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Threat Level: Blue

Special Containment Procedures: Antivirus software in use by the Foundation is to be capable of identifying and blocking requests from SCP-5444. Furthermore, all information relating to SCP-5444-4 is to be backed-up through at least two network-inaccessible mediums.

Instances of SCP-5444-1 are to be stored, unpowered, in an electromagnetically-shielded storage locker. Experimentation, when applicable, is to be conducted under similar conditions, and instances may not be connected to the Site-56 intranet without approval and supervision from the IT Department.

Several instances of SCP-5444-2 are uncontained; Mobile Task Force Kappa-10 ("Skynet") has been tasked with locating and disabling rogue instances of SCP-5444-2.

SCP-5444-3 is to be kept disassembled and stored in the High Value Containment Wing of Site-56.

Description: SCP-5444 is a series of malware programmed in the Yashagorō paralanguage. Metadata analysis has returned largely inconclusive results; it is known that SCP-5444 is 1.32i GB in size at most, although metadata relating to its creation and ownership has been extensively obfuscated. The most recent iteration of SCP-5444 was last modified on January 9th, 2018 at 16:15 EST.

Three variations of SCP-5444 are known to exist, each of which is associated with a specific hardware environment.

  • SCP-5444-1 are a series of miniature computers of custom make, upon which SCP-5444 has been installed as firmware. All run a bare-metal hypervisor in order to simulate a variety of operating systems, while allowing SCP-5444 to run several iterations at once. A high-end web camera has been installed into the chassis of a single instance, designated SCP-5444-1-Prime.
  • SCP-5444-2 is a hypervisor-level rootkit, commonly installed across insecure network connections by SCP-5444-1. Instances otherwise function identically to SCP-5444-1.
  • SCP-5444-3 is a humanoid automaton with an artificial intelligence governed by SCP-5444. Unlike -1 and -2, SCP-5444-3 cannot directly interface with a network, and must employ HIDs1 to perform its intended functions. SCP-5444-3 was powered by an esoteric engine drawing from SCP-████.

When connected to either a database or computer network, SCP-5444 functions as an effectively sapient user. SCP-5444's primary activities are initially limited to accessing and analyzing as much data as possible; upon the confirmation of data referenced in SCP-5444-4, SCP-5444 will attempt to remove such data through any means necessary.

All variations of SCP-5444 reference SCP-5444-4 through a series of anomalous pointer variables2. SCP-5444-4 is a file stored on SCP-5444-1-Prime with a .rysh extension, serving as the primary method of setting SCP-5444's censorship parameters. Modification of SCP-5444-4 first requires the user to undergo a three-factor authentication process to confirm they are PoI-9522-D.

PoI-9522-D was Sara Miriam Yarkoni, a 29-year-old Iranian-American freelance programmer with connections to GoI-1285 ("The King of Hearts Collective")3. According to data recovered from SCP-5444-1-Prime, PoI-9522-D was the sole programmer of SCP-5444-1.

At present, SCP-5444-4 directs SCP-5444 to erase all evidence of PoI-9522-D's existence.


SCP-5444's existence was brought to the attention of the Foundation on January 10th, 2018, following a string of attacks targeting several individuals of various backgrounds. Although coordinated in such a manner as to suggest a botnet, several attacks displayed unusual complexity. Attacks included, but were not limited to:

  • Mass DMCA claims against videos featuring PoI-9522-D and her music.
  • Extensive vandalism to several online wikis.
  • Specific behavior intended to exploit streaming algorithms in order to sabotage PoI-9522-D's music's chances of discovery.
  • Blackmail intended to coerce the recipient into deleting files depicting PoI-9522-D from their devices.

Shortly thereafter, Senior Researcher Yehezkel Yarkoni received an email, purportedly from his daughter Sara. Attached was a PDF, ostensibly a handwritten letter, infected with an SCP-5444-2 installer.4

Following its installation, SCP-5444-2-1 launched a series of attacks directed at personnel assigned to the GoI-1285 project, as well as Researcher Yarkoni and his wife, Dr. Rivka Yarkoni. Mobile Task Force Kappa-10 ("Skynet") was directed to identify, combat, and isolate the threat.

SCP-5444-2-1 was subsequently isolated and neutralized by MTF-κ10 after two hours and fourteen minutes. Researcher Yarkoni was reprimanded for his carelessness and reassigned to Area-56 duty.


In accordance with the 1966 SoHo Accord, the Foundation required a warrant to raid the residences of PoI-9522-D, on account of her fiance's registration as a Frequent Resident of BackDoor SoHo. Furthermore, action on part of the Foundation was limited to assisting attendant Unusual Incidents Unit operatives.


Following the acquisition of SCP-5444-3 and all four instances of SCP-5444-1, each of their drives were isolated and imaged, as standard for computer anomalies. According to imaging software, all files pertaining to PoI-9522-D had been deleted at 16:15:54 EST on 10/01/2018, 24 hours after the last modification to SCP-5444-4; as no action had been taken to wipe the associated data, files were successfully restored with minimal effort.

Of interest to the Foundation were several video files recorded on SCP-5444-1-Prime, in which PoI-9522-D discusses the function and background of SCP-5444, as well as updates as appropriate. The last of such videos was recorded at 16:17 EST on 09/01/2018, 19 minutes prior to her estimated time of death.

Excerpted video logs have been provided below. The original files, as well as full transcripts, may be accessed with permission from RAISA; personnel are to be advised of their sexually explicit nature.

Note: Video appears to be a collaboration with PoI-CBGC103 ("K4m3ra"), a webcam model and practicing Maxwellist.

Note: Video appears to have been recorded during a livestream.

Note: Video appears to have been recorded by accident.

Note: Video appears to have been recorded during a livestream.

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