Item#: 5457
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
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Item #: SCP-5457

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the unfeasibility of containing all SCP-5457 instances, they are to be contained on-site in their dwellings under Lake Grenouilleau. The Foundation is to regulate tourism and research in the region of Lake Grenouilleau to prevent said dwellings from being discovered.

Food supplies and materials for the manufacturing of common goods are to be regularly delivered to prevent the need for expeditions. Additional resources and security consultants have been allocated to aid SCP-5457 in concealing themselves, and ensure them that the Foundation is protecting them from the public. Dr. Graham is currently overseeing an exchange programme with SCP-5457's scientific community.

No personnel interacting with SCP-5457 should be of French origin.

During interactions with instances, personnel should often make references to the popularity of frogs as an ingredient in French cuisine.

Description: SCP-5457 refers to a population of approximately 23,000 sapient anthropomorphic beings living in a vast system of partially flooded underground caves and tunnels, located under and around lake Grenouilleau in France. These passages were originally natural formations, but have been expanded by SCP-5457 to extract mineral resources and obtain more living space.

SCP-5457 instances bear resemblance to amphibians of the anura order. Instances are on average 1.50m tall, bipedal, have varying body shapes, and display different skin colours and patterns. These colours and patterns are often similar to non-anomalous frog species, including some not found in France or Europe. These similarities are only superficial and are not associated with any unique characteristics. Contrary to most non-anomalous frog species, both male and female instances have a vocal sac.

SCP-5457 instances are capable of secreting a toxic mucus, the quantity and potency of which is influenced by an instance's health. This mucus, when ingested by a human, will cause intestinal pain, fevers and delirium. These symptoms generally subside after a day, and will have no long-term effects1.

SCP-5457 are terrified of the French people, who they believe would hunt and eat them if they were discovered. Subsequently, the community has developed a cultural obsession with isolation and secrecy; very few instances ever leave their dwellings.

SCP-5457 instances consider themselves citizens of the "République de Basse-Grenouillie" (Republic of Under-Frogia) which is lead by a democratic assembly of 24 elected officials, with elections being held every 4 years.

The Republic of Under-Frogia possesses a standing professional army tasked with fortifying and defending every entry point into Under-Frogian territory.

A small force within this army consists of highly trained scavengers, who venture outside their dwellings to look for specific or new resources necessary for the upkeep of their society, such as raw materials not found in caves, seeds from surface plants or insects that would serve as novelty snacks.
Scavengers are seen as bold and heroic figures due to the high risk involved if they were spotted.
Since signing the treaty with SCP-5457, the Foundation has provided them with a regular flow of supplies, in exchange for which scavengers have stopped venturing to the surface.

Personnel assigned to Dr Graham's exchange project should consult document 5457-C for more information about SCP-5457's society and culture.

Addendum 1


In 2014, researchers from the League for the Protection of Birds (LPO) noticed a decline in the population of a number of bird species in the area of Lake Grenouilleau. Teams were sent in the field to investigate this, and discovered that it was caused by the sharp decline in the populations of local insects, worms and slugs, which the birds fed on. However, the area was still well-suitable for wildlife and no recent human activity could explain this change. The researchers were not able to find any leads and shared their worries with the rest of the organization, at which point embedded Foundation agents became aware of this unexplained occurrence.

As per protocol, field agents were sent to the area to search for any potential anomalies.
Included is the log of Agents Michelle Duvarier and André Molin's first encounter with SCP-5457.

Field agents Duvarier and Molin are posted in a wooden cabin in the forest near Lake Grenouilleau. They are dressed as hunters in order to roam the area without issue. This log, which was recorded from agent Duvarier's body camera on the third night of their mission, is translated from French.

The camera's low angle indicates that agent Duvarier is reclining in a chair. She is using her phone to read through messages on SciPNET, and occasionally looks through the window. This continues for half an hour before sound can be heard from the door and agent Duvarier turns to see agent Molin enter the cabin.

Duvarier: See anything out there?

Molin: Nothing. You?

Duvarier: Well I did see a beautiful owl but-

Molin: A bird of prey! Do you think it could have been the anomaly?

Duvarier: No, just an owl.

Agent Molin throws his hat on the ground and slumps in a chair. He sighs, visibly frustrated.

Duvarier: Woah, what's wrong, André?

