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Item #: SCP-5435

Object Class: Presumed Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: Following Incident 5435-3, all SCP-5435 events have ceased. Foundation agents within SCP-5435-A are to remain on watch for all possible SCP-5435 events. If an SCP-5435 event is confirmed to have occured, agents are to bring the victim to a hospital for immediate analysis and attempt to halt the event. No large-scale Foundation assets are to be deployed in SCP-5435-A at any point, regardless of circumstances.

No attempts to pursue or detain SCP-5435-B are to be made at this time.


SCP-5435-A at the time of the discovery of SCP-5435.

Description: SCP-5435 refers to a series of events formerly occurring in the town of Ocean's Breath, Delaware, United States, designated SCP-5435-A. SCP-5435 events consisted of citizens of SCP-5435-A committing acts of vandalism and arson at random intervals, regardless of their previous opinions of the town, occupation, or medical history. Upon interference by other individuals or the conclusion of whatever act of damage the event entailed, victims of SCP-5435 would fall unconscious, reawakening an indeterminate amount of time later and returning to their homes.

SCP-5435-B is Madeline Lane, the individual responsible for SCP-5435. Prior to Incident 5435-3, it was theorized that SCP-5435-B was utilizing rituals or other anomalous means of instigating SCP-5435 events, although this theory has been challenged following recent events. SCP-5435-B's current whereabouts are unknown, although she was a resident of SCP-5435-A for seventeen years and a student of the local high school, Ocean's Breath High School.

SCP-5435 events occurred all throughout 2019, although the exact start date is unknown. No events resulting in arson occurred prior to June 2019, but a notable spike in events was observed in the final week of May. This coincided with when students of Ocean's Breath High School were taking standardized tests. No students at Ocean's Breath High School were ever affected by SCP-5435 events, either as targets of the effects or direct victims of the ensuing damage. Ocean's Breath High School itself was also never affected by SCP-5435 events, with the exception of Incident 5435-3 to both these patterns.

MRI scans found no physiological alterations to any individuals affected by SCP-5435 events, although an unknown compound was found in the bloodstream of affected individuals prior to the Foundation's arrival. While the exact composition contained anomalous components Foundation equipment was unable to identify, caffeine and methanol were detected in small trace amounts. Unconscious individuals recovered immediately after SCP-5435 events all had high amounts of hydrocarbons in their blood, likely from anomalous sources in events without the use of spray-paint. Victims of SCP-5435 events reported no memory of their actions, all claiming to have blacked out the night before and woken up in their homes. No victims of SCP-5435 events ever regained their memories of the event. When interacted with during the event, no victim ever responded to any stimulus, apart from falling unconscious upon being touched.

Discovery: SCP-5435-A first came to the Foundation's attention on August 17, 2019, following the seventh SCP-5435-induced arson on record, witnessed by Senior Researcher Thompson while he was on vacation in the area. After inquiring into the events from locals, SR Thompson reported the possible anomaly to nearby Foundation agents, who then informed Site-23, the closest possible site, approximately 2 hours away in the neighboring state of Maryland. Foundation agents Villar and Dorsey arrived in SCP-5435-A three days later, and promptly ingrained themselves in town under cover of FBI agents investigating the spate of arsons.

Interview 5435-1

Interviewer: Agent Dorsey, Agent Villar
Interviewee: Madeline Lane
Foreword: This interview was conducted as a series of interviews upon the agents' arrival in SCP-5435-A, focused on obtaining any potential information on SCP-5435 from various citizens of SCP-5435-A. At this time, the significance of Ms. Lane as SCP-5435-B was unknown.


Agent Dorsey: Thank you for coming in today, Miss Lane.

Madeline Lane: Yeah, yeah, it's—yeah. What do you wanna talk about.

Agent Dorsey: We're hoping that you could tell us anything you know about the recent fires around the town.

Madeline Lane: Apart from that I didn't do them, or know who did them, I don't know anything.

Agent Dorsey: That is a very rehearsed sounding response.

Madeline Lane: It's honest. Just say what you want.

Agent Villar: Jeez, alright, no need to pick a fight here.

Agent Dorsey: What my partner meant to say was, there's no need for hostility. We're here to solve this, figure out who's doing it, and get out of this town's hair. If you just try and tell us what you know, if anything, we can get this done quick and easy. Since you don't seem to want to be here.

