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by PlaguePJP

3/5417 LEVEL 3/5417
Item #: SCP-5417

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5417 are contained in Site-43's High-Yield Data Storage Facility 3. An investigation into the studio in which SCP-5417 was filmed is currently underway. Dr. Harold Blank is currently overseeing the operation; all information is to be forwarded to him and into the GOI-5889 file.


Still from SCP-5417-1.

Description: SCP-5417 designates a set of VHS tapes containing Jazzercize-style instruction videos entitled "'Cize Up," produced by Vikander-Kneed Technical Media (GoI-5889).

Of the four known to exist, the Foundation is currently in possession of one VHS, designated SCP-5417-1. Those who actively view SCP-5417, regardless of their participation, will experience increased appetite, lowered metabolism, and extreme exhaustion. Testing revealed that long-term exposure could cause a weight gain of up to twenty-three kilograms within the span of thirty days.

SCP-5417 tapes, while advertised as exercise instructional videos, are nonsensical in their programming, with only one segment between tapes that could be considered an exercise instructional video. Footage also shows unfinished elements, leading to the conclusion that SCP-5417 tapes were not meant to be released, at least in their current form. (See Addendum One).

SCP-5417-A is the host of SCP-5417. It resembles a human female clothed in a blue leotard. Its face is yet to be viewed, as it is always hidden under a black burlap sack. This mask lacks eye or breathing holes, and it is tied around its neck with a shoelace.

Repeat viewings will sometimes contain references to the events of previous playthroughs, including equipment or tools, background dancers, and/or spilled bodily matter.

Addendum 5417.1: Abridged Episode Transcripts

The following is a transcript of the 26th rewatch of SCP-5417-1.

Addendum 5417.2: Investigation


Pulled frame.

The image of the skyline shown in the third section was examined. Foundation operatives were able to deduce that the "'Cize Up" studio was located in Erie, Pennsylvania. An investigation ensued, and the building SCP-5417 was filmed at was found.

The studio was empty, save for a trail of blood leading to a storage closet and 52 smoking torches in the backstage area. Within the closet were twenty-six bodies, female, all wearing the same clothes with similar injuries to the head. The oldest body had only been dead for twelve hours.

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