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Item#: 5464
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SCP-5464 (right) engaging with a Polish soldier (left), 1942.

Special Containment Procedures: During its inactive phase, SCP-5464 is to remain within its enclosure located in the park around Site-120. It is to be monitored for any changes.

Should SCP-5464 enter its activation phase, MTF Omega-6 ("Bearly Enough") is to locate the entity through the GPS tracking device implanted in its posterior and monitor it until the phase ends.

All SCP-5464 activities are not to be interfered with in any manner. Any attempts to interfere with such on account of any party are to be prevented by MTF Omega-6 ("Bearly Enough").

Description: SCP-5464 is a male Syrian brown bear (Ursus arctos syriacus), measuring approximately 182 cm in height and weighing 230 kg. During its inactive phase, SCP-5464 bears no anomalous traits and behaves in the same manner as a standard member of its species.

SCP-5464 will enter its activation phase, manifesting its anomalous traits, at the inception of an event of historical or political significance to Poland. In this phase, SCP-5464 will demanifest from its current location and will manifest in a place of significance to the inciting event, becoming an ongoing active participant. Though testing has found that SCP-5464 exhibits no signs of higher intelligence on its own, it has been found to be able to speak and coordinate its actions in such a way that benefits the country of Poland.

Human subjects that are unaware of SCP-5464’s true form, or that lack memetic resistance, will be unable to perceive it as such; the typical subject will invariably perceive and describe SCP-5464 as a human of generally uniform appearance. This effect is similarly present in all media depicting SCP-5464.

Addendum 5464-1: The following is a collection of confirmed SCP-5464 manifestations.

Timeframe of Manifestation Form Described Actions Undertaken Additional Notes
Unknown, most likely ~ 1380-1420 Unknown From gathered historical data, Foundation researchers have deduced that SCP-5464 acted as a leader of the Polish army during the Battle of Grunwald. The legion led by SCP-5464 and an unidentified Lithuanian individual supposedly turned the tide of the battle in favor of Polish forces.
1463-1543 Nicolaus Copernicus SCP-5464 wrote the work titled "On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres", creating the heliocentric theory in the process. SCP-5464’s work was branded as heresy by the Catholic Church at the time, leading to the near execution of SCP-5464; this execution was prevented, however, when an unidentified German individual intervened and allowed SCP-5464 to escape.
1867-1935 Józef Piłsudski SCP-5464 was engaging in political actions which resulted in the liberation of Poland from German and Russian occupations. SCP-5464 was often observed multiple times in the company of its dog, named "Pies1", received from an unknown Russian individual. The dog did not exhibit aggressive behavior towards SCP-5464, as opposed to other members of its species.
1942-1963 "Wojtek" the bear SCP-5464 enlisted in the Polish military force. The platoon SCP-5464 served in was funded by an unknown individual from Lithuania; if not for said funding, the platoon would have been defeated multiple times in battle.
1965-1991 Lech Wałęsa SCP-5464 lead a revolution against the communist party of Poland, successfully overthrowing it in June of 1989. SCP-5464 has lost interest in any political participation by 1991. Following SCP-5464’s retraction from political affairs, a Foundation operative impersonating Lech Wałęsa was inserted in SCP-5464's place; family members and relative documents were similarly fabricated.

Addendum 5464-2: On 01/01/2000, the following message was detected within the proximity of SCP-5464’s containment cell2 without any apparent source.


It has been a good millennium securing countries

may the next one be as good as this one

Guardian Bear Status:

one intercepted by unknown individuals

Should Polish Guardian Bear ("Wojtek") not respond within three months

replacement for Polish Guardian Bear is to be found as soon as possible

current candidates for temporary replacements:

German Guardian Bear ("Hans")

Russian Guardian Bear ("Ivan")

Due to bears not being native to all countries

and the growing number of events requiring interventions

we have decided to expand the meaning of the word "bear"

to include honorary members of the Bear Watch

current proposals are to use animals native to unreachable countries

such as emus for Australia

and potentially giraffes for the whole of Africa

more updates will come soon

thank you for your cooperation

— The Obearwatch Command

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