Madeline Lane: I was being honest. I didn't do it, and I don't know who did. I haven't been anywhere near any of the places that burnt down, and I definitely haven't been selling gasoline to whoever did, or whatever you're thinking of pinning on somebody.

Madeline Lane: And if you're thinking that I was responsible for the rocks and spray-paint before this, I wasn't. I haven't done anything to this town, okay?

Agent Dorsey and Agent Villar glance at each other, and Agent Villar nods slightly before turning back to Lane.

Agent Dorsey: We'll keep that in mind, Miss Lane. Thank you for your input.

Agent Villar: Just one more question, though.

Madeline Lane: You don't believe me at all.

Agent Villar: I do, I do, just let me ask one last thing. Do you know anybody who would have hated this town enough to burn it?

Madeline Lane: Lots of people don't like this town in one way or another. A few kids hate it. But could any of us burn it? No, we couldn't. This wasn't us.

Agent Villar: Alright. Well, thank you for your time.

Lane jerkily nods and exits the room, slamming the door behind her. Agent Dorsey stares at the door for a few seconds before turning to Agent Villar, who is taking notes on a small pad.

Agent Dorsey: Honestly, I think she's one of the innocent ones.

Agent Villar: Five bucks says unintentional thaumaturgic backblast.

Agent Dorsey: We don't even know if it's anomalous yet!


Incident 5435-1
On August 20, 2019, an SCP-5435 event resulted in the arson of the local 724 Motel, directly adjacent to the building agents Villar and Dorsey were in. No casualties resulted from this event, but the timing mere hours after the agents' arrival as well as the proximity to the agents was deemed enough to warrant independent investigation, resulting in Agent Villar acquiring a police report of prior disturbances, listed below.

Date Reported Disturbance
December 3, 2018 Several hooded teenagers spotted attempting to siphon gasoline out of parked cars, fled once officers arrived. None of the teens seemed to bear any relation to SCP-5435.
February 26, 2019 Three families were mistakenly booked for the same room, and all three attempted to enter at the same time. A physical confrontation ensued, which officers had to break up. None of the families stayed in town for longer than week.
March 7, 2019 A local fisherman attempted to smuggle out a recently caught shark in a twenty foot long tank through a back door. No clear relation to SCP-5435, if any.
March 30, 2019 Two teenagers are seen in the parking lot, one tossing a switchblade in their hands and the other apparently recording them. As an officer arrives to investigate, they throw the switchblade over the building and run off. Notably, the disturbance was reported on the same night that one of the first SCP-5435 events occurred, resulting in the partial destruction of a convenience store across the street from the motel.

A sweep of social media posts from SCP-5435-A at the time of the disturbances revealed a video posted by Anna Misser, another resident of SCP-5435-A, showing her and Madeline Lane in the same location as the March 30 disturbance. Following the relocation of the agents to avoid further incidents of arson, a joint interview was made with the two.

Interview 5435-2

Interviewer: Agent Dorsey
Interviewees: Madeline Lane, Anna Misser
Foreword: Agent Dorsey approached the interviewees by the boardwalk of SCP-5435-A, as he was unsure of the safety of giving either of them the agents' new location following the August 20 event.


Madeline Lane: I already told you, I don't know anything. I didn't burn down that motel, and I just want to be left alone.

Agent Dorsey: I just want to ask a few more questions. We know you didn't do it, and you're not under suspicion right now.

Anna Misser: Maddy, you've got alibis. I can vouch for you. This definitely isn't worth starting a fight over.

Madeline Lane: I don't—alright, sure. Sighs. Do you just want a name or something, or is there someone specific you were going to ask about?

Agent Dorsey: You're not too far off, actually. Do either you or Miss Misser here know anybody that you'd say has…strange things happening around them? Maybe somebody with too many stories of supernatural events, or who you've seen have weird things happening around them?

Anna Misser: I mean, it only ever snows in November here, if that's what you mean.

Agent Dorsey: Not quite, no. I—I meant people, anybody you might know that's sort of, not fitting in with…anything, really.

Madeline Lane: I mean, that could be a lot of people. If you want somebody to give you the shortlist of everybody that counts as an outsider, somebody else from OBHS might be the guy you're looking for—

Anna Misser: We don't know anybody, like Maddy told you, and we're not going to just throw somebody we don't like under the bus for no reason.

