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Item#: SCP-5438
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
Site-400 Director Adam Desmond N/A N/A

Special Containment Procedures: With approval from Site-400's current Site Director, Agent Williams has been granted permission to continue his long-term employment with the Foundation. However, every February 14th, security officers manning the surveillance station are to be on high alert to determine SCP-5438's location of manifestation. Once found, they are to closely observe SCP-5438 up until its point of demanifestation.

Any deviation from its usual pattern is to be immediately reported to Site-400's administration.

Description: SCP-5438 is the designation given to an anomaly currently affecting Junior Agent Charles Williams, at the time a detective-in-training for Site-400's Anomaly Investigations Section.

SCP-5438 takes the form of a humanoid entity composed entirely of milk chocolate (a combination of cacao powder mixed with milk and sugar). SCP-5438 is approximately 170 centimeters in height, possesses a slender and feminine build, but seemingly lacks any sort of facial features. Despite its composition, it is still somehow capable of mobility similar to that of a baseline individual1.

Every year, on the 14th of February, SCP-5438 will manifest somewhere within Site-400, usually in concealed and often vacant locations, such as a janitorial closet, an unoccupied office, or a stall in the women's washroom. Manifested with it will be a flat red box containing different types of chocolate. Attached to said box is a handwritten note, whose contents vary (see Addendum 5438-2). Testing has shown that none of the aforementioned objects is anomalous in itself.

Carrying the box in its hands, SCP-5438 will proceed to make its way towards a specific location where it could hide it. These locations differ from time to time, but will most often be a hidden spot where only Agent Williams could possibly find the box. During its endeavour, SCP-5438 will continuously use unfrequented routes within Site-400 where it will not likely be seen by Agent Williams.

Once it has hidden the box, SCP-5438 will immediately demanifest.

Addendum 5438-1, Phenomenological Overview: It is believed that the SCP-5438 anomaly first manifested following Agent Williams' separation from his long-time partner of four years, which was reported to have occurred on February 13th, 2008. The next day, security officers would report the appearance of a "naked lady made out of chocolate" running out of the women's restroom and to the personnel office area, where it was seen placing a box in Agent Williams' cubicle before demanifesting.

Similar incidents would occur the following year, and the year after that. At this point, SCP-5438's annual pattern was discerned and it was eventually given a proper SCP classification.

Addendum 5438-2, List of Annual Manifestations:

Year Box Location Contents of Note Additional Annotations
2011 In a personal storage locker belonging to Agent Williams. Heya, alligator. No luck with your Valentine's this year? That's alright. There's always next year so keep it up! Looking forward to your progress! N/A
2012 Within Agent Williams' mailbox, which is located in the cluster box unit at Site-400's entrance lobby. Howdy hey! Glad to see you're making the effort! I'm sure you'll find your Valentine's next year! Here's some extra white chocolate (your favourite!) for your hard work! It's believed that the preceding note was referring to Agent Williams' recent willingness to participate in team-building activities organized by Site-400's administration.
2014 Behind a potted plant outside of Agent Williams' personal quarters. A new year, a new you! No need to feel like you need to catch up though. Taking it slow is fine! How about getting some fresh air once in a while? Because how else would anyone get to see you handsome face! N/A
2015 On a bench in Site-400's outdoor courtyard, where Agent Williams frequently spends his evening sitting alone. How's it going? I'm sorry to hear what happened. I know you won't do anything you'll regret, but please hear me out. Loving yourself is just as important as loving someone else. After all, tomorrow's a new day, isn't it? Enjoy the white chocolates. To provide context, Agent Williams was [INFORMATION REMOVED FOR PERSONNEL PRIVACY], causing him emotional distress, though he has summarily refused therapy due to personal reasons. Following the discovery of this note, Agent Williams' morale was noted to increase to some degree.
2016 In front of Agent Williams' personal quarters. Happy to hear you're okay. It's my fault for pressuring you too much, and I'm sorry. There's some white chocolate, but I thought you'd be bored from the ones last year so I put in some rubies for you. Agent Williams requested a sick leave on this particular day, and went out of his way to catch up to SCP-5438. He did not succeed.
2017 At the administration desk of the Anomaly Investigations Section. N/A Agent Williams once again requested a sick leave. He sought the aid of security officers manning the surveillance station, who complied, though he still failed in catching up with SCP-5438.

