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Item#: 5424
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-5424 is to be contained within the roughly 6m x 3m x 2m chamber which has replaced humanoid containment chamber HC-5424 by virtue of SCP-5424's primary anomalous effect.

No Foundation personnel are to approach the chamber's entrance closer than nine meters. Items delivered to SCP-5424 (i.e. basic sustenance, sanitary supplies etc.) are to be delivered via the installed automated trolley system.

SCP-5424 is a human female, aged 36. Prior to incident IN-5424-01, the subject's designation was Doctor Hillary Weaver, posted at the Suspected Anomalous Materials Analysis Division (SAMAD) at Site-81.

The subject's primary anomalous quality is the periodic alteration of its immediate surroundings. The radius of these changes is not consistent and has been observed to fluctuate between one and seven meters. While the deployment of Scranton Reality Anchors has proven ineffective, the primary anomalous effects of SCP-5424 appear not to manifest within the same area on multiple occasions. Therefore, in the aftermath of incident IN-5424-02, SCP-5424 was not relocated to a standard humanoid containment cell.

While locations previously affected by SCP-5424 do not appear to be altered repeatedly, individual items have been observed to materialize within SCP-5424's vicinity. In addition, objects transferred to the immediate vicinity of SCP-5424 (including Foundation personnel) subsequent to an alteration, have sporadically ceased to exist. Aetheric Resonance Imaging has consistently shown no levels of Aspect Radiation above the accepted one hundred Casper background radiation baseline during these events.

Cognitive testing of SCP-5424 has established no impairment of cognitive function with the exception of the dissociative issues speculated to be linked to SCP-5424's anomalous properties. Specifically, no indications of cerebral atrophy or cerebrovascular damage have been detected.

Despite detailed analysis of available data, including detailed medical and thaumaturgical scans of SCP-5424 as well as materials analysis of the locations of incidents IN-5424-01 and IN-5424-02, no plausible hypothesis explaining the onset or nature of SCP-5424's anomalous properties has as yet been put forth. While SCP-5424 itself has produced an explanation (see interview transcript IVT-5424-05) of the events, inconsistencies between SCP-5424's narrative and the observed properties of other Type Green entities would seem to indicate the provided explanation to most likely be a result of the subject's established dissociative/confabulative episodes.

Prior to the initial manifestation of SCP-5424's anomalous effects during incident IN-5424-01, the subject had sought medical assistance at Site-81's medical wing. Transcripts of interviews performed by Site-81 personnel, as well as relevant incident reports, are attached to this file.

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