Agent Dorsey: We're not trying to get people in town to sell out their neighbors, don't worry.

Agent Dorsey: I did have a question for you two specifically, though. We were investigating the motel that burnt, and—

Madeline Lane: Knew it.

Agent Dorsey: You're not under suspect. I just wanted to know what that video from back in March was about.

Lane reaches up and touches her cheek for a moment before shaking her head and dropping her hand, glaring at Agent Dorsey.

Madeline Lane: I was annoyed about something, Anna was trying to cheer me up, and people thought there was something going on.

Agent Dorsey: What was the deal with the knife?

Anna Misser: It was just a little toy thing, we weren't gonna use it. Look, what happened there, with the cops and the running, wasn't related to anything going on now. We didn't go and break anything.

Agent Dorsey: Alright. Well, sorry to bother you, and thank you for the help.

Agent Dorsey beings to leave, as does Lane, but Misser taps him on the shoulder before he gets far.

Anna Misser: I know it looks suspicious, but Maddy didn't do it. She hates it here, but she would never burn it. She's…got problems with some people, but she's not who you're looking for. I swear, I swear, she hasn't done any of this.

Agent Dorsey: We know, and we agree.

Anna Misser: Okay, then, please, leave her alone. She's been through enough as is. Just…please.


The following file was recovered from surveillance cameras located along several townhouses rented out to vacationers in SCP-5435 on August 23. The tape itself is dated March 27, although no time is listed.


Lane and Misser are standing on the boardwalk sometime near dusk. Lane has a bandage on her cheek and is leaning against the boardwalk's fence.

Anna Misser: You know that I'm still here, right?

Madeline Lane: You and who else?

Anna Misser: Literally anybody? This isn't the first fight, there's no way it'll be the last. You've had support before, and you wouldn't just get universally ditched.

Anna Misser: Haven't your parents talked to you about it? Of all people they definitely wouldn't abandon you here.

Madeline Lane: They buy what everybody else is selling. I'm a dead woman walking, Anna.

Anna Misser: Bullshit, that wasn't your fault, and it never has been. There has to be something that's on your side, besides me.

Madeline Lane: If there is, I don't think it can help me by now. The damage is done, Anna, and I don't just mean this.

Lane points at the bandage and slumps down, sitting on the boardwalk as Misser begins pacing.

Anna Misser: What on earth is going on with you, Maddy? Have you just given up on everything you told me about? Did that cut sever a nerve in your spine or something, or are you just upset that you lost?

Madeline Lane: Don't fucking do this, Anna. I don't want to pick a fight right now.

Anna Misser: Then what is it?

Madeline Lane: I realized something. This town hates me. It's obvious. There's no point to mincing words or trying to look all happy to appease something that hates you anyway.

Anna Misser: So you're just going to roll over on it?

Lane stands up and turns, looking out at the ocean before leaning back on the fence and looking at Misser.

Madeline Lane: I don't know what I'm gonna do yet. But I'm going to do something. There's only one thing to do when a place hates you.

The footage abruptly ends, with the cause unknown.

Following the interview and discovery of the previous file, Agents Villar and Dorsey began attempting to track possible anomalous influence on SCP-5435 events when they occurred. In the following two weeks, two more SCP-5435 events took place, but the agents were unable to determine if there was anomalous interference present until Incident 5435-2.


Time: 9:23 PM
Date: September 5, 2019
Foreword: Agents Villar and Dorsey deliberately did not attempt to halt this event as a means of tracking any possible anomalous influence on the targets responsible.


Agent Dorsey: Please tell me you've got anything on that yet, Reed.

Agent Villar: It is literally out of my control, what do you want me to do?

Agent Dorsey: Expand the parameters? I don't know, I just want to be sure something's actually causing this and it's not just a Belfast thing.

Agent Villar: What's wrong with Belfast?

Agent Dorsey: Oh, back in like, 2012, they sent a team in to try and figure out a bunch of anomalous incidents, and it turned out each one, just kinda happened. They're still trying to figure out if there was some absolutely massive pattern or if the city's just weird—what the fuck was that?

The sound of glass breaking and fast footsteps are heard in the distance. Agents Villar and Dorsey turn to each other.

Agent Dorsey: Do we even need the car?

