really. I'll finally be able to say a proper goodbye.

A moment passes as Agent Gordon waits for PoI-5468 to be ready to talk again.

PoI-5468:Now, what else did you want to ask today?

Gordon: Well, you had no involvement with the anomalous prior to acquiring SCP-5468, correct?

PoI-5468: Yup. Can't say I'm much involved now, really.

Gordon: Then how did you get it? A shop or online store?

PoI-5468: Lady, if I had the kind of money to buy magic stuff like that, I wouldn't have made a career in getting punched on TV. No, the gloves were a gift from this guy in the gym I went to, a trainer, called himself Jeff.

Gordon: You say that like you think it wasn't his real name.

PoI-5468: That's 'cause I don't. Never gave a last name, never signed any real contracts with the gym, he just took his pay in cash. But I didn't ask questions. No one did. We all liked Jeff.

Gordon: Do you know why he gave you the object?

PoI-5468 smiles.

PoI-5468: Oh he gave me much more than that. Man really knew his stuff, taught everyone like a champ. I don't think I would have gone pro without him. But after a while, he retired. We threw him a huge party, and he surprised everyone by getting us personalised gifts.

PoI-5468: That's when he gave me the gloves. He said I was going places and that they'd help me get the upper hand if things got tough.

PoI-5468 chuckles.

PoI-5468: Didn't do shit for my career though. I spent my first few matches wondering why the hell my opponents weren't going down, and when I found out what it did, I thought there was no way to get away with using them in the ring. But I did have a good idea of what to do with them.

PoI-5468 sighs.

PoI-5468: You know, I thought of handing the gloves down to Charlie when he got older. Keep it going from my mentor to my son, something like that. I even kept the box that Jeff gave me them in. But now… now I wish I had been better at keeping them away from him.

Gordon: Trust me, we'll do our best to make sure it can't hurt anyone again. Could I see that box you mentioned? It could help our investigation into the item's origins.

PoI-5468: Yeah sure, let me go get it for you.

PoI-5468 gets up and exits the room. He can be heard rummaging off-screen, while Agent Gordon writes on her notes.

PoI-5468 re-enters the room, carrying a worn blue cardboard box. He opens it.

PoI-5468: Yup, still the same wrapping paper. Oh, there's even the note Jeff had left for me, I had forgotten about that. Let me see…

PoI-5468 picks up a small paper note and stares at it. His expression turns to shock, then anger. He crumples the note before throwing it and the box to the ground. He falls to his knees and begins sobbing. Agent Gordon runs up to him.

Gordon: Hey, hey, what's wrong Mr Weiner? What did it say?

PoI-5468 does not respond. Agent Gordon bends down to lay a hand on his shoulder. With her other hand, she retrieves and unfolds the crumpled note, bringing it close to her face.

It reads: "Shoot for the stars, kid!"

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