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Item #: SCP-5460

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: All recovered documentation and schematics pertaining to SCP-5460 are to be kept in a high-security document storage container within the storage wing of Site-64.

Description: SCP-5460 was a prototype telepathy facilitation device created by Anderson Robotics between 2019 and the device's eventual destruction during the joint UIU/Foundation raid on May 24th, 2024. Recovered notes indicate the primary function of the device was to improve synergy and communication among linked individuals to facilitate more efficient teamwork.

Documentation and schematics recovered from Anderson Robotics World Headquarters indicate that SCP-5460 consisted of a primary console and a series of up to ten headsets. Upon activation of the device, individuals wearing the headsets would be able to telepathically communicate with one another over a range of 5 km. Records indicate that this link could be terminated remotely at any time via SCP-5460's console. The extent of the information capable of being transmitted via SCP-5460's telepathic link is currently unknown, though documentation has confirmed visual and auditory stimuli could be sent with variable degrees of accuracy.

Recovered emails, audio files, and video from the Anderson Robotics Research and Development team suggest that the technology used in SCP-5460 was reverse-engineered from a previously existing Maxwellist platform utilized within the Three Portlands Maxwellist community.1 An investigation into this technology, and potential acquisition for Foundation study by MTF Tau-51 ("Urban Brawl") and MTF Mu-4 ("Debuggers"), is currently ongoing.

Proposals for attempts to rebuild SCP-5460 based upon recovered schematics and documentation are currently pending Ethics Committee review.

Addendum 5460-A: Recovered Documents 5460-03 and -011

The following logs were recovered from the workstation of Elanor MacKenzie, a member of the Anderson Robotics Research and Development Team, and the primary developer of SCP-5460 from the project's inception in 2019.

Notice to Quelea Series Development Staff

Greetings everyone,

I'm very excited to have been selected by Vincent and Dr. Contos to lead this project. The tech we are going to be developing is unlike anything AR has worked on before, and I'm pleased to have such a great team to work with.

Here is the development of the Quelea Series.


Quelea Series Team Communication System Development Log

Quelea v1.0: 04/01/2019

  • Successful linking of four users.
  • Maximum distance of 1 km.
  • Maximum linkage time of 90 minutes.

Quelea v1.1: 03/03/2019

  • Fixed issue of electric shock during thought transmission.
  • Image transmission successfully rendered in 2D.

Quelea v1.2: 12/09/2019

  • Maximum linkage time extended up to 3 hours.
  • Fixed issue of gestalt gross motor control.
  • Fixed issue of pelvic splanchnic synchronizations.

Quelea v1.3: 10/12/2019

  • Maximum linkage distance increased to 3 km.
  • Fixed issue of gestalt fine motor control.

Notice to Quelea Series Development Staff

Attention Quelea Team,

As we approach the end of the year, I wanted to thank you all for your sacrifice so far. I know that we have hit a lot more roadblocks than we anticipated, and I appreciate your patience as we work through them. I especially want to thank many of you for volunteering during the various tests. Please note that I will never force any of you to serve in a testing capacity against your wishes.

Enjoy the rest of the holidays and see you all in 2020!


Quelea Series Team Communication System Development Log

Quelea v1.4: 04/05/2020

  • Successful linkage increased to 6 users.
  • Maximum linkage time increased to 5 hours.
  • Fixed issue of image transmission triggering absence seizure in susceptible users.

Quelea v1.5: 21/10/2020

  • Successful linkage increased to 8 users.
  • Maximum linkage time increased indefinitely.
  • Image transmission now able to render in full 3D.
  • Audio transmission now enabled.

Quelea v1.6: 28/11/2020

  • Fixed issue of failure of linkage termination at the console.
  • Issue regarding image transmission repetition has been limited to objects that are blue.

Notice to Quelea Series Development Staff

Hello everyone,

I know a lot of our colleagues have stepped out of the team in pursuit of different projects at AR. I can't say that I blame them. No one could have foreseen quite as many difficulties getting Quelea up and running as we have run into. That said, I appreciate all of you who have chosen to stick to it. Quelea will change the world not only in how teams synergize in the workplace, but how we as a species communicate. I think that's something worth striving for, and I am glad so many of you do too.

Vincent has promised to lend us some of the ICSUT and Deer interns to fill in the gaps as we push forward. In the meantime, I will personally be serving as the primary test subject moving forward.

Thank you for your time, and here is to Quelea 2021!


Quelea Series Team Communication System Development Log

Quelea v1.7: 01/02/2021

  • Fixed issue of serotonin syndrome upon linkage termination among groups larger than 6 users.
  • Audio transmission repeat issue limited to music longer than 3 minutes.

Quelea v1.8: 18/08/2021

  • Successful linkage increased to 10 users.
  • Linkage to Peregrine and Saker model androids has been enabled.

