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Item#: SCP-5438
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Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
Site-400 Director Adam Desmond Dr. Edan Lohlainn N/A


SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: A circular fenced perimeter has been erected 20-meters around SCP-5438. At least three guards are to be stationed outside of SCP-5438 at all times. Cover Story 5438-255 "Private Archaeological Research Site" has been disseminated to all local and regional media to avoid any non-Foundation personnel from interacting with SCP-5438. Moreover, any civilians caught attempting to enter SCP-5438 are to be reprimanded and amnesticised immediately.

Foundation personnel is instructed to wear the NDH-793 Silver-Variant Hazmat suits to counteract and SCP-5438's anomalous properties.

Objects and the stone tablets recovered from SCP-5438 are kept within Site-400's Anomalous Items Locker.



DESCRIPTION: SCP-5438 is the designation given to a large circular stone tower located within the Newcastle region, in Northern Ireland. SCP-5438 is approximately thirty meters in height and possesses a diameter of twenty meters.

Biological analysis on some of the moss attached to SCP-5438 reveals that it is around ~2000 years old.

The interior of SCP-5438 possesses an antimemetic effect, which will prohibit individuals from remembering its appearance, properties, or contents after leaving SCP-5438. However, multiple testing has shown that this effect can be nullified, by holding or wearing an object composed purely out of silver.

Exploration attempts made into SCP-5438's interior revealed that it is divided into five separate floors, each accessible through a single spiral stone staircase located in the center of SCP-5438. Multiple objects have been recovered within SCP-5438, though the significance of each remains unknown.

The objects recovered include:

  • Several broken iron chains,
  • A wooden barrel containing an unknown green mucous-like liquid,
  • A large roll of black cotton cloth,
  • Multiple bone fragments belonging to a wide variety of animal species. The fragments do not seem to show signs of decay,
  • Two (2) pairs of rusted iron shears,
  • Several drawings depicting a forested region with a flaming iron crown floating above it.

ADDENDUM 5438.1: Discovery

SCP-5438 was discovered on the 23rd of January, 2003 when a group of Foundation agents accidentally discovered SCP-5438 during an operation to capture and recontain an unrelated breached anomaly. When the agents subsequently uncovered SCP-5438's anomalous properties, they immediately contacted pre-containment teams to properly handle SCP-5438.

Agent Carlos Sierra, one of the agents who discovered SCP-5438, reported that he was unaffected by SCP-5438's antimemetic properties, possibly due to the fact he was wearing his silver wedding ring at the time.

ADDENDUM 5438.2: Stone Tablets

The topmost floor of SCP-5438 (the fifth floor) contains a single rectangular ornate wooden box, which held pieces of five (5) painted stone tablets that were in a state where their contents could be properly discerned. A visual analysis of each tablet has been included below:

Tablet One (Front): Depicts a dark, faceless humanoid, seated upon a large golden throne, wearing a single flaming iron crown and a long, flowing red robe. The figure has its right-hand extended, while it's left-hand holds a long flaming staff. In front of the dark humanoid are multiple grey humanoids, either praising, bowing down, or praying upon the dark humanoid.

Behind the golden throne are two other figures. The first is a female humanoid with bright white skin and long golden hair wearing a golden crown and green overalls, and the other is a greenish-grey, faceless humanoid possessing a highly distended abdomen. Both of these entities are gazing at the dark humanoid with either disgust or disdain.

Tablet One (Back): Depicts the female humanoid and the greenish-grey humanoid standing in front of a large crowd of multiple grey humanoids. Both of them are holding large red banners depicting the dark humanoid. The female humanoid is also gesturing towards multiple unknown black objects.

Tablet Two (Front): Depicts a large stone fortress or castle, with the dark humanoid seen on one of the fortress's towers. A large crowd of grey humanoids, holding various objects (including swords, pitchforks, knives, and an unknown spherical object), are seen attempting to force themselves into the fortress. The crowd of grey humanoids seems to be led by the greenish-grey humanoid.

Tablet Two (Back): Depicts the dark humanoid being dragged out of the fortress by large numbers of grey humanoids. The humanoid is wrapped in black cloth and heavy chains, with a grey humanoid pouring a green liquid onto the dark humanoid through a large barrel. The female humanoid and the greenish-grey humanoid are seen standing behind the crowd of grey humanoids.