Agent Villar: You find out where that came from, I'll meet you there in under two minutes.

Agent Villar begins packing equipment into his bag as Agent Dorsey sprints towards the source of the sound, eventually rounding a street corner to see a woman awkwardly running down the road, a bottle with a rag stuffed in it in hand. A broken bottle is on the corner itself, surrounded by ashes and smelling of gasoline.

Agent Dorsey: She's going down Willow Lane, Reed, get down here!

Agent Dorsey runs after the woman, stopping a few buildings away from her. The woman herself is standing in front of the 724 Motel, one hand jerkily searching her pockets. She shuffles up to the front steps of the house and takes out a lighter, igniting it as she stares at the bottle.

Neither her nor Agent Dorsey move for a short while before the sound of rapid footsteps is heard down the street and Agent Villar stumbles to a stop next to Agent Dorsey, holding a tablet with wires leading into his bag.

Agent Villar: What's she doing?

Agent Dorsey: I don't know yet, she just hasn't moved.

The woman turns and looks at the agents for a moment, and then turns back to the house before lighting the rag on fire and dropping the bottle on the motel's front hall. Agent Dorsey runs up and grabs the woman, dragging her away from the growing fire as Agent Villar's lights up.

Agent Dorsey: You getting anything on there?

Agent Villar: I think so? I might be able to get a location, but whatever this is it's…kinda weak, actually. Apparently the radio scanner's picking something up, but the static filters are just destroying it.

Agent Dorsey: Fuck it, we're following the smoke. You seeing that shit?

The smoke from the now burning motel is blowing towards the east despite the wind blowing the opposite direction, and a faint dark purple tinge is visible near the peak.

Agent Villar: Oh, shit, yeah that looks bad. Tablet says source's that way anyway.

Agent Dorsey leaves the woman on the sidewalk in front of the motel and begins running through the backyard, hopping the fence and continuing through the adjacent yard as Agent Villar follows. They both sprint through several more yards before Agent Villar skids to a stop on a gravel path, staring a nearby house that the smoke is coalescing around.

Agent Villar: That's it. It's coming from there. And before you ask, I don't think that's memetic. I haven't had any countermemes shoved at me yet, at least, so let's go.

The agents cautiously approach the house, Agent Villar checking his tablet every few seconds. They reach the rear fence of the house, and the smoke is slowly swirling around the backyard. Agent Dorsey removes a small flashlight from his jacket pocket and begins climbing over the fence, clicking it on as he approaches where the smoke is densest. As he passes a beach towel lying on the ground, Agent Villar whispers loudly at him.

Agent Villar: Eric! Your right!

Agent Dorsey: I know I was right, I can tell what address this is!

Agent Villar: No, on your right! Look down!

Agent Dorsey: What are you saying—oh fuck!

The smoke shifts direction close to the ground, blowing towards Agent Dorsey's right and towards Madeline Lane lying on the grass, seemingly asleep. She shifts slightly as Agent Dorsey's flashlight passes over her, and he quickly switches it off before slowly backing away.

Agent Dorsey: Reed, does she know I'm here?

Agent Villar: Readings aren't shifting, I don't think so, but just get out. We'll call somebody in later.

Agent Dorsey slowly climbs back over the fence, slipping as he climbs down and loudly landing on the ground as a loud crack is heard from his pocket. At this, Lane begins to stir, and the smoke begins to dissipate.

Agent Villar: Go!

The agents run away from the house as quietly as possible while the smoke fades, but before they round the corner Agent Dorsey looks back and and sees Lane looking for them. Agent Villar trips and yells, and Lane spins around to look at the source, the smoke slightly thickening again before fully fading once the agents are out of sight of the house.



The 724 Motel following Incident 5435-2.

Agents Villar and Dorsey called in to Site-23 at 10:44 PM on September 5 requesting a full anomaly research team, sending the log and data from Agent Villar's equipment as proof. A research team led by Senior Researcher Thompson arrived on September 7, operating under the same cover story as the agents. Another SCP-5435 event occurred that night, leading to the team taking charge of the local hospital for investigative purposes and uncovering the physical characteristics of the victims of SCP-5435 events. Despite this breakthrough, no further evidence on the means by which SCP-5435 was causing the events was found, leading to the research team and agents attempting to search for other incidents or police reports involving SCP-5435-B.