Notice to Quelea Series Development Staff

Hello everyone,

I know there have been some rumors circulating the office that Vincent is going to pull the plug on Quelea. Let me take this opportunity to put that matter to bed.

While that was true initially, I have managed to change his mind. The caveat, however, is that he will be requiring weekly updates from here on out, as well as monthly progress demonstrations. We'll be doing these with Peregrine and Saker Units, so I will continue to be the only human test subject, as always.

I'm not going to sugar coat things. From here on out there will be a lot of midnight oil burnt, and a lot of crunch time. 80 hour weeks will be likely. I'll be putting in that time myself. Please consider this a stepping off point if you would like to pursue other projects as well.

I have weathered the storm so far, and so have all of you. I can't begin to repay all of you for your sacrifices so far, but perhaps getting Quelea online will be a good start.

Thank you,


Quelea Series Team Communication System Development Log

Quelea v1.9: 25/03/2022

  • Remote termination of linkage now available.
  • Issue of consciousness override has been fixed.

Quelea v2.0: 15/11/2023

  • Dysphoria and dissociation issues post linkage termination has been fixed.

Notice to Quelea Series Development Staff

Attention Quelea Team,

It is with great pleasure that I am able to announce the completion of Quelea v2.1. With all current bugs sorted out and successful/safe tests completed during the last four months, Vincent has given us the go-ahead to move into beta testing. We anticipate product release will be sometime in the summer of 2025.

It's been a long road during the last five years, with a lot of stress and less than satisfactory outcomes for previous versions of the product. I want to thank you personally for sticking with me through it all, as well as for everyone's sacrifices during testing. I know many of us got near the 500-hour mark in terms of contribution. Birthdays and Anniversaries were missed. There was even a divorce or two.

I could not have asked for a better crew or a better family. Please, please, please tap into all that stocked up vacation time, you have absolutely earned it.

Thank you all so much,


Addendum 5460-B: Recovered Video File 5460-18

The following video file was recovered from the closed-circuit security system of Anderson Robotics World Headquarters following the joint UIU/Foundation raid on May 24th, 2024.

Transcript of Surveillance Footage Captured by MTF Gamma-13

Anderson Robotics Headquarters
Research and Development Labs

<15:05:18> SCP-5460 is visible upon its work station.

<15:05:45> Security alarms go off on the floor. Numerous Anderson Robotics employees are visible in the background in a state of distress. Supervisors begin the process of personnel evacuation as Peregrine Unit Android security appears on the scene.

<15:10:25> The section of the Anderson Robotics Research and Development Lab visible from the camera is fully abandoned for the next 30 minutes.

<15:40:03> An Anderson Robotics employee later identified as Myra Rider2 approaches the workstation accompanied by four Peregrine Unit Androids. Rider directs the androids to watch the door.

<15:45:24> An additional Anderson Robotics employee later identified as Elanor MacKenzie approaches Rider. MacKenzie and Rider begin a verbal altercation.

<15:58:19> The Peregrine Units begin to engage approaching MTF Gamma-13 task force members via small arms fire. MacKenzie draws a pistol from her jacket and instructs Rider to disengage from SCP-5460. Rider refuses and commands one of the Peregrine Units to restrain MacKenzie. Mackenzie disables one of the androids with several shots to the head. A second android shoots MacKenzie once before restraining her. Rider begins to work on SCP-5460's console.

<16:00:10> SCP-5460 sparks and catches fire. Rider steps back and watches as the device fully disintegrates over the course of the next 30 seconds. MacKenzie visibly struggles against the Peregrine Unit that has restrained her.

<16:01:50> MTF agents successfully destroy the remaining Peregrine units. Rider rolls what appears to be a grenade at the approaching agents and hides behind SCP-5460's worktable.

<16:01:53> The grenade explodes into a large cloud of unidentified particulates that fully engulf the MTF agents.

<16:01:56> The particulate disperses. The MTF agents are gone. Rider peers from behind the SCP-5460 worktable.

<16:02:00> Rider flees from the view of the camera, deeper into the facility. MacKenzie is visibly distraught and remains behind. MacKenzie sifts through the remains of SCP-5460 with her hands and appears to attempt to reassemble the device despite visibly significant blood loss.

<16:03:30> MacKenzie stops attempting to reassemble SCP-5460 and stands still with her hands resting within the remains.

<16:04:30> Additional MTF Gamma-13 agents are visible securing the scene and persuing Rider. MacKenzie is apprehended without resistance.

MacKenzie currently remains within Foundation custody and has been cooperative in providing information regarding her former employer and SCP-5460. Attempts to locate Rider by MTF Tau-51 and UIU agents within Three Portlands are ongoing.

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