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By Dr_Recoil

Item#: 5467
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-5467 is implanted with a tracking device and is currently housed at a standard humanoid containment chamber at the Medium-priority Wing at Site-17. SCP-5467's requests may be granted on a case-by-case basis and as a reward for good behavior.

SCP-5467 is allowed access to the on-site cafeteria and recreational rooms, as long as it's within its allotted time and accompanied by a single security personnel.

SCP-5467 should regularly attend its weekly session with the on-site psychologist in order to ensure the wellness of his mental health.

SCP-5467-A events should be cataloged for future research and reference.

SCP-5467 is a Southeast Asian male of Filipino descent, formerly known as Reynard Marcelo Leone. Documents gathered revealed that SCP-5467 was born in Quezon City, Philippines, on June 22, 2002.

SCP-5467's primary anomalous trait is its unique prescience, the ability to indirectly visualize future events in irregular intervals, generally between one (1) day to two (2) weeks. These occur within SCP-5467 in a daydream-like state or whenever the subject enters the REM sleep stage.

These premonitions, hereafter referred to as SCP-5467-A, always physically manifest on an unspecified timeframe, currently estimated to be one (1) day or above. SCP-5467-A consistently leans to events relating to injury or/and death. Fortunately, SCP-5467-A is preventable as long as individuals manage to pinpoint the warning signs. A consistent pattern is also present within SCP-5467-A, which includes SCP-5467 itself (See Addendum 5467-2).

To see the complete list of SCP-5467-A events, kindly contact your on-site RAISA representative.

I would like to remind everyone that despite your complaints, we just couldn't interrupt every single, eventual SCP-5467-A event that can be considered outside the Foundation's control. Not only do we have more important matters to attend to, but it wouldn't even make a difference in the long run.

Yes, what I am trying to say is people die every day. The only difference we have now is we get to see it first. Yet still, we probably won't even get to see all of it since SCP-5467 is constrained by its human limitations; may I just remind all of you.

I know most of you will hate me after reading this, but it's the undeniable truth. Though, if it's of any comfort to you at all, that doesn't obviously mean you should stop helping others when you have the chance yourself.
- Dr. Gregory Mark, Head Researcher of SCP-5467's Research Department

Addendum 5467-1: Discovery and Background Report
SCP-5467 was first discovered on July 24, 2017, after reports of a psychiatric patient in Nueva Ecija, Philippines, successfully predicting multiple accidents and disasters of varying severity, both local and international. After confirmation of a legitimate anomaly, the subject was retrieved and transferred to Site-17 three (3) days later.

SCP-5467 was placed in the mental institution by its maternal grandparents when it was 13, as the subject clearly shows signs of being mentally disturbed. Additionally, SCP-5467's parents died when it was 7;1and has since been living with the aforementioned grandparents in Nueva Ecija, due to them being the only ones willing and available to accept SCP-5467 among the extended family.

A cover story of the subject dying in a car accident was established, and appropriate amnestics were distributed among persons of interest2. All evidence about SCP-5467's anomaly has since been appropriately covered-up.

Addendum 5467-2: Interview Log

Interview Log-5467-01

Interviewed: SCP-5467

Interviewer: Dr. Gregory Mark, Humanoid-class specialist3

Foreword: The following interview log was held one (1) day after SCP-5467's containment. Here, SCP-5467 was being questioned about its origins and overall nature. The subject has also exhibited proficiency in Standard English. Extraneous data was removed for brevity.

<Begin Log>

Mark: Do you remember exactly when did you acquire these abilities, SCP-5467?

SCP-5467: I don't, sadly. But as far as I can remember, I've been having this since I was a child. Though just not as strong and clear as it is now.

Mark: Could you please elaborate on that?

SCP-5467: Back then, they were all just a big blur of vagueness. I used to think of those as nightmares. It's only now that I finally made out for what they really are and connected the dots.

SCP-5467: Not to mention all of these just keep getting worse; since they usually used to come for me once a year or month, I think. And the stuff I am seeing also becoming more detailed and specific.

Mark: I see. And what exactly do you mean by the latter?

SCP-5467: Just like what I've just said, It's only now that I manage to connect some of the dots. I've had these visions that don't make any sense to me before, but now it does because it happened. Like for example, that car accident involving me and some of your guys.

SCP-5467: Mind you, I've predicted that like many years ago, and the only reason why I remembered it all of a sudden is because of that sudden feeling of Deja Vu. Who knows what other stuff I have forgotten have yet to happen. Hell, that long list could even grow longer right now.

Mark: I understand. Now, how did people react to all of these before we got involved?

SCP-5467: Well, I always had a hard time making friends anyway. And with these weird things I am seeing, that just gets a lot harder. I mostly kept it to myself when I was young. But I do sometimes tried to tell people about it.

SCP-5467: The reactions I get are mixed; most of them simply dismiss it, saying it's all in my head, while others were really rude and called me crazy and weird. A good bunch did believe me, but they all eventually think that I am bad luck incarnate and have stayed far away from me ever since.

<SCP-5467 fell silent and appears to be distraught>

Mark: SCP-5467, are you alright?

SCP-5467: Yes, it's just that. My parents- If only they've believed me just like what you guys did now. They had their suspicions, but it still wasn't enough.

SCP-5467: My grandparents are the only ones willing to accept me; despite also believing in my weirdness, which is ironic. They believe every single one of my predictions, which probably explains why they and their circle of friends are still alive. But still, they eventually had to send me to that hospital for my own good.

Mark: I am sorry about that.