The following email was attached to a series of police reports listed as related to or instigated by SCP-5435-B, dated March 26, 2019.

Dear Madeline Lane,
Following your recent referral, OBHS administration has elected not to take any additional disciplinary action at this time. In accordance with standard consequence escalation, your suspension will last for the remaining 4 days, at which point you will be expected to return to school and make up all previously missed work. Review of the events of March 23 showed that you were not the sole instigator, and should not be punished as such. However, due to this being the latest in a consistent pattern of behavior from you, a notice has been sent to all colleges you have applied to, as well as in-school disciplinary records and police records.
Walter Leman, Principal, Ocean's Breath High School

Any replies to this email were not attached to the report.

Following several SCP-5435 events, and a lack of progress in determining the actual mechanism for SCP-5435 events, Senior Researcher Thompson authorized a team of himself, Agents Dorsey, and Agent Villar to enter the residence of SCP-5435-B and attempt to find the mechanism himself on September 14, 2019.


Foreword: Senior Researcher Thompson had intentionally waited to begin the mission until an SCP-5435 event was taking place in the hopes of catching SCP-5435-B in the act.


Agents Dorsey and Villar and Sr. Res. Thompson are outside a window of SCP-5435-B's house, attempting to open it to enter.

Agent Villar: You know, I really don't think we should be here. Pliers.

Sr. Res. Thompson: The quickest way to determine what exactly the source of the anomaly is, is to simply go to the source and document it. Besides, you see what's going on right now.

Sr. Res. Thompson successfully opens the window and points upwards as he climbs inside, gesturing towards the clouds of smoke emnating from an upstairs window. The smoke is notably thicker than in prior incidents.

Agent Villar: Yeah, but just doing it officially would be easier, and way more legal.

Agent Dorsey: If we make it official, she could hide it, and it'll take too long. We're working with lives, Reed. Get in.

Agent Villar follows Agent Dorsey inside, the three finding themselves at the base of a set of stairs. Sr. Res. Thompson extracts a scanner device from his pocket, staring at it as they slowly begin to climb the stairs.

Agent Dorsey: (Whispered) What are we looking at, Thompson?

Sr. Res. Thompson: (Whispered) Large amounts of unknown radiation, and no detected memes. Whatever this girl is doing, she's being very low-key about it.

Sr. Res. Thompson: (Whispered) Whatever we find up there, we halt, detain, and record. If we can't halt it, we record, retreat, and come back.

The three reach the top of the stairs, turning a corner and emerging into a hall with several doors on both sides. Agent Villar steps past Agent Dorsey and Sr. Res. Thompson, reaching inside his jacket as he presses himself against a wall, reaching down to his holster, and Agent Dorsey does the same, leaning against the opposite wall of the hall as Sr. Res. Thompson remains on the stairs.

Agent Dorsey: Which one, Thompson?

Sr. Res. Thompson: Trying to determine. I can't find any traces of thaumaturgic radiation so far. She could be competent enough to camouflage it.

Agent Villar: How could she know how to do that, but leave a very obvious trail of purple smoke? This does not feel right.

Sr. Res. Thompson: Did you yourself not see the smoke coalescing around her and track the interference to here several times?

Agent Villar: It could be some sort of weird, elaborate ploy? I couldn't get a good signal apart from that one time, we'd never had that much interference or even smoke before. This whole thing could be some goose chase the actual culprit's leading us on.

Agent Dorsey: Or it could just be an upset kid that decided to try something the local crackhead told her. Although I don't think this is camo.

Sr. Res. Thompson: She's not a cerebromancer, as there were no countermemes detected, and some thaumaturgic rituals have unavoidable physical elements.

Agent Villar: That's not the point. We've been so focused on singling this girl out we've gone highway blind to anybody that could be actually doing it.

Agent Dorsey: You did ignore a lot of field notes from the others.

Sr. Res. Thompson: We've found the source of an anomaly, and we need to do our job and contain it. Now stop interrupting me.

Agent Villar: Look, I just think we should try and back out, work on containing and maybe stopping the events before we go for the source.

Agent Villar walks towards Sr. Res. Thompson and places his hand on the scanner.

Agent Villar: Thompson, we're breaking and entering. We're lacking some pretty critical information about how this whole phenomenon reacts to long term exposure to something fighting it, and we don't even know how it's happening. This is a very, very bad idea.