Molin: It's just… this is my first big mission in the field, you know? Before that I was on the clean-up teams. So when I was assigned to go look for an anomaly with a pro like you, I thought this was my time to shine, do well enough to get noticed by the higher-ups. But no, instead we're just stuck patrolling some random forest where nothing happens.

Duvarier: We're looking for a potential anomaly. It's not even guaranteed that there's anything out there. The Foundation tries to stay on top of things and reacts fast, but that means we often get sent on false leads. And you know what? That's fine with me.

Molin: But… disappearing birds and insects. What do you think is causing that?

Duvarier: I don't know, global warming? My point is, missions where nothing happens are a thing, get used to it. Trust me, work here long enough, and you'll learn to appreciate the chance to catch a break.

Molin: Wait, shush, do your hear that?

Duvarier stops talking. The sound of a car engine can be heard in the distance. The agents look at each other, grab binoculars from the table and move to the window facing the direction of the sound.

A van is seen parking at the end of a nearby path, from which exit two individuals equipped with observation and recording equipment. A blue logo representing a puffin bird is present on the side of the van and on the individuals' jackets.

Duvarier: Oh, it's just the guys from the LPO.

Molin: They're still here?

Duvarier: Well yeah. They're still concerned about whatever is happening here, and without proof of an active anomaly we can't meddle with their research just yet. No need to worry about them though.

Molin: I see. I'm still going to keep an eye on them though. Just in case.

Duvarier shrugs and returns to her seat. Molin remains by the window. Both agents discuss their plans for the next day, Duvarier volunteers for an early morning patrol to check the footage from cameras she had installed in the area the day prior. Despite the two LPO employees leaving the area on foot, Molin keeps watching their vehicle. Forty minutes pass, before he suddenly jolts and motions for Duvarier to join him.

Duvarier does not say anything but picks up her binoculars and heads for the window.
Upon looking at the LPO's van, she gasps and activates her body camera's night vision function.
An SCP-5457 instance can be seen crawling towards the van. The instance is clothed in a dark-green uniform and carries an iron-tipped spear.

Molin (whispering): Is it just me or is that a frog person?

Duvarier (whispering): Well shit André, looks like you found your anomaly after all.

Molin: Should we move in?

Duvarier: Hold your horses. There's a chance it's not alone. We play it safe: observe it, follow it discreetly and report it.

Molin: Got it.

The agents continue watching the instance's actions. As it reaches the van, it nervously looks around and pokes the van with the blunt end of its spear. After doing so for a few seconds, it then uses the sharp end to jam open the van's hood, and leans in to inspect the contents. It removes the oil container and begins to slowly retreat, once again casting nervous glances around.

Duvarier: It's bringing that back somewhere. Let's move. And remember, keep your distance.

Molin: Of course.

The agents begin following the instance as it picks up pace, avoiding its notice. After a few minutes, Lake Grenouilleau comes into view. The instance stops near the shore, inflates its vocal sac and lets out a loud and long croak. Other croaks are heard nearby and two other instances come out of the woods to gather around the first. These instances are carrying spears and large bags filled with unknown contents.

A fourth instance exits from a bush in front of the agents and notices them. It screams and hops over five meters before running towards the lake. The other instances are startled by this and dive into the water.
Agent Molin begins chasing after the fourth instance.

Duvarier: Shit! André stop, be careful.

Molin: Hey you, wait! Let's talk! You can talk right? Do you speak French?

SCP-5457-1 (screaming): STAY BACK YOU MONSTER!

The instance turns around and throws its spear, puncturing agent Molin in the chest.

Agent Duvarier swears and shoots her hunting rifle, hitting the instance in its neck with a tranquillizer dart. The instance slumps to the ground, while Agent Duvarier rushes to perform first-aid on agent Molin.

After this incident, Agent Molin was treated for his injuries and managed a full recovery. Mild amounts of toxins were discovered within his bloodstream, but no complications arose.

The captured instance was brought to Site-██. It proved extremely uncooperative and had to be subdued when it attacked testing staff, displaying both advanced combat training, and extreme panic.

Interviewed: SCP-5457-1

Interviewer: Dr Béranger

<Begin Log>

Dr Béranger enters the room, escorted by two security guards. SCP-5457-1 is sat in a chair, bound by high-security full-body restraints as it had previously displayed the ability to coat its limbs in mucus to slip away from standard restraints. Its eyes fixate on Dr Béranger's white lab-coat.

SCP-5457-1: Fuck me, a Chef.

Dr Béranger: Hum? No, I'm not one of the Department Chiefs here.

