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Sample frame of SCP-5428 footage. SCP-5428-A is on display.

Item #: SCP-5428

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

I/O METATRON has been assigned to search online for any references to SCP-5428. Given the rarity of new instances, this task is to be given low priority and take place on a weekly basis. Tapes which contain SCP-5428 are to be retrieved and stored securely within Site-43. Witnesses are to be held under observation for three hours.


SCP-5428 is a TV special entitled 101 Household Hints with Eleonor; which has been exclusively found distributed via VHS tapes. To date, eight tapes have been located in the continental United States and Canada. All have been found in thrift stores and in no case has staff been able to recall their origin. The physical tapes themselves are not anomalous.

The packaging of the tapes includes the following description:


Tape #03

By popular demand, we are finally publishing the official broadcast of 101 Household Hints With Eleonor!

Worry not if you missed it, you can now rewatch it over and over and over and over! Follow the hottest tips and tricks that will surely help you become the best housewife you can be! All curated by Eleonor herself, directly from her many household management books!

There is something for every nook and cranny and edge and crevice of the house. From cooking to gardening. If you can think of it, Eleonor has got you covered!

Distributed with love by your friends over at Vikander-Kneed Technical Media.

This is a tribute to you, Eleonor. Rest in pieces.

Eleonor is designation given for the entity which hosts SCP-5428. She is a caucasian woman estimated to be in her 60s, and is henceforth designated SCP-5428-A. The head of SCP-5428-A is rotated 180 degrees, such that her face is in the back of her body while her nape is in front. Despite this, SCP-5428-A behaves as if her head was attached normally to her body. The video cuts whenever SCP-5428-A moves in a way that would reveal her true face, except on occasions when the face itself is concealed by an item of clothing or other object. Efforts to discover a matching identity for SCP-5428-A are underway.

SCP-5428 consists of a series of short segments which cover varied topics. These are separated into distinct categories. Examples include health, cleaning, and beauty. All segments invariably showcase nonsensical and potentially dangerous instructions which achieve a wide array of results. However, said instructions are always presented as desirable and factual. There is a live crowd present, but no individuals have been identified. No records of SCP-5428 ever being broadcasted have been found either.

Untrained individuals who witness any part of SCP-5428 will not react adversely to the anomalous events presented, and will instead perceive the instructions as useful. They will also experience a weak compulsion to share the footage with others, which lasts for an average of two minutes.
A negligible portion of witnesses may attempt to follow the instructions presented, which can lead to injuries and in some cases death. Two hours after exposure, witnesses will not be able to recall observing the footage unless directly reminded.

Addendum SCP-5428.1
The following is a series of transcripts which showcase various segments present within SCP-5428. Selected following no specific criteria.

Addendum SCP-5428.2

On 04/06/2021 a social media post which contained a segment of SCP-5428 was detected by I/O METATRON. Upon review it was discovered that hundreds of similar posts were already circulating in many social media platforms. A Keneq-level containment breach was declared.
Once the original post was identified, it was discovered to have been uploaded only 45 minutes earlier. Three hours after the breach was declared, all posts were confirmed to be taken down. It is estimated that over 15 million civilians were exposed to the footage during this time.

A week later the event was declared fully contained. At least 2,305 injuries were directly linked to this event, as well as 127 deaths. Appropriate cover stories were provided for all.

The author of the original post was identified amongst those injured. Interviews revealed the subject found the ninth known VHS tape to contain SCP-5428. While observing the tape on their TV, they used their phone to record the footage and uploaded it online.

Analysis into the quick spread of SCP-5428 during the event is underway. The following contributing factors have been identified:

  • The structure of social media platforms allowed witnesses to quickly share the posts which contained SCP-5428, before the compulsion to do so faded.
  • The algorithms of social media platforms anomalously favored posts containing SCP-5428, over any other kind of post.

Review of containment procedures is pending.

Update 12/07/2021: All nine tapes have suffered a minor change to their contents. Mentions of the title 101 Household Hints with Eleonor have been replaced by a new title, Life Hacks with Eleanor. No further changes have been noted.

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