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Item #: SCP-5423

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Wing E of Site 98 has been closed off. Evacuation of the rest of the site is underway. All non-essential personnel will be transferred to nearby sites under the cover of disaster relief efforts running throughout the eastern seaboard of the United States.

All further testing of SCP-5423 must be approved by the entire O5 Council, and an emphasis will be placed on neutralization of the anomaly.

No personnel will remain in a section of SCP-5423 when it is active, due to anomalies incompatible with life.

Description: SCP-5423 is a spatial anomaly manifesting in Wing E of Site 98. When any discrete enclosed space is closed off, that room, its contents, and the space it occupies ceases to exist to all measurements currently available to the Foundation.

Sonar and electromagnetic radiation perform as though there is no space between the walls when the doors are closed. Due to the irregular shape of SCP-5423, this causes significant distortion.

Persons and objects inside the rooms experience no time between the door's closing and its opening again. However, the continuity of matter in the rooms is poorly consistent. Most dangerous examples include:

  • A ladder was knocked over as the door to a hallway was closed. When it was re-opened, the momentum was altered so that instead of falling over, it instead crashed into the far wall at 60 KPH.
  • O2 in one room was replaced by CO, leading to the hospitalization of three personnel.
  • A janitor collapsed as soon as they were recovered from an affected room. Autopsy showed the absence of their circulatory system (though their blood still occupied the spaces left by the absent blood vessels).
  • All objects in the room had undergone severe oxidation. This led to objects sustaining severe damage and reduced the structural integrity of the room.

The room in which SCP-5423 originally manifested was a storage room on the second sub-level of Site 98. There were no anomalous objects inside when it was discovered and it is presently unknown how it manifested.

A porthole window was installed in the wall surrounding SCP-5423 on 3/APR/30. When the door is closed, the window immediately changes view as though it were embedded in the far wall. Refraction shows that the glass as five centimeters shallower than when the door is closed, suggesting that part of the window is affected by the anomaly.

A hole was drilled through the wall on 7/JUN/30 while the anomaly was active. When the drill reached the point where it should have reached the interior of the storage room, all communications with the testing team went silent. Site security immediately mobilized, and it was discovered that the hallway displayed the same anomalous properties as the room.

On 10/AUG/30, Foundation agents inadvertently caused a 7.8 magnitude earthquake centered in New York City while neutralizing a Chaos Insurgency cell. Site 98 was not rated for this level of seismic activity, and it caused structural damage throughout the site. SCP-5423 was undergoing testing at the time, and this breached its previous boundaries, leading to much of Wing E of Site 98 being compromised.

24 personnel were inside the affected areas. 17 required hospitalization and 5 died immediately. The others are undergoing observation.

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