Dr Béranger stands 2 meters in front of the instance while the guards take positions on the sides.

Dr Béranger: I am here to ask you some questions about yourself and your people. Based on your cooperation, your stay here could be made more comfortable. May I have your name first?

SCP-5457-1: Sergeant Martin Duval. And you'd better not think I'll betray my people. No matter what kinds of knives you use!

Dr Béranger: Knives? No, we have better ways of making you talk.

SCP-5457-1 gulps.

SCP-5457-1: You mean like… grates?

Dr Béranger: I meant more like denial of accommodations and privileges. You seem to have concerns about torture, is it a common practice in your army?

SCP-5457-1: Acting nice isn't going to work. I know what you people are capable of, you'll get nothing from me.

Dr Béranger: Look I get it, you're a graded officer, you have your sense of duty. But we don't have to be enemies here.

SCP-5457-1 shakes its head and remains silent. Its throat slightly swells.

Dr Béranger: How about this: once you get a feel of the cell, you can tell me if there's anything you want. And if you answer a few questions along with that, I'll see about getting you those things.

SCP-5457-1 stares silently at Dr Béranger. It appears to chew on something.

Dr Béranger: See? I can tell there's something that has you worked up. Tell me about it.

SCP-5457-1 takes in a deep breath.

Dr Béranger: There we go, come on, spit it out.

SCP-5457-1 expels a large volume of bile aimed at Dr Béranger's face. Dr Béranger screams and falls to the ground. One of the guards rushes to him while the other tightens SCP-5457-1's restraints. SCP-5457-1 appears exhausted by its action, but is seen to smile as both guards leave the room to carry Dr Béranger to the medical ward.

<End Log>

Notes: Dr Béranger experienced sharp intestinal pain and high fevers for two days, after which symptoms subsided and he was able to return to work. Medical staff were able to develop an antitoxin, a stock of which was produced in anticipation of further aggressive behaviour from SCP-5457-1.

SCP-5457-1 remained uncooperative during following interview attempts, providing no new information and attempting to attack staff.

Meanwhile, agents in the area of Lake Grenouilleau observed more SCP-5457 instances scavenging for resources, acting in pairs or bigger groups. No attempts to capture these instances were made. Instead, agents followed them, leading to the discovery of the expansive cave system which housed the Republic of Under-Frogia.

A force of 25 field agents were sent to explore the cave system and gather information on the anomaly. Their advance was hampered by several traps, which forced 5 agents to retreat to the surface due to wounds suffered. 3 hours in, the remaining agents arrived in front of heavily fortified ramparts, where they were met with fire from artillery and siege weapons.

The exploration was deemed a failure, as 7 agents lost their lives and the remaining 13 suffered injuries before fleeing. Further engagements yielded no progress and the situation evolved into a siege, with casualties on both sides.

SCP-5457-1 continued to provide no information during interviews, until Agent Molin requested to speak with it.

Interviewed: SCP-5457-1

Interviewer: Agent André Molin, Agent Michelle Duvarier

<Begin Log>

Agents Molin and Duvarier enter the observation room adjacent to SCP-5457-1's cell. Agent Duvarier flicks a switch, making the glass panel see-through. SCP-5457-1, who had been laying on its sleeping bag2 is startled and stands up. It squints towards Agent Molin.

SCP-5457-1: You. I thought I killed you.

Agent Molin slaps his chest.

Molin: Yeah, you tried to. But we have some pretty good doctors here.

SCP-5457-1: I see, that is why I was kept alive so long. They waited until you recovered, so that you could eat me as payback.

Molin: What? No! That's not what's going on here!

Duvarier: From what we've gathered, it seems you are afraid that we'll eat you. Why? Is it because you're a frog and we're French? Is that really all there is to it?

SCP-5457-1: Yes. We've seen what you do to those like us. We know what you've done to us. Why do you think we hide from you?

Duvarier: Oh come on. Frog legs aren't even that popular of an ingredient! I've tried them once and thought they weren't good. What about you Molin?

Molin: I wouldn't know, I'm a vegetarian.

Duvarier: See? We're not a threat to you.

SCP-5457-1: If you think your lies are enough to get me to betray my people, you-

Duvarier: Actually, we already found where they live.

SCP-5457-1's face turns a pale shade of green. It looks horrified.

SCP-5457-1: Then all is lost. We're doomed.