Addendum 5438-3, Video Log:

Video Transcription 5438/10

Date: 14/02/2018

<Begin Log>

Footage shows SCP-5438 walking alone in a desolate hallway in Site-400. In its hands is a flat red box, held tight to its chest. It looks around its surroundings, careful not to make noise, before starting to lightly jog towards its location.

As it does so, quick footsteps can be heard from a corner of the hallway behind SCP-5438. It curiously glances its head to look at the source of the noise, though it is still maintaining its jogging pace. The footsteps gradually get closer, as Agent Charles Williams emerges from the corner.

Agt. Williams: (out of breath) Oh. (chuckles) Hey.

SCP-5438 stops in its tracks, evidently dumbstruck. It accidentally drops the red box in its hand to the floor, causing it to open and scattering the chocolates previously contained within.

Agt. Williams: Aw no, that's… a shame.

SCP-5438 begins to panic, quickly kneeling down and frantically picking up the dropped chocolates one by one. Seeing this, Agent Williams approaches it closer.

Agt. Williams: Woah, it's okay. Seriously, don't force yourself.

SCP-5438 does not listen to Agent Williams, instead continuing to pick up the chocolates. Agent Williams decides to kneel down with it and proceeds to pick up a single stray piece of white chocolate with his hand. Without hesitation, he pops the chocolate piece into his mouth. Noticing this, SCP-5438 ceases what it's doing and stares at Agent Williams in surprise.

Agt. Williams: What? No such thing as the five-second rule, am I right?

Agent Williams grins as a light but faint chuckling sound emits from SCP-5438. It covers its mouth in embarrassment, which causes the chocolates it picked up to fall once again. It slowly stands up and seemingly brushes away dust from its body. Agent Williams does the same. SCP-5438 hugs itself, outwardly apprehensive, looking down to avoid Agent Williams' gaze.

Agt. Williams: I feel like you should know you helped me. A lot, if I'm really being honest.

SCP-5438 relaxes its shoulders slightly, though it is still averting itself from looking at Agent Williams. The latter offers a sincere smile.

Agt. Williams: I have something for you. I think you'll like it.

SCP-5438's head perks up, and it turns its head to look at Agent Williams with curiosity. Agent Williams then produces a small paper bag from his jacket, which he gladly hands to SCP-5438.

Agt. Williams: It ain't much though.

SCP-5438 timidly accepts the paper bag. It takes a look inside it, and a faint gasp is heard emitted from SCP-5438. From the bag, it takes out a decorated clear plastic wrapper neatly tied with a purple ribbon. The contents inside are various types of colourful sweets and candy, all of them seemingly homemade.

Agt. Williams: Consider it a late, or maybe too early, White Day gift.

SCP-5438 places a hand on its chest, and looks at Agent Williams thoughtfully. It then tilts its head and extends its arms for a hug, which Agent Williams willingly embraces.

Both of them remain in this position for several seconds, before letting go. Agent Williams smiles from ear to ear, while another light chuckling sound is emitted from SCP-5438.

SCP-5438: (faintly) Thank you.

Agt. Williams: No. Thank you.

<End Log>

Addendum 5438-4, Update: Following the above events, SCP-5438's usual annual pattern is altered. Instead of making its way towards a location to hide the box of chocolates, it will now directly find Agent Williams to give it to him personally. Both of them will then proceed to spend the rest of the day in each other's company up until SCP-5438's time of demanifestation, which now varies.

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