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From Bottomless Canyons To Palaces In The Sky


Park Entrance.

Ever since its opening, The "Existential Maw of Despair" National Park has offered all visitors some sort of departure from the doldrums that is day-to-day life. The perfect vacation location for people who just want to see something different.

The Maw is a physical tear in the space-time continuum. What lies beyond spits in the face of the universe's rules. The more stable regions are home to some of the most unique vistas that mankind can fathom, whereas other areas can't maintain a consistent form for even five minutes! Every time you visit the Maw, your experience is guaranteed to be unique and life changing.

You can explore the Maw any way you like! With options including:

  • A tour with one of our certified extranormal trekking guides
  • A resort experience at the Symphony Falls Base Camp
  • Going in solo, just like the Originals did

In fact, the Maw has a long tradition of exploration and discovery! Adventurous types may feel encouraged to travel outside the park grounds. Our museum is full of images and first hand accounts of explorers who have progressed our understanding of the Maw. Even now, there's much about the Maw that has not yet been seen by mankind!

Update: After recent incidents involving the disappearance of visitors, exploration of the area beyond the Gamma-4 Quadrant has been prohibited. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Park History

Before the Maw was opened to the public, it was heavily guarded by the SCP Foundation. Most of the park's history remains a mystery, hidden on secure servers in the Sol System's Asteroid Belt. However, as part of the Geiner-Helms Transparency Act, the SCP Foundation was forced to declassify a number of its documents, including a few files on the park! Between these documents, as well as interviews with former employees, our historians have made strides in piecing together the past of this magnificent anomaly since its introduction to us with the few following words:

Item #: SCP-5448

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation blockades are to prohibit access to SCP-5448.

Description: SCP-5448 is a temporal-spatial anomaly granting access to a pocket dimension that does not adhere to any consistent physical laws.

The most well known interactions mankind has had with the Maw, comes from the first exploratory mission. This was a four person mission sent by the SCP Foundation to explore and learn as much as they could about the interior of the Maw. The team consisted of:

  • Eric Michaels: A decorated Foundation officer who originally lead a unit dealing with urban anomalies, but after years off planet, he became an expert in extranormal spaces and unstable reality exploration.
  • Vivian DuShawn: Another veteran of the Foundation, with over a hundred years of exploration of esoteric spaces.
  • Xingyu Li: A field researcher coming from the Foundation's Physics Department. He worked for decades on studying white holes, self-folding spaces, and reality gaps.
  • Sarah McGlocklin: A communications expert with minimal field experience prior to this mission.

We have even been able to catch up with Sarah McGlocklin to hear about her time spent at the park first hand:

Notable Features

While parts of the Maw are in constant states of chaos and reconfiguration, there are a few locations that have been a mainstay of the park experience ever since it's opening! Here's just a few iconic places you may want to check out!

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