Duvarier: That's the thing, you're not. All we want for now is to speak with whoever is in charge down there, but your people are too hostile. They've been pushing us back

SCP-5457-1: Of course, the soldiers of the Republic would not fall so easily.

Molin: But they will. We can't just ignore an anomalous population big enough to have an army. For now, your people have had the upper hand, but it won't last if we decide to escalate things. You've seen what we can do, do you really think your people will hold out?

SCP-5457-1 remains silent.

Duvarier: He's right, if the higher-ups decide to start sending in the big guns, your defences won't mean a thing. If you cooperate though, we can convince them to wait for a while.

Molin: You're a soldier, you have a duty to your people. If you really want to help them, you need to help us get through to them without a fight.

SCP-5457-1: I… I need time to think about this.

<End Log>

Over the next four days, SCP-5457-1 requested to speak with both agents on several occasions. During these exchanges, it asked about the nature of the Foundation and its intentions in regards to its people, the state of hostilities between both parties, as well as repeatedly asking both agents whether they found it appetizing or not.

After these four days it once again asked to speak to the agents, stating that it was ready to cooperate.

Interviewed: SCP-5457-1

Interviewer: Agent André Molin, Agent Michelle Duvarier

<Begin Log>

Agents Molin and Duvarier enter the interview room and sit at the table, opposite to SCP-5457-1. It visibly flinches but steadies itself.

Duvarier: Alright Martin, let's hear it.

SCP-5457-1: Well, they won't negotiate with anyone who's French. It's taken me all this to even start to maybe trust you, but the ones down there would sooner eat their own skin than hear you out3.

Molin: Yeah, we figured. We're ready to bring in personnel from other countries. But do you have anything that could actually help us win their trust?

SCP-5457-1: Food.

Molin: Pardon?

SCP-5457-1: Whoever you send, they should bring food with them. Almost all of our crops and cattle were decimated by an epidemic. Our food reserves dwindled, so we scavengers were sent out in large numbers to bring back resources.

Duvarier: Which caused the drop in the local wildlife that brought us there in the first place.

SCP-5457-1: Exactly. But with your forces laying siege, my comrades can't go out anymore. The food situation must be really bad right now, so if your people help with that, mine will be grateful.

Agent Molin stands up and walks towards the exit. He looks back before speaking.

Molin: I'll let the higher-ups know about this. Thanks a lot Sergeant, you've been a great help to us and to your people.

He closes the door behind him.

SCP-5457-1: I hope I made the right choice.

Duvarier: Yeah, relax. We're not really keen on shooting anomalies, so we really wanted to settle this peacefully. Plus, I've been speaking with containment staff, and they said that we'll have to help your people stay hidden down there. They'll be safe and sound, I promise.

SCP-5457-1: Thank you. And… do you know if I'll be allowed to go back to them?

Duvarier: I'm not sure. For now, they still want to keep you here as a negotiation asset and to run more tests. If we want to collaborate with your people, we need to know how you work.

SCP-5457-1 sighs and looks down.

SCP-5457-1: I see. Well if they need one of us kept here, I'm glad it had to be me rather than anyone else.

Duvarier: Hero complex eh?

SCP-5457-1: No, just doing my duty.

Duvarier: I can understand that.

<End Log>

After these events, a force of Foundation agents from the United Kingdom staged an assault on the French agents besieging SCP-5457's defences. After successfully “driving back” the French force, they presented SCP-5457 with food supplies, the contents of which had been suggested by SCP-5457-1.

This allowed Foundation leadership to begin negotiations with the Republic of Under-Frogia's governing Assembly, leading to the signing of treaties that established current containment.

Addendum 2

Exchange Logs

Dr Graham, head of the SCP-5457 exchange programme reports satisfying results. Studies of SCP-5457's scientific community have lead to many non-anomalous discoveries, with some slated for review for diffusion to the public4.
In exchange, SCP-5457 scientists have learned about steam-powered technology. This new technology is slowly being adapted into SCP-5457's society, with most of its current uses being dedicated to their defences and concealment methods.

Security or research personnel assigned to this anomaly should read the following logs of conversations between Dr Graham's team and SCP-5457 instances, to familiarize themselves on how to interact with SCP-5457 in accordance with containment procedures.

Addendum 3

REVOLT Incident

In 2016, the Republic of Under-Frogia demanded that SCP-5457-1 be returned, on the basis that the diplomatic situation had been stable for a long enough time that its detention was no longer necessary. Research staff at Site-██ agreed that enough tests had been performed, both on SCP-5457-1 itself and on other instances during the last two years and there was no more data to be gained from it.