The dark humanoid is seen dragged towards a dilapidated brick well. Behind the well is a tall stone structure, similar in appearance to SCP-5438.

Tablet Three (Front): Depicts the greenish-grey humanoid seated upon the previous golden throne, now wearing a flaming iron crown and a red robe. In front of the humanoid are multiple grey humanoids, extending hands of friendship with the humanoid.

The female humanoid is seen situated behind the throne, viewing the greenish-grey humanoid with disdain.

Tablet Three (Back): Depicts the greenish-grey humanoid having both of their arms and legs tied with black chains. The humanoid is coated in splotches of red, possibly suggesting heavy bruising. The female humanoid is also seen standing behind the humanoid, and a group of smaller white humanoids wearing long white coats are seen exchanging large amounts of green objects for the greenish-grey entity with the female humanoid.

It is also important to note the female humanoid is now wearing a flaming iron crown.

Tablet Four (Front): Depicts a large crowd of humanoids coated in black furs surrounding the stone fortress, whilst holding multiple weapons including spears, large clubs, and wooden shields. The female humanoid (no longer wearing the flaming iron crown) is seen being dragged out of the fortress by the black-furred humanoids.

Multiple grey humanoids are seen hanged and burned atop a wooden cross by the black-furred entities.

Tablet Four (Back): Depicts the dark humanoid wrapped in black cloth, standing alone in a forested region. The words "ALICE" and "ZACH" are seen carved on the bark of one of the trees.

Tablet Five (Front): Depicts a large number of black-furred humanoids chasing the female humanoid with long wooden spears and an unknown spherical object. A broken chain is wrapped around the female humanoid's neck and the humanoid is entirely naked save for a small piece of green cloth over their chest. Large splotches of red cover the female humanoid, especially on the parts of their groin.

The female humanoid is seen running towards a group of white humanoids. On the chest of the humanoids is a symbol of two rings, one inside the other with three arrows pointing inwards.

Tablet Five (Back): Depicts the dark humanoid emerging out from a forested region, holding what seems to be the decapitated head of a rabbit or another leporine species. The tree bark in which the words "ALICE" and "ZACH" are carved upon is still visible in the background.

ADDENDUM 5438.3: Incident Log

On July 24th, 2023, Jr. Researcher Kain Stalos was by himself in Site-400's object examination room and was handling a piece of a painted stone tablet recovered from SCP-5438 (Tablet Five), when he accidentally dropped it, resulting in the tablet breaking into pieces. The following is a video log of the incident:


Researcher Kain Stalos is seen standing over the pieces of the broken stone tablet and can be heard cursing under his breath. He proceeded to bend down to pick up the pieces and put them on the examination table next to him. Large, black tendrils are seen manifesting on the walls of the examination room. Researcher Stalos does not notice this.

Researcher Stalos: (Under his breath) Shit, shit, shit, shit. Fuck, fuck, Edan's gonna kill me.

A dark, faceless humanoid is seen emerging from the tendrils on the wall. The humanoid then proceeded to walk over to Researcher Stalos before lightly tapping him on the shoulder.

Researcher Stalos: (Turning around) What the-?

The dark humanoid suddenly grabs Researcher Stalos by the neck, choking him, and lifted him off the ground. The humanoid then proceeded to speak in a whisper-like, guttural voice.

Unknown Humanoid: You… broke… it

Researcher Stalos attempts to wriggle free of the dark humanoid's grasp to no avail.

Unknown Humanoid: You… broke… it…

The dark humanoid begins to bring Researcher Stalos towards the large tendrils on the wall.

Researcher Stalos: Wait, wait! Please don't-

Unknown Humanoid: You… broke… it…

The dark humanoid shoves Researcher Stalos into the black tendrils. He proceeded to scream before being entirely engulfed by the tendrils. The humanoid walked into the tendrils before it, and the tendrils demanifest completely.


Immediately after this incident, SCP-5438 began to wobble unsteadily on its side before crumbling down completely. Furthermore, all objects recovered within SCP-5438, including the five four stone tablets, began to dematerialize rapidly before disappearing entirely. Multiple personnel who were analyzing the moss within SCP-5438 were injured due to fallen debris and rubble.

Personnel who were outside of SCP-5438 during the entirety of the incident reported seeing a vaguely humanoid entity situated at the top SCP-5438 before demanifesting.

By order of the Classification Committee, SCP-5438's object class has been updated and redesignated as Neutralized.

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