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Item#: 5463
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5463 is stored in Containment Chamber S-030 at Site-272. It is to only be removed from this chamber for testing and/or maintenance purposes.

Description: SCP-5463 is a thaumatologically-induced conceptual amalgamation of a custom-built personal computer and a 1997 Ford F-150 pickup truck. The personal computer component, along with an accompanying computer desk and office chair, was the object's original state and retains this appearance at all times, regardless of which conceptual property is being directly accessed. Observers of SCP-5463 are immediately able to recognize it as both a PC and a truck. Those familiar with the Ford F-Series are able to identify its make and model, with ~75% of said observers further recognizing its specific year of manufacture.

Despite having no actual vehicular parts in its physical build, SCP-5463 can be used as either a PC or a truck. It has proven capable of running all tested computer programs compatible with its operating system1 as well as towing up to one metric ton of cargo. The only difference from a standard 1997 Ford F-150 thus far discovered is an engine conversion from gasoline to electric.

Testing of direct interaction with SCP-5463 has shown that subjects familiar with one of its components but not the other are able to more comfortably operate the object in either mode than they would be otherwise. Subjects knowledgeable regarding vehicular mechanics are able to identify SCP-5463's computer parts as either directly or roughly equivalent to truck parts. For example, the wheels of the office chair are seen as the truck's wheels and tires, the power supply unit as the battery, and the case as the body. These parts can be replaced, with the new part becoming subject to the object's conceptual amalgamation and the old part becoming non-anomalous.

SCP-5463 was discovered and subsequently contained following a traffic accident in which its owner Mr. David Burton crashed it into a ditch approximately 2 km south of Broken Cliff, MO, USA. The object sustained minor damage which has been repaired by Dr. Janice Bell with assistance from the Site-272 automotive repair crew.

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