Item#: SCP-5416
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SCP-5416, pre-neutralization.

Special Containment Procedures: In the unlikely event that SCP-5416 still exists, its recontainment will not become necessary for approximately five billion years.

Description: SCP-5416 was a statuette of unknown origin and material composition. An individual holding SCP-5416 in their hand was capable of translocating any object of which they were aware to any location of which they were also aware. The mechanism by which this occurred was not determined before the object's neutralization; leading theories include thaumaturgical transmission, quantum teleportation, and universal realignment.

The following hand-carved engraving appeared on the base of the statuette:


Addendum 5416-1, Discovery: SCP-5416 abruptly appeared in an empty containment chamber at Site-43 on 06/10/2016. A single yellow Post-it Note was attached, providing only vague hints as to its origins. Forensic analysis revealed no biological evidence on either the statuette or the note; the source of the clipped text remains unidentified, as does the inked symbol.


Preliminary testing determined SCP-5416's anomalous qualities, explaining the contents of the note. No further information on its provenance has been uncovered.

Addendum 5416-2 and the appended notice below have been retained unaltered for archival and instructional purposes.

Addendum 5416-2, Usage Instructions: SCP-5416 may be utilized to translocate matter via the following process:

1. The user holds SCP-5416 in their hand.
2. The user focuses their mind on a specific object.
3. The user focuses their mind on a specific location.

The targeted object will then immediately disappear from its present position, and reappear in the specified location.

The user may abort this sequence by relinquishing SCP-5416.



As outlined above, only this Section may authorize testing of SCP-5416. SCP-5416 will select the first item the user ideates as the target, and the first location the user ideates as the destination. Second-guessing these decisions can only be safely accomplished by resetting the entire process, and as matter translocation begins the instant a location is chosen, the user's mind therefore must be completely free of external stimuli. Only QS is equipped to provide the environment required to ensure a safe test.

— Dr. Xinyi Du, Chair, Quantum Supermechanics

Addendum 5416-3, Experiment Logs (Selected): Testing under the direction of Dr. Xinyi Du revealed no upper limit to the size of the objects which SCP-5416 could translocate, nor the distance over which they could be made to travel. Considerable flexibility in what qualified as an 'object' was also noted. Experiments to determine whether the object possessed anomalous resistance to damage were scheduled for September of 2016, but for reasons detailed below could not be carried out.

Experiment 5416-RE-14
Date: 08/18/2016

Target: 2 grams of caramel

Destination: Chocolate shell, hollow

Rationale: SCP-5416 appears to somehow compensate for imprecision in its user's target and destination images; it should therefore be possible to target a space which has not actually been observed by the user, but has been described to them.

Observations: The caramel was translocated into the chocolate shell. Consumption of the combined confection by D-Class personnel resulted in no adverse reactions.

Probably not how Nestlé does it, but it does work — Dr. Du

Experiment 5416-RE-18
Date: 08/27/2016

Target: 1 ton of anomalous esoteric material at Site-91 in Yorkshire, England

Destination: Acroamatic Abatement Facility AAF-C at Site-43 in Ontario, Canada

Rationale: SCP-5416 could be used to facilitate the transfer of dangerous effluence from Foundation installations worldwide to Site-43's dedicated processing plants.

Observations: Translocation was technically successful.

Oops. Air displacement. One imploded container at 91, one very messy exploded one at 43. Greater care is needed — Dr. Du

Experiment 5416-RE-28
Date: 08/31/2016

Target: SCP-5162-A

Destination: Security and Containment Section, Site-43

Rationale: SCP-5162-A's geographical location cannot be determined, but individuals who have encountered it have supplied photographic evidence of its appearance. It should be possible to translocate the object into containment piece-by-piece using SCP-5416.

Observations: A temporary loss of focus on the part of the activating agent, and a disastrous attempt to refocus, resulted in the translocation of the entire underground Security and Containment Section compound by one metre south-southwest. The resultant structural damage was near-catastrophic, though no subjects breached containment as a result; plans to return the Section to its original position are on hold, as Dr. Du has temporarily suspended all use of SCP-5416.

