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SCP-5417 prior to manifestation of its anomalous effects.

Item №: SCP-5417

Object Class: Safe Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Further anomalous activity originating from SCP-5417 must be prevented at all costs.

Description: SCP-5417 is a villa-styled residential house located in Kailua, Hawai'i which is impregnable to physical force. On 09/13/2024, the entire human population was transported into SCP-5417.

As the space within SCP-5417 was not sufficient to accommodate 8.6 billion individuals at once, this event resulted in the majority of humanity being killed instantly. The primary cause of death was massive crush damage from high pressure. The resultant pulverized mass of human remains evacuated through all available openings; viscera was dispersed over a radius of thirty kilometers, with some entering low Earth orbit.

Several doors and windows across SCP-5417 were open when its anomalous properties manifested. Due to this, a small number of humans were ejected from the structure alive. The survivors were primarily those who had initially appeared in close proximity to the exits, as there was no opportunity to navigate within SCP-5417.

At present count, a total of 22 humans remain alive, of which only three are Foundation employees. This has necessarily caused a BK-Class "Lifted Veil" loss-of-secrecy scenario. Methods of bolstering the human population are currently being investigated.

Addendum: [Field left blank]


Okay, it’s recording.

(Footsteps, squishing. Sound of insects buzzing. Person gulps.)

God, even with the face mask, it’s foul. I better not hurl, that'll just make it worse…

(Deep inhale and exhale.)

Okay. Okay. This is Cameron Park. Officially D-307. I’m gonna- I’m out here to visit the house. See for myself. Everyone else stays away from it. They hate the smell, they hate how it looks, they hate what it reminds them of.

But that’s just… They’re just hiding. It’s what they do. Ninety-nine percent of humanity is gone, and they hide in their offices and they write their little documents, and, and they fill them with this bullshit. "Must be prevented at all costs", like they could even-

(Small crunching sound. Footsteps stop.)

(8 second silence.)

Just a tooth.

(Footsteps resume.)

They tried to find out who was who, you know, to bury them. But it never worked out. Too hard to tell them apart when they were- yeah. Researcher Chen tried to use dental records, but the whole Internet was going down by then. Even the Foundation servers, and I heard those are supposed to last forever.

The main guess going around is that a lot of the Sites had their failsafes activated, the kind you can’t turn off. Some of the more important ones might’ve blown up, but who knows for sure? No one’s wanted to leave since we saw that ash cloud on the mainland.

(Silence. Footsteps continue for 11 minutes. Buzzing of insects can be heard in the background.)

… Everyone…

Everyone’s here. I mean, except the lucky 22, but we’re not much compared to 8 billion. I’m walking on top of every superstar baseball player. Every doctor. Every construction worker and prison guard. Whoever’s in charge- was in charge of the Foundation, they’re here too. And every other Class-D, mixed right in with them. Not… not so different anymore.


Sometimes I catch myself wondering if we’re, you know, really the lucky ones here. I mean, some of those poor bastards we pulled out of the pile, they’d be better off dead for sure. And, and the rest of us. Maybe we should've stayed in there. With them.

It’s crazy talk, I know it is. But sometimes I wonder.

(Silence. Footsteps continue for 18 minutes.)


(Footsteps stop. Slow, deep breathing.)


(Sound of wood being gently tapped.)

It’s just… a house. A broken-down house. I mean, I knew it was. I saw it already, back when- when it happened, but I just thought, maybe…

(Silence for 27 seconds. Wind blows.)

(Sound of shifting fabric, as of a person sitting down. Muted buzzing of insects continues.)

… They never figured out who lived here, you know. And they never figured out how it happened, either. All that fancy tech they gathered up, and the only thing it told them was nothing. No reason. No point. Maybe it wasn’t anything in the first place.

(Silence for 31 seconds. Wind blows.)

Maybe something just decided, that day, that we all had to come home.


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