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by J Dune

Item#: 5437
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The exterior of SCP-5437

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
Provisional Site-5437 Dr. T. Ithelo Researcher E. Metcalfe Site Security


The entrance to Provisional Site-5437

Special Containment Procedures: The area surrounding Provisional Site-5437 has been cordoned off under the auspices of an archaeological site owned by Foundation front company "Bartac Expeditions". Standard security and trespassing protocol is enforced.

The carcass of SCP-5437-1 has been transferred to Foundation Facility Site-40 for research purposes.

Description: SCP-5437 is a prehistorical religious complex located ~30 kilometers west of Paraguarí, Paraguay. The exterior of SCP-5437 combines known elements of primitive Fifthist and preclassical Mesoamerican architecture. It is hypothesized that SCP-5437 was constructed some time between 4100-3100 BC, and saw usage until the start of the 3rd millennium BC. Research has shown that SCP-5437's sole anomalous property is its ability to preserve biological matter for abnormal amounts of time, causing it to decay at an excessively low rate.

The approximate size of SCP-5437 is unknown. The majority of the structure is located underground, and several hidden chambers and hallways have been uncovered behind the complex walls. Aside from these branching rooms, SCP-5437 is mainly composed of a spiraled staircase that leads to a spacious foyer ~86 meters beneath the surface.

Colored parietal art lines the foyers walls, arranged in sequential order to display a religious narrative. An analysis of these petrographs can be found in Addendum.5437.1. An unknown syllabic and logographic writing system is engraved underneath the artwork. They remain untranslated, leaving analysis of the paintings contents largely to speculation. The hypothesized purpose of this cathedral area is to serve as a place of worship for SCP-5437-1.

SCP-5437-1 is the carcass of a massive, ophiuroidic entity, catalogued as a Large-Scale Aggressor (LSA). The entity is green in coloration, and has five thin arms that sprout from its center, each measuring ~20 meters in length. SCP-5437-1 largely resembles an ophiuroid, but possesses hundreds of eyes on its central body disk. Dating techniques have failed to provide any discernible information regarding SCP-5437-1's age. SCP-5437-1's skin is incapable of being penetrated, even by anomalous means. As such, all attempts to dissect or examine the biological structures of SCP-5437-1 have failed. No secondary anomalous effects have been observed.

Addendum.5437.1: Petrograph Analysis

Addendum.5437.2: Interview Log

Addendum.5437.3: Collected Journal Entries of Researcher Metcalfe

Addendum.5437.4: Audio Transcript

Addendum.5437.5: Incident-5437

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