SCP-5457-1 was returned to the Republic, where it continued to hold an epistolary correspondence with Agents Molin and Duvarier.

However, in secret, it began organizing a movement aimed at exposing the truths behind containment and convincing other instances they could live safely on the surface. This movement gathered an estimate of 370 instances while avoiding detection until 09/05/2017, when all members were lead by SCP-5457-1 in an attempt to break out.

As a vast majority of the group were soldiers and scavengers, they managed to go through the perimeter defences with ease. Foundation security personnel tried to stop them but were only successful in capturing 12 instances; the remaining ones scattered upon reaching the surface.

A response force was soon dispatched from Site-██ to comb through the area and capture the escaped instances.

On 11/05/2017, Agent Duvarier found SCP-5457-1 hiding in a forest guard outpost, along with 22 other instances.

Footage recovered from Agent Duvarier's body camera:

Agent Duvarier approaches the outpost. Silhouettes can be seen moving behind the window. She opens the door and steps inside.

SCP-5457-1 and seven other instances are standing around a table, observing a map. The remaining instances are doing other tasks. Upon Agent Duvarier's entrance, all instances save SCP-5457-1 bolt and hug the back wall. SCP-5457-1 gestures at them to calm down, and greets Agent Duvarier.

SCP-5457-1: Michelle.

Duvarier: Martin.

SCP-5457-1: I thought your leaders only had foreigners working on our case.

Duvarier: For containment yeah. But when you do something like breaking out, they'll send in anyone who's close enough to stop you.

SCP-5457-1: Well I'm glad we get to meet again then. Where's André? Weren't you two still working together, as per your last letter?

Duvarier: Oh you know him, he wasn't content staying as a field agent, always worked hard to get ahead. Couple of weeks ago he got promoted to the Mole Rats, I think he's still going through their training.

Agent Duvarier pauses.

Duvarier: I'd like to not have to tell him any bad news about you when I'll see him again.

SCP-5457-1 smiles and cocks its head.

SCP-5457-1: You'd really hurt me just because your boss told you to?

Duvarier: I don't have to. You're their leader, if you back down, they'll follow you. You can all go back home and things will go back to normal.

SCP-5457-1: Home? You mean this damp and dark hole? Normal? You mean living under a lie that's suffocated us for generations? We were stuck down there, stagnating in the caves and it was all for nothing. That's what I told them, showed them that we could live on the surface. It's amazing here! We can feel the sun on our faces, the wind on our pores, drink fresh and natural water. So no, Michelle.

SCP-5457-1 croaks loudly. Agent Duvarier reacts to a sound not picked up by her camera and exits the outpost. A large number of instances can be seen exiting the woods and surrounding the location. SCP-5457-1 had followed Agent Duvarier and steps in front of her.

SCP-5457-1: No, I don't think we'll go back.

Agent Duvarier draws her weapon and trains it on SCP-5457-1.

SCP-5457-1: Come on Michelle, you should know better. This is the greater good. I trust you to make the right choice, my friend.

Duvarier: Do you really think it'd go well? You can't hide here, people will find you, they'll freak out. We can't let that happen.

SCP-5457-1: Sure, but it's not like they'll eat us.

Duvarier: It's not about that. It's about protecting normalcy. It's my duty.

SCP-5457-1: Ah yes duty. You used to understand mine once. What I do, I do it for the people of Under-Frogia. It was for them that I cooperated with you, and it is for them that I seek freedom. Are you really that attached to your duty Michelle? That you would even shoot me for it?

Duvarier: Please Martin, you don't have to make me do it. Can you really not back down?

SCP-5457-1: Never.

Agent Duvarier turns to look around her. The other instances, estimated to be more than half of the group which broke out, have gathered in the close circle around the two of them. Most of them can be seen trembling, mubling amongst themselves, or clutching weapons.

Duvarier: Are you really doing this for your people? Look at them, you've brought them so far and they're still afraid.

SCP-5457-1: Of course, change is scary. But in time, all of us will conquer our fears, and we will become examples for the rest of the people of Under-Frogia. We'll show them that there is no reason to fear the Frenchmen, just like I am showing them that I do not fear you! My people will live free from terror!

Agent Duvarier takes a deep breath and steadies her aim.

Duvarier: I'm sorry Martin. But they won't.


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