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SCP-5417-J, ready for rain death

Item #: SCP-5417-J

Object Class: is call keter

Special Containment Procedures: Just make it far away from us, okay big guys? SCP-5417-J stay in its home of crystal and shiny, thank you big guys. Also is contain song we sing make 5417-J stay in home. Please memory it:

It is no for good
It is no for spackle
Please stay home it should
Beware the bad Nackle

Description: SCP-5417-J is small white squares of deadly1, some time fall from sky. When it touch us burn awful. Make us dead. Please keep deadly in container of crystal and shiny. That its home, big guys. If big guys must eat deadly, please keep on big guys food not fall on tiny doctors.

Addendum 1: On many day ago, Dr. Tropod have SCP-5417-J fall on him. He die bad pain. Horrible. I cry for him. Dr. M'Lusk also sad, stay in his house 3 day. No work get done. He quote "This worse day since SCP-88992 breach its home devour many tiny doctors, entire MTF team 'Pepper' gone."

Addendum 2: Apology for my goo on letter buttons big guys - Dr. Sluggo

Addendum 3: Also thank for tiny labcoats big guys. Are practical. - Dr. Cargot

Addendum 4: Request tiny pocket protects. Ink bad mix with goo. Thank. - Dr. Eyestalks

Addendum 5: Uh, request granted, I guess. Researcher Yuuki made them for you. - Dr. Corden

Addendum 6: Thank big guys, you best! We decide you security clear upgrade now Helix level. Access grant to visit tiny doctor houses if big guys can learn be tiny too. - Dr. Cargot

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