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Item#: 5452
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5452-1 is to be held inside a standard object containment locker in Site-15. Personnel with clearance level 2 or higher can experiment with SCP-5452 if permitted by the Head for Research of SCP-5452, Dr. Ivanna Novakova.

Description: SCP-5452 is a Dating Simulator video game simply called "LOVER", produced by GoI-078 ("Arcadia") where the player interacts with the game's characters, collectively designated as SCP-5452-2, in an attempt to engage romantically with one of them.

The game is contained on a series of files in a USB flash drive designated SCP-5452-1 which cannot be extracted, copied, or reproduced. SCP-5452 was programmed in Pavon, an anomalous programming language that uses thaumic methods to create metafictional entities. The object can only be played by one person at any time. All attempts to include other subjects that are not the main player will cause the game to terminate itself until the main player is alone. A new player can play the game only if the previous one completes the plot by marrying one of the SCP-5452-2 instances. The following log was recovered from a text file named README.txt inside one of SCP-5452-1's folders and describes SCP-5452’s rules:

SCP-5452-2 are five sapient and sentient ANIMA entities1 that the player can interact with. SCP-5452-2 also present metafictional characteristics such as:

  • Retaining memories from previous gameplays
  • Ability to adapt and learn of its environment outside of the game, even in the absence of the appropriate programming
  • Reacting to visual, auditory, and olfactory stimuli
  • Recognize themself as characters in a game
  • Interacting with other instances even when off-screen

SCP-5452-2 has also demonstrated telepathy,2 psychometry,3 empathy,4 and technopathy.5 The range of these powers is to be determined, but from recent experiments, it appears that most of them solely affect the player. Added below are the specifications of the individual SCP-5452-2 instances:


Character Name: Levin
File: L.anm
In-Game Description: Levin is a half-demon boy and motorcyclist. Leader of Satan’s Boys Motorcycle Club, he is secretly a cutie pie that is waiting for the right person to show his true colors.
Favorite Location: The Alley

The game also presents a plot. The protagonist, who is always named after the player without any naming input, is a high school student that is returning from school with the SCP-5452-E. The entity claims that it is an esper and it received a vision that five entities are lost in this world and they need to be saved by the protagonist. As the game itself is very confused due to the metafictional interference of the five ANIMA entities, the story tends to change radically through different gameplays.

Addendum 5452.1: Discovery and first analysis

Discovery: SCP-5452 was discovered inside Unexplained Location, a South Korean LAN gaming center sponsored by Arcadia. The place was designated UE-711356 after it was identified as a minor Nexus for electronic game anomalies, including copies of objects already known and contained by the Foundation. In January of 2023, the business was bought and closed by the Foundation.

After initial testing, the flash drive was considered a secondary object, as the principal anomaly was the game itself. The flash drive has since been designated as anomalous as it is the only storage item capable of hosting SCP-5452.

Addendum 5452.2: Gameplay Experiments

Addendum 5452.3: Interviews

The SCP-5452-2 instances were non-compliant with the research team and were deactivating the computer every time the Research Team tried to open the game. Diderot.aic was sent to the game to investigate. When he return, he brought the logs contained here with him.

Addendum 5452.4: Iteration 5452/5

Addendum 5452.5: Iteration 5452/6

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    Dr. Novakova’s Update Proposal

    As the Reboot Event changed the object as a whole, some updates are to be made on the article that talk about it. A list of updates was created by Dr. Novakova and is disponible below.

    • SCP-5452 is to be reclassified as Euclid and its Risk Class to be changed to Caution.
    • Special Containment Procedures are to be changed as follows:
      • SCP-5452 is to be contained in a designed computer in Room 5452 at Site-15. This computer is not to be connected to any communication device in any circumstance. SCP-5452 is to be revised weekly by authorized personnel for inspection of the psychological and social behavior of the SCP-5452-1 instances.
      • The research team was advised to watch for any behavior mirroring the acts of SCP-5452-R. Any presentation of emotion between SCP-5452-1 and any of the researchers is to be dealt with. The Metafiction Division is working with Site-15's psychologist to create a schedule to handle the entities’ emotional side, but the procedures are yet to be approved by the Ethics Committee.
      • In the case of any notable alteration, the Research Team shall contact Site-15’s Psychologist. Other authorities are to be contacted only after the psychotechnic evaluation of the SCP-5452-1 entities. If this is necessary, the DIDEROT Protocol will be immediately initiated.
    • Description will suffer major modification:
      • The USB flash drive previously designated SCP-5452-1 was neutralized now that, without SCP-5452-R, it’s no longer the only device that can contain SCP-5452 files. SCP-5452-2 specimens were redesignated SCP-5452-1 for consistency.
          • The new SCP-5452-1 object is to be added to the SCP-5452-1 descriptions. Its sheet can be seen in the attachments below.
        • With the neutralization of both the flash drive and SCP-5452-R, descriptions and explanations about the entities are to be added as an addendum and deleted from the main description.
      • The game name was changed to “LOVED”, so both the object designation and mentions to the previous name, “LOVER”, are to be updated.
    • New description about the SCP-5452-1 entities may include:
      • Their lack of memory from their existence before the Reboot or about SCP-5452-R.
      • That their power over the game was shared equally between the specimens during the Reboot, so there is no leader figure anymore.
    • Attached File #2 is to be added to a new addendum.


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