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Item#: 5422
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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Special Containment Procedures: Due to the location and nature of SCP-5422 direct containment is not currently possible, although the nature of the anomaly means it is primarily self-containing. Efforts will focus on the study of the anomaly and mitigation of its growth, however complete prevention of SCP-5422's growth is currently considered impossible1.

Agents imbedded within anomalous organizations and communities will actively discourage the use of intangibility for tactical or recreational purposes and will make efforts to prevent any experiments involving such, to the extent that it does not interfere with their other duties. Foundation experiments involving intangibility will only be carried out when there is judged to be a minimal risk of the creation of a SCP-5422-1 instance.

Analysis of SCP-5422 is to be performed via use of thaumaturgical scanning equipment and Intangible object detection devices. SCP-5422 is to be continually monitored to detect the arrival of SCP-5422-1 instances at SCP-5422.

Proposals regarding SCP-5422 are to be reviewed and accepted/denied on a case-by-case basis by all relevant parties. Any feasible proposals pertaining to the permanent neutralization of SCP-5422 are pre-emptively approved by the Ethics committee.

Description: SCP-5422 refers to a mass of intangible objects located at the approximate gravitational center of the earth. While this mass consists partially of various chunks of earth, small objects and animals, the vast majority of the mass is composed of human bodies, hence after referred to as SCP-5422-1 instances.

SCP-5422-1 instances appear to have no singular source, rather originating from a variety of sources over the course of several centuries. All SCP-5422-1 instances have been measured to be between 0.2-0.3 on the Yempit opacity scale2. There are currently believed to be over ████████ SCP-5422-1 instances within SCP-5422.

Addendum-1: Discovery:

SCP-5422 was discovered in the aftermath of Incident-██-35. Incident-██-35 involved several assailants from the Chaos Insurgency attacking Site-██, presumably with the goal of securing SCP-048. While the attack was successfully repelled, the assailants activated a device while on the retreat to prevent their capture. The activation of the device cast what is believed to be a modified version of thaumaturgical ritual D5-24, resulting in a large portion of the Site, along with the device, SCP-048 and numerous personnel becoming intangible, and subsequently falling through the ground5. Among these personnel was Researcher Bradbury, who was in his office at the time of the device's activation.

Approximately 3 hours after the incident, during cleanup and repair operations, the following message was received on several co-workers' computers:

Signal tracing located the origin of this message to be approximately 44km beneath Site-██. It is believed that Researcher Bradley was in contact with his personal work computer at the time of transformation, and that the anomalous augmentations of the computer6, along with his training in non-visual typing7, allowed him to continue to communicate with his surface colleagues. It was considered likely that Researcher Bradbury was experiencing extreme sensatory deprivation as a result of his location and intangible nature.

The signal from Bradbury's computer continued to be tracked for several hours before coming to rest at the approximate gravitational center of the earth. The use of thaumaturgical ritual B9-73 was authorized, resulting in the discovery of SCP-54228.

Addendum-2: Communication:

SCP-5422 Research Proposal

Attempt two-way communication with Researcher Bradbury via a Foundation standard computer, as so to ascertain more about the nature of his situation.

Status: Approved by O5 command

Reason: Two-way communication would allow active analysis of Researcher Bradbury's situation and the nature of SCP-5422 along with the status of lost objects and personnel.

Following the approval of the above proposal, communication was attempted with Researcher Bradbury (Hence after referred to as SCP-5422-1-1) via his computer, which was still believed to be in his possession. The following interaction resulted:

Addendum-3: Research & Analysis:

Following initial communication attempts, research through alternate methods was proposed.

SCP-5422 Research Proposal

Deploy a deep-earth probe for the analysis of SCP-5422 and the retrieval of lost personnel.

Status: Denied by O5 command

Reason: The cost and risks of such a project would far outweigh the potential benefits.

Research and analysis was eventually authorized via further use of thaumaturgical ritual B9-73 and other relevant thaumaturgical processes along with recently developed technology for detecting intangible anomalous entities9. The anomaly was determined to not be from a single original source, cause or event, but rather a multitude of sources, causes and events, which collectively resulted in the formation of SCP-5422 due to their similar natures and outcomes. Current containment procedures were implemented shortly thereafter.

Around this time, SCP-5422-1-1 resumed communication.

These messages was followed by several similar message strings over the course of several hours before once again ceasing (Consult Addendum-5422-B for a full list of recovered transmissions). This is believed to be due to SCP-5422-1-1 fainting from sleep deprivation.

Addendum-4: Ongoing Containment:

Due to the remote location and difficult to contain nature of SCP-5422, multiple proposals to contain it more securely were submitted.

SCP-5422 Containment Proposal

Deploy a deep-earth probe for equipped with an incorporeal entity vacuum chamber for the containment and transportation of SCP-5422, along with the recovery of lost personnel.

Status: Denied by O5 command

Reason: Once again, the cost and risks of such a project would far outweigh the potential benefits. Furthermore, incorporeal entity vacuum chamber partially solidifies all intangible objects placed within it, making it impractical for transporting a large number.

SCP-5422 Containment Proposal

Use SCP-██ to teleport SCP-5422 to a suitable Foundation holding site, as so to allow for the recovery of lost personnel.

Status: Denied by O5 command

Reason: SCP-██ is too valuable to risk for an objective like this. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the SCP-5422-1 instances will be affected by it.

The following communication was received from SCP-5422-1-1:

Following this, communication from SCP-5422-1-1 ceased and has not since resumed. This is believed to be due to SCP-5422-1-1's death from dehydration.

Addendum-6: Neutralization Proposals:

SCP-5422 Neutralization Proposal

Use of an intangible explosive device to neutralize SCP-5422.

Status: Denied by O5 command

Reason: This is unlikely to resolve the issue for any significant length of time.

SCP-5422 Neutralization Proposal

Use of an intangible explosive device to neutralize all SCP-5422-1 instances still alive within SCP-5422.

Status: Approved by O5 command

Reason: We're not cruel, we just know when we can't stop something from happening.

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