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The following file depicts a recently discovered anomaly, and therefore may have inconsistencies and/or a lack of information.

Item #: SCP-5429

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5429 is held in a standard humanoid chamber.

An investigation into the nature of SCP-5429 is underway.

Description: SCP-5429 is former Senior Researcher Jason Vatili of Site-72's Alchemy Department Wing. Theoretically, when a portion of SCP-5429 is dismembered, a new growth will appear as if the injury never occurred. This effect is yet to be directly observed and thus can not be confirmed as of writing.

Notably, a buildup of flesh can be seen bulging from around SCP-5429's shoulder and upper arm. Though it was once a prominent researcher, it is now barely capable of advanced thought nor is it able to hold conversations. SCP-5429 is unable to recall any of its memories prior to 17/03/20211.

Addendum: Discovery and Containment

Prior to discovery, an unrelated containment breach occurred at Site-72. Though the anomaly was a Safe Class and there were no deaths, minor structural damage led to SCP-5429's left arm being dismembered from its body. Emergency surgery to reattach the arm was unsuccessful.

The dismembered limb was placed in cold storage per SCP-5429's request, which was to be used for any containment procedures requiring human flesh.

The following day, however, SCP-5429 returned to Site-72 with both arms intact. SCP-5429 was immediately detained and moved to the Safe Containment Sector. Investigation of SCP-5429's residence took place shortly thereafter. Blood, mucus and torn organ tissue had been spread throughout the home. Furniture and belongings were discovered in a state of disarray.

At the same time, the limb was reported missing from cold storage. The following message was found scratched from within its freezer unit:

arm back you — one only. space no two — bye

The limb is yet to be located.

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