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Item#: 5461
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View from within SCP-5461-A.

Special Containment Procedures: A written document detailing the steps of SCP-5461 is kept in a Standard Safe Locker in Site-108, with digital backup on Site-108's server array. SCP-5461-A should be inhabited by two personnel at all times, rotating on a weekly basis. Information on Sam Morgan's and Max Davies's whereabouts is a medium-level priority.

Description: SCP-5461 is a ritual that, when performed, causes the subject to teleport to an extra-dimensional space (hereby designated SCP-5461-A). Any beings in contact with the person performing the ritual will be transported to SCP-5461-A as well. Testing has shown that, while some subjects are teleported in the area's highest point, others will manifest 200m above that point, subsequently falling to their death.

Note: While this is anecdotal, 90% of the surviving D-Class have a history of particularly unpleasant divorces or break-ups. No other common traits have been observed between test subjects with similar results. - Res. Moore

SCP-5461 incorporates elements of documented thaumaturgic practices, popular culture depictions of magic rituals, and seemingly unrelated elements. SCP-5461's steps are as follows:

  • be in a mountainous area, at an altitude of 1800m minimum;
  • draw a salt circle with a 6 cubit1 diameter;
  • burn a branch of Salvia officinalis (Common sage) while chanting "Take me to where my heart belongs" in Latin, Aramaic or Hindi (the translation does not need to be accurate); repeat the incantation three times

SCP-5461-A is a mountaintop area that can only be accessed by performing SCP-5461. GPS signal is lost within this area; however, the positioning of celestial bodies indicates it to be at the same coordinates as where the ritual was performed. The area covers a surface of approximately 15km2 and is permanently surrounded by a barrier of clouds; upon entering the barrier, the subject will reemerge from the opposite side of SCP-5461-A.

Upon performing the ritual once again while inside SCP-5461-A, the subject and beings in contact with them will re-manifest at their original location. SCP-5461 will have no effect if someone who already performed it is still in SCP-5461-A and alive.

Recovery: On 15/08/2019, while investigating the disappearance of one Jordan Davies, Foundation assets embedded into London Metropolitan Police discovered materials pertaining to thaumaturgy and various other occult theory books in their apartment. During standard acquisition protocol, a sheet containing written instructions for SCP-5461 was found in a false-bottom drawer, along with a collection of damaged photographs of Jordan Davies's spouse, Max Davies, and one of their acquaintances, Sam Morgan.

A note was found on the bathroom mirror reading:

I planned a mountain trip for us in a couple weeks. I'll make sure it's a date you'll never forget ♥ Oh, I also invited your dear Sam, I know you two are such good friends.


A search of Sam Morgan's apartment also revealed a letter, reading:

Hey Sam,

You and Max have been quite close for a while, and I want to show my gratitude for being such a good friend to them. We're planning a trip to the French Alps in a couple weeks, how about you come as well? My treat, of course. It's gonna be something quite special.


During preliminary testing of the ritual, a partially decomposed body was found in the area where the subject manifested, next to the remnants of a campfire, showing signs of severe trauma associated with falling from a great height. The victim was later identified as Jordan Davies.

Later analysis determined that the instruction sheet had been tampered with; specifically a rune corresponding to negation had been erased from various inscriptions integrated into the ritual.

Investigation into Sam Morgan's and Max Davies's whereabouts is ongoing.

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