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Item#: 5450
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Special Containment Procedures: Production of SCP-5450 instances are outlawed in the city of Guangdong, China. Governmental sanctions have been instated to outlaw hunting of instances of SCP-5450-1. Foundation web crawlers have been installed to flag down any mention of SCP-5450 or SCP-5450-1, any publication of material of SCP-5450 is to be falsified as a myth via disinformation campaigns.


An instance of SCP-5450.

Description: SCP-5450 is a recipe known as shark fin soup, which manifests anomalous properties when produced from sharks within the Guangdong region. Selachians within this area, now designated SCP-5450-1, are biologically indistinguishable from normal sharks barring the presence of a pair of lungs. The anomalous property of SCP-5450 is that upon consumption the subject will become a species of selachian with varying results. Upon taking on the new form, the newly transformed subject will find its way to a body of water via currently unknown means. A small amount of cases have shown the individuals to move their fins in a way similar to walking. Testing has been preemptively denied via the Site Director Jorge Clark as the effects of SCP-5450 are well documented and apparent.

Discovery: SCP-5450 was discovered when several families went missing in Guangdong followed by several reports of walking sharks online. Witnesses to instances of SCP-5450-1 were promptly amnesized and returned. Currently as of 06/07/2019, there is an estimated count of 452 instances of SCP-5450-1, making them an endangered species.

Notes: On 04/29/2019, Foundation web crawlers flagged an advertisement. A transcription of the advertisement is attached:

Shark Fin Soup, by residents of Guangdong!
A soup made for slurping!
Partake in a delicacy, by our finest
Our soup is healthy to consume!

Remember: Slurp, Partake, Consume.
Keep punching!
Happy hunting!

The advertisement was immediately taken down upon flagging. Memetic agents were found, however, a source has yet to be identified.
Addendum-SCP-5450.1: Following reports of a man punching a shark, Foundation Marine Biologist Kevin Drant and a team of Marine specialists were dispatched to the location, a shipwreck off the coast of Guangdong. Kevin's team noted that the following messages attached were crudely scratched into the ship's hull. Later the messages were translated into English and attached to the document.

ples stop eat

was homan

i scared

sory mom

i wana go hom

i mis you


why am fish

plis help


got punch ed

it hurt

The final messages were found similarly, crudely scratched into a secret back room of the ship. Each message was spaced out in several different parts of the room.

i hide

stop hit me

i said stop hit me

Addendum-SCP-5450.2: On 05/02/19 a radio transmission was received by the Foundation. The location of the transmission was traced back to the previous shipwreck. The contents of the decrypted transmissions are held below:

<Begin Log Transmission SCP-5450.2>

Shark down… Pugilism successful.

Slurp. Partake. Consume.

<End Log>

Memetic agents were flagged and removed. A single selachian corpse was found in the shipwreck, with its dorsal fin severed.

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