I'm calling O5 tomorrow; I want a moratorium on this thing until we can find test subjects with extremely precise mental control — Dr. Du

Addendum 5416-4, Incident Report: On 1 September 2016, Agent Paskal Pandev arrived at Site-43 with orders from O5 for unrestricted, unescorted access to SCP-5416. Five minutes after he entered the containment chamber, Agent Pandev activated the containment breach alarm. Security and Containment Section personnel discovered Agent Pandev alone in the chamber; SCP-5416 could not be located. After communication with Overwatch Command, Dr. Xinyi Du conducted an interview with Agent Pandev.

Interview Log

Date: 1 September 2016

Investigating Agent: Dr. X. Du (Chair, Quantum Supermechanics)

Agent Pandev: This detainment is irregular.

Dr. Du: You know what else is irregular? Our entire Security and Containment Section. We were going to fix it, with the object you just somehow poofed into non-existence.

Agent Pandev: I don't know what happened, honestly, but you're out of line. I have orders from O5.

Dr. Du: Did they even see the last test update?! I'd just slapped a warning notice on the file when the Director told me you were already in the chamber. And anyway, I've read your orders from O5. They don't say anything about disposing of an SCP object.

Agent Pandev: I didn't dispose of it. I tried to use it, following your instructions, and it disappeared.

Dr. Du: The orders don't say what you were actually planning to use it for.

Agent Pandev: That's classified Level 5. It's highly sensitive.

Dr. Du: We've been in touch with Overwatch. They cleared you to speak.


Agent Pandev: Okay, your credentials are in order. Well. A few weeks back, SCP-179 detected a potential impactor in extrasolar space. That's—

Dr. Du: An asteroid that might hit us, yes, I know. Obviously I know.

Agent Pandev: Fine. O5 had several plans for dealing with it. This one made the top of the list because of its… potential paramilitary applications, let's say.

Dr. Du: Go on.

Agent Pandev: I'm an astrophysicist. I've been trained to visualize cross-sections of space from memory, in preparation for this. Overwatch was… really hoping it would work out. Could've been a real boon if we need to defend Earth from outside influences. At range.

Dr. Du: You're talking circles around the point. How were you going to stop this asteroid with 5416?

Agent Pandev: I was supposed to pick up 5416, picture the asteroid to target it, and picture the sun to send it there.

Silence on recording.

Dr. Du: What.

Agent Pandev: I was supposed to send the asteroid into the sun. To destroy it. Imagine if we could just want something to be in the sun, and it would be there? All those awful skips we can't get rid of, just… gone, for at least five billion years. That's how long the sun's supposed to last for, right? That was the idea. We could also use it to recapture escaped skips, or detain persons of interest… endless possibilities.

Silence on recording.

Agent Pandev: I still don't know what went wrong… I was very careful.

Agent Pandev shifts in his seat. Dr. Du is breathing deeply.

Agent Pandev: They dropped this op in my lap at the last possible second, and I was freaking out a little. The pressure to succeed. I couldn't get the image of that weird little red dildo out of my head. I went over the steps a million times on the flight over… I came into the room, I opened the box, I picked the thing up, I pictured the asteroid, I pictured the su—

Dr. Du: You'd seen an image of 5416 before you used it.

Agent Pandev: Of course. It was in my briefing material. This was top-secret, so I needed to have as much info as possible. Keep everyone else out of the loop.

Dr. Du: You're not supposed to see the object before you use it.

Agent Pandev: Why?

Dr. Du: You're not supposed to WHY the ConProcs! You're not supposed to see the object before you use it, because then you might already be thinking about it when you pick it up!

Agent Pandev: So? I still thought about the asteroid!

Dr. Du: It doesn't matter! 5416 picks up the first object you think about, and you can't re-set it without putting it back down! You were thinking about 5416 when you picked it up, you were picturing it in your stupid head, and you set it as the target to be transported.

Agent Pandev's jaw drops.

Agent Pandev: …and then I sent it to the sun.

Silence on recording.

Agent Pandev: So, that's gone then.

Dr. Du: You think?

Silence on recording.

Agent Pandev: I'll write up my report. It could have been worse.

Silence on recording.

Dr. Du: Yes. It could have fucking been worse.

Agent Pandev: What?

Dr. Du: You could have brought the FUCKING SUN HERE!

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