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Sketch of a Landscape with Factories, an unfinished work by Vincent van Gogh and SCP-5466-A instance

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contained. imperfect. finished. complete.

— Contained Imperfect, Finished, COMPLETE


Special Containment Procedures: Complete containment of SCP-5466 is unfeasible and logistically impossible.

Discovered SCP-5466-A instances are to be seized and forwarded to Area-179 for documentation. Posthumous, unfinished works of leading creative figures are to be investigated in conjunction with estates, and barred from public release upon confirmation of an SCP-5466 manifestation. Executors are to be amnesticized as appropriate.

Description: SCP-5466 is a phenomenon affecting creative outlets, and constitutes of a relationship between a creator and a piece of unfinished creative work. Victims of SCP-5466 range from virtually unknown creators to leading figures in their respective field.

Works created as a result of SCP-5466 are designated SCP-5466-A, and have been found to manifest in a variety of fields — including literature, conventional and unconventional art, film, and music. SCP-5466-A instances are incomplete, sometimes rudimentary works that have reached various stages of development, but never released to the public or considered finalized. A number of unified, repeated visual and narrative motifs are found among SCP-5466-A, and serve as indicators of an SCP-5466 occurrence.

Reoccurring elements of SCP-5466-A works include:

  • Towers of indeterminate height, with direct attention given to the inability to see the structure's end.
  • An omnipotent, unseen divine being that reveals its favor through arbitrary numbers of increasing value.
  • A struggle to achieve an undefined, vague state of "perfection", the specifics of which are never revealed.
  • An introspective, self-loathing protagonist or central figure.
  • An arduous task that is ultimately unable to be completed by the protagonist, due to a lack of aforementioned "perfection".
  • Themes of artistic commodification, personified in an unnamed, cynical, ancillary character.
  • Self-insertion of the creator, both overt and disguised.
  • In works of narrative fiction, a justification of antagonistic figures. The subtext of the story frames a cautionary tale, while the prose portrays the protagonist as immoral and deserving of the detraction they receive.

As evidenced in letters, journals, in-text notation, and various incomplete drafts, SCP-5466-A instances are viewed unfavorably by their creators, citing difficulty in their attempts to fully realize the project. Personal documentation from the period of an SCP-5466 manifestation takes on a scattered, disjointed tone that deviates from the creator's typical style of writing. Reclusive behavior and a desire to remove oneself from the public are commonly referred to in these writings.

In all cases where details of the creator's life are available or chronology can be discerned, SCP-5466 has manifested itself towards the end of a creator's lifespan. The length of an SCP-5466 manifestation has been observed from a period of two days to three years. Despite this, SCP-5466 cannot conclusively be connected to the creator's death.

SCP-5466 has been confirmed to have occurred as early as the first century, and as recently as 2018. Notably, SCP-5466 events do not occur simultaneously, but sequentially, as a new event begins to manifest only after the cessation of the previous.

A list of notable SCP-5466-A instances can be found below.

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