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Item #: SCP-5443

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5443 poses no known threat to the Foundation or its objective at this time. For its own safety, SCP-5443 has been granted weekly counseling meetings with the on-site therapist, and can be provided self-help books or literature as requested. SCP-5443 should not be provided with any biblical or religious texts. Arts and crafts materials are pending approval.

Description: SCP-5443 is a humanoid entity with a body structure resembling a 40-year-old man, with the notable quality of having mummified skin and minor abilities to control fire. DNA testing has shown the entity's age exceeds 5,000 years, a claim that SCP-5443 has declined to confirm. SCP-5443 initially professed superior hand-to-hand combat skills, but since Interview 5443.1 has "lost motivation to practice."

Discovery: SCP-5443 was contained on 6/6/2005 after appearing on the outskirts of █████, France. Foundation personnel were notified after reports of a strange individual sitting on the ground raising minor columns of anomalous fire. While being taken into Foundation custody, SCP-5443 expressed relief at having contacted Foundation personnel so effectively, continually speaking of an approaching storm and that it would guide us to safety.

Interview 5443.1: Given the claims of extreme pending danger and awareness of the Foundation's existence, Site Director Li conducted an interview with SCP-5443 the same week it was contained.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Li: Hi, how-

SCP-5443: Time is painfully short and we must prepare, I am here to help, please do not waste time.

Dr. Li: Yeah, alright. We're all short on time. What do you want us to know?

SCP-5443: A great evil approaches…


Dr. Li: Uh, what can you tell us about this great evil?

SCP-5443: When the world was young and before man knew the stars hid secrets, a mighty fiend swore hatred against all things living. Through my own efforts and the sacrifices of many, we were able to bury him beneath the earth, though he was not put to rest. For millennia he has been preparing, as have I, for the confrontation and battle to shake the heavens and settle the Earth!

Rapid scribbling from Dr. Li.

Dr. Li: Got it, got it, okay. Do you know when they'll turn up or where?

SCP-5443: Not by myself. But I believe your organization has the means and ability to possibly, possibly avert the apocalypse.

Dr. Li: Okay. What more can you tell us about this creature?

SCP-5443: They have six arms, all of horrific strength, all used for horrific deeds. Each has a weapon, a sickle or a spear. And the name… I cannot speak it. I dare not.

Dr. Li: Can you write it?

SCP-5443: Of course!

SCP-5443 writes "Choilapatai" on a piece of paper.

Dr. Li: I like your handwriting.

SCP-5443: I have many talents, all of which will be necessary for the inevitable confrontation to decide the fate of your people.

Dr. Li: Alright, yeah, this is a problem. I'm glad you came to us. Do you mind waiting a second? I've gotta make a phone call, see if-

SCP-5443: You do not understand! I have much and more to tell you about this beast. The creature will rise from the depths of the Earth, enshrined in magma and ice, laying waste to all around it! I was delayed! The hour even now may be too late!

Dr. Li: Yeah I was gonna escalate… wait… rising in fire and ice, are they supposed to have a crown of diamond and coal too?

SCP-5443: Yes! Yes, precisely. I am glad to see you understand the gravity of the matter.

Dr. Li: To assistant: Hey, Murray, can you pull the file on, uhh… [inaudible]… SCP [inaudible] yeah that's it. Can you print a copy and bring it here?

Extraneous dialogue removed. SCP-5443 continues to emphasize the danger the Earth is in and the oncoming calamity. The phrase "Let me help you" is used repeatedly.

Dr. Li: Appreciate it, Murray. Hey, I think this is your guy, right? Kal… Kalapti… oh you know what it is. Yeah, we've got him contained.

SCP-5443 Excuse me?

Dr. Li: Yeah, we have him in a box.

SCP-5443: [chortling] I assure you, this being of hell and fire cannot be contained in a box.

Dr. Li: Well, it's a special box. Look, look [tapping].

Silence as SCP-5443 reviews the printout.

SCP-5443: What does "euclid" mean?

Dr. Li: Sorry, can you just confirm that's who you were talking about? That's his picture? I'm… I'm sorry but I had to move some stuff around to be here.

SCP-5443: But… it says "Entity's given name, Choy Lapatay, was initially a severe cog… cognito hazard, but under current containment methods, speaking its name only induces a mild headache. Aspirin available on request." You clearly don't understand…

Silence as SCP-5443 continues reading.

SCP-5443: "Discovered on January 1st, 2000… emerged from the ground… lava and sub-zero temperatures," yeah that's definitely… "minor injuries, no casualties."

Silence, except for Dr. Li's foot tapping.

SCP-5443: A… Scrantron Reality Anchor? That is an ultimate sorcery from the Dark Book of Leothane, right?

Dr. Li: No, it's just something that makes a box special. I'm sorry, I really gotta run, thanks for your time, Murray will answer any other questions you have. Oh, and Murray, make a note that if this one wants to see, uh, Kale in captivity, I can make that happen.

Footsteps as Dr. Li leaves. Junior Researcher Pablo Murray enters.

Junior Researcher Pablo Murray: You okay?

SCP-5443: What? I… what?

<End log>

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