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Item #: SCP-5423

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All doors associated with SCP-5423 are to be removed from their frames outside of scheduled testing, and personnel will not enter the room except as required by testing protocols. A security barrier will be placed at each potential entrance to SCP-5423. The hallway formerly accessible through the space occupied by SCP-5423 will no longer be used to house anomalous objects.

Any personnel who experience SCP-5423's anomalous effects will be removed from the site and isolated for at least one week as part of standard decontamination procedures after exposure to unreality.

Description: SCP-5423 is a spatial anomaly manifesting in a hallway and a room in Site 98. When the doors to these spaces are closed, that area, its contents, and the space it occupies ceases to exist to all measurements currently available to the Foundation.

Sonar and electromagnetic radiation act as though there is no space between the walls when the doors are closed. Due to the irregular shape of SCP-5423, this causes significant distortion.

Persons and objects inside the rooms experience no time between the door's closing and its opening again. However, the continuity of matter in the rooms is not perfectly consistent. Examples include:

  • A bucket of marbles was dropped from a height of 3 feet. When the door was re-opened, the marbles resumed their travel. However, the direction of momentum was changed for each, seemingly at random.
  • Upon opening the door, a section of air was superheated. Precise measurements were not taken, but five minutes after, the temperature of the room as a whole was 50°C, 30°C hotter than ambient temperature outside the anomaly.
  • D-42803's right eye was displaced two feet from its socket.

The room in which SCP-5423 originally manifested was previously a storage room on the second sub-level of Site 98. There were no anomalous objects inside when it was discovered and it is presently unknown how it manifested.

A porthole window was installed in the wall surrounding SCP-5423 on 3/APR/30. When the door is closed, the window immediately changes view as though it were embedded in the far wall. Refraction shows that the glass as five centimeters shallower than when the door is closed, suggesting that part of the window is affected by the anomaly.

A hole was drilled through the wall on 7/JUN/30 while the anomaly was active. When the drill reached the point where it should have reached the interior of the storage room, all communications with the testing team went silent. Site security immediately mobilized, and it was discovered that the hallway displayed the same anomalous properties as the room.

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