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Item #: SCP-5423

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The door associated with SCP-5423 is to remain open outside of scheduled testing, and personnel will not enter the room except as required by testing protocols. A block will be placed in the doorframe to make sure it does not accidentally shut, while a barrier will be placed around the door to deny unauthorized entry.

Any personnel who experience SCP-5423's anomalous effects will be removed from the site and isolated for at least one week as part of standard decontamination procedures after exposure to unreality.

Description: SCP-5423 is a spatial anomaly manifesting in a room in Site 98. When the door to this room is closed, the room, its contents, and the space it occupies ceases to exist to all measurements currently available to the Foundation.

Sonar and electromagnetic radiation act as though there is no space between the walls when the door is closed.

Persons inside the room experience no time between the door's closing and its opening again. When the door opens, objects in motion have the same position and momentum they had when the door had closed, no matter how far they should have traveled.

The room in which SCP-5423 manifests was previously a storage room on the second sub-level of Site 98. There were no anomalous objects inside when it was discovered and it is presently unknown how it manifested.

O5 Command has approved the installation of a window to observe the effects of SCP-5423 directly. Installation has been scheduled for 24/MAR/30.

While testing of the anomaly's properties is underway, a Directed Task Force led by Dr. Matson has been commissioned to investigate its origins.

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