SCP-5435-B: What the fuck are you all doing?

SCP-5435-B stands in a doorway at the end of the hall, staring at Agent Villar and Sr. Res. Thompson on the stairs. Agent Dorsey looks between the stairs and SCP-5435-B before sighing.

Agent Dorsey: This is what we get for getting sloppy.

SCP-5435-B: Why are you all in my house? What—I can see a fire from my window! Why aren't you there or tracking whoever set it?

Sr. Res. Thompson: We are. We have reason to believe you have been responsible for both the vandalism starting in April and the fires.

SCP-5435-B: Are you—-I'm fucking done. God, I'm fucking done with this shit.

Agent Dorsey: Madeline, just calm down, and tell us how you're doing it.

SCP-5435-B: Oh, I don't fucking know! Why don't you just make up a reason for arresting me, like how everybody else in this god damn town has!

Sr. Res. Thompson: Radiation spike. Message being recieved.

The scanner device begins cracking, repeating an unclear message as SCP-5435-B continues to talk.

SCP-5435-B: Radiation? Message? Jesus, what the fuck are you talking about?

Agent Villar: Look, I know it sounds complicated, but we think that you're responsible for all of this in a way that isn't entirely natural.

SCP-5435-B: Great. I don't care. God, why is it so hard for people to just try and—

The scanner message clears as SCP-5435-B inhales and steps back.

Scanner: Leave me alone!
SCP-5435-B: Leave me alone!

The smoke suddenly rushes out of the room behind SCP-5435-B, impacting Agent Villar. He staggers back as Sr. Res. Thompson and Agent Dorsey dodge the smoke, avoiding contact before it dissipates down the stairs. Agent Villar stands still, panting heavily.

Sr. Res. Thompson: Villar? Do you need a medic? Is something—

Agent Villar suddenly turns and punches Sr. Res. Thompson directly in the side of the head, knocking him unconscious. Agent Dorsey runs and tackles Agent Villar, both of their cameras being obscured as they begin struggling. After several minutes, Agent Villar kicks Agent Dorsey off of him and into a wall, and he sees SCP-5435-B removing Sr. Res. Thompson's camera from his coat, now carrying a duffel bag slung over her back.

Agent Dorsey: He's on your hands, Madeline! This whole town's on your hands!

SCP-5435-B glares at Agent Dorsey before Agent Villar charges him, slamming him into the wall again. SCP-5435-B holds up Sr. Res. Thompson's camera as she exits the house, looking around and recording the town. Nobody else is present on the street as she walks away from the house.

Agent Dorsey finally throws Agent Villar off of him and slams his head into the wall, knocking him unconscious. Sprinting over to the window, he sees SCP-5435-B walking away, and immediately reaches to his radio.

Agent Dorsey: This is Dorsey, I need a medic at anomaly ground zero, subject is gone and potentially dangerous, respond!

He does not receive a response for several minutes. SCP-5435-B turns the camera down towards her other hand to reveal Sr. Res. Thompson's wallet and radio, and her car keys. Returning the camera upright, she continues to approach her car at the end of the street, doing one final sweep of the camera before entering the car and starting it. She drives past her house, recording Agent Dorsey in the upper floor window as she does.

SCP-5435-B continues driving towards Ocean's Breath High School, the camera now resting on the dashboard of the car. Several people have gathered and are looking at the school, which is now on fire, flames coming out of several second-story windows. Anna Misser is standing in front of the school, and turns to look at SCP-5435-B, who waves at her before speaking to the camera.

SCP-5435-B: If I could have burned this town long ago, I wouldn't have hesitated. But I didn't. You did.

SCP-5435-B throws the camera onto the side of the road, getting back in her car and driving off. Anna Misser waves at her in the distance before sitting down on the sidewalk, staring at the burning school.


Agent Villar and Sr. Res. Thompson made a full recovery, and Sr. Res. Thompson was officially reprimanded for his actions. Anna Misser has been uncooperative with Foundation authorities since Incident 5435-3, and has not divulged any information about SCP-5435-B's possible whereabouts. Given the unknown nature of SCP-5435-B's abilities, no active efforts to find her are being undertaken at the time, to avoid collateral damage.

Analysis of records of SCP-5435-B's early life do not present any evidence of anomalous influence.

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