SCP-5467: It's okay. Do you have any more questions, by the way?

Mark: Oh, of course. Now, could you please describe the process of visualizing SCP-5467-A in detail? Try to keep it brief.

SCP-5467: Oh, right. What's that again by the way? Oh, yeah, my visions? Well, first off, it always comes to me whether I am asleep or awake. And nowadays, usually every day or so, but sometimes I can go a couple weeks without one.

SCP-5467: Then, whenever I am experiencing those stuff, it really hurts me every single time. And I mean, physically hurt. Why? Because every time I have these visions, it's like I am also there. Like, literally there. How else am I suppose to see them, right?

SCP-5467: I don't know how to explain it exactly, but; it always felt so real. I am not just seeing these visions; it's like I am reliving memories I didn't even know I had. They're all absolutely mine and not at the same time.

SCP-5467: Like, I was even in places I shouldn't be in since they're very far or that I have no reason to be in there in the first place. Not to mention my looks also completely changing every single time. How exactly? Because every time I see myself in those visions, I always appear having different clothes, hair, nose, eyes, ears, height, weight, and even skin color. I even have some occasional scars and missing body parts. The only reason why I still manage to recognize myself is that, despite everything I've just said, my face's form stays the same.

SCP-5467: And after that, once the deaths finally happen, I'll always die alongside the people in it. I was also being shot, stabbed, ran downed, crushed, burned, drowned, mauled, eaten, you name it. That's why it hurts so bad. Though sometimes, the deaths only involve myself entirely.

SCP-5467: The first van that was supposed to bring me here should've been beaten to scraps by a truck, along with the rest of us. Luckily, I've reminded that team to take a different route. My mother was supposed to bring me to her work just like I predicted, yet I got a fever on the same day. The same goes for my father, except he changed his mind due to work-related reasons.

SCP-5467: It's like my life is constantly being threatened and saved at the same time, in one way or another. I don't even know if they're supposed to be intentional or not. Maybe even both.

SCP-5467: Of course, that should be expected when you have this kind of ability. But still, this one feels totally different, and I just can't put my finger on it.

<SCP-5467 groans, and then sighs>

SCP-5467: It's really hard to explain, but do you at least have an idea of what I am trying to say, doc?

Mark: I believe I do; please continue.

SCP-5467: Oh, I am already finished.

Mark: Well then, I guess that's all for today. Thank you for your cooperation, SCP-5467. You'll now be escorted back to your room shortly.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: N/A

Addendum 5467-3: Related Document

The following is an excerpt taken from the memorandum submitted by Dr. Gregory Mark to Site-17's Director on April 24, 2019. Said memorandum was about the ongoing research towards SCP-5467's nature.

In regards to the continued research of SCP-5467's anomalous behavior, my department and I have made a theory on what may be its exact nature. If the accumulated data gathered from our tests are to be considered, then it's safe to say that SCP-5467's ability isn't clairvoyance like we previously thought, but rather quantum immortality. Initially thought to be theoretical, we now have our first possible recorded case of it.

Quantum immortality, in layman's terms, is the unique anomalous condition in which a dying brain transfers its consciousness to an alternate reality where it or would survive such a fatal incident. To be exact, the most notable differences between SCP-5467 and what can be considered a typical clairvoyant is as follows:

  • SCP-5467's visions, SCP-5467-A, always focus on death and/or injuries. Never something trivial such as today's winning lottery number or one's activity for the day.
  • Inconsistent avatar appearances in every SCP-5467-A instance, as stated by SCP-5467 itself. Extensive lie detector tests reveal that the subject is telling the truth.
  • Analysis of SCP-5467's brain activity4 during visualization events while it was in the REM sleep stage reveals that the subject exhibited a sense of familiarity in those visions, despite the fact that their varying settings are stranger to him, and/or has yet to happen.
  • Additionally, the subject's brain activity correlates with someone experiencing consistent severe pain towards every visualization events' conclusion. These are in contrast to those experienced by common clairvoyants, where they only experienced a short series of confusion and shock in response to their visions, respectively.

The evidences we have gathered so far strongly suggests our current hypothesis, though we are still open to other possibilities when the chance arises.

However, when this theory is proven true, then we might have a problem. Because firstly, the majority of deaths that possible variants of SCP-5467 are experiencing so far also manifests in our reality, and always involves casualties when left uninterrupted. So in a sense, our theoretical version of SCP-5467 is both the medium and the indirect harbinger of those deaths.

Despite this, we still wouldn't suggest performing any change to SCP-5467's containment procedures at all. Why? Well, usually, our supposed next course of action is to isolate the anomaly in this type of case. However, that solution will be unnecessary for both parties since SCP-5467's distance to an area of occurrence is never really a factor for SCP-5467-A activation; since the latter would still happen anyways unless, of course, disrupted. That solution will also be detrimental to SCP-5467's already endangered mental state.

So what are we supposed to do then? A good alternative we highly suggest is to shift our focus more on the rehabilitation of SCP-5467. And if it's even possible, we might also consider educating him to gain more control of his abilities in the future. Not only do we save more money, but we would also avoid having the Ethics Committee on our tail.

Addendum 5467-4: Behavioral Changes

Since February 02, 2020, SCP-5467 has exhibited deviation from its usual behavior. SCP-5467 now shows signs of extreme anti-social behavior and has requested to be left alone numerous times, often in an aggressive manner. In addition to that, the subject is also demonstrating signs of increased anxiety and mild depression. However, it still professed the same interest in seeing the on-site